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Supernatural: ScoobyNatural (2018)
Season 13, Episode 16
Scoobernatural 1.0
31 March 2018
I laughed so hard, the whole episode was just pure class. Goes to show the SPN family have plenty more to offer up to us keen acolytes! When you don't see Castiel's face and hear his voice, I can't decide if it's a soothing voice we hear or sinister one... Either way, it was a fabulously fun episode. And I think by the ratings we all enjoyed it. Keep it up boys x
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Future Man (2017– )
Thoroughly impressed!
21 December 2017
2017 has ended with another hit I had no idea this show even existed! I just happened to see a comment somewhere, which piqued my interest. 5 hours later, and I'm one episode away from the end of the first series! This is very unusual for me. I have to admit, it is cheesy, yet clever. Nostalgic yet modern. It has so many layers going on, it's hard to keep up, each character deserves their own episode, but the relentless cock-ups or cock-blocking that goes on is what makes this show so entertaining. At some points the gore was Pythonesque! The actors' chemistry is bang on. Every single person has their place in each episode, big or small. I have thoroughly enjoyed this first season, and really do hope it is picked up for a second. This show has really captured my heart, and I wish I'd have known about it a month ago! Simply put, if you like cheesy, nostalgic, time travel, gaming, old movie/tv show references.. this is the show for you. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. Thank you!
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Stranger Things (2016– )
It's got a bit of everything
28 October 2017
A great story, with plenty of scope going forward.The visuals, which were captivating from the beginning, have sucked me in each episode. To be honest, I wasn't sure how I would react to a show with a cast with such a varied age range. These kids steal the show, and if it weren't for their chemistry the show wouldn't be what it has become. Since watching the 2nd season I am still in awe of these kids and their abilities. They truly are exceptional. I'm still not sure which demographic this series is aimed at, but for pure nostalgia I'm loving it. The Sci-Fi aspect also a plus. What's not to love about this show? Glad to see series 3 & 4 already confirmed. Kudos to the Duffer brothers, they really know their craft!
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Episodes: The Final Episode (2017)
Season 5, Episode 7
Perfect finale doesn't quite cut it!
8 October 2017
I will admit, I was dubious going into this final episode, as I have loved the show from the start. But I must admit, I thought one of my favourite shows was going to be given an,"unworthy" ending. Boy was I wrong! From being fans of the Green Wing, Friday Night Dinner and a beloved fan of Episodes, my hat is off and tipped. This show belonged on showtime, and thank you to showtime for letting such a show entertain us. No gratuitous nudity, I know, but plenty of swearing from Bev & Sean, who do make cursing sound like "a cup o' tea". But going into this episode knowing it was the finale, I didn't really know what to expect.. I have to admit, I thought it was absolutely Perfect! Thank you all involved. A show I will re-watch when I want a guaranteed laugh.
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Random? Abolutely.. I Loved it
21 June 2017
I saw the cover, and it reminded me of Weekend at Bernie's so felt the need to see it. I had no idea I was going to enjoy this film so much. We've seen the plot before, we know where it is going, but it just feels different, it felt so more relaxed and unforced. The delivery of lines was second to none, I found the timing the one thing that kept me smiling from start to finish. I have not heard of either of the two main characters before, but I will be following them from now on. Especially Brooks Wheelan, I couldn't help but find everything he did, said or gestured, was hysterical. The story is like a bad episode of Magnum PI, but it is executed so well, we know what is going to happen within the first few minutes, and you expect a "Hangover" type movie, but it isn't. I don't know why it has such a low rating. This genre has its blockbusters, but this had a totally different feel. Totally unexpected favourite!
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Llanfairfechan Train Station - Why I think this was made..
31 May 2017
As a 70s child, I am old enough to remember the stories of my previous generation. I do remember the original arts and crafts building before its demolition and it was quite impressive. But my Mother, and her parents told me of stories when people used to travel via rail and road to visit our local Railway Station. On the weekends, there were stalls set up selling a variety of goods, even life-size Mickey and Minnie Mouse to entertain the children. As the station is near the beach, my Mother told me people used to flock here just for the atmosphere! Yet the station is a good 10 minutes walk from the village shops and pubs of the time. I have seen a few B&W photos from around the late 40s with the two Disney characters walking along the platform with so many people about. *Health and Safety* would have a fit these days! Children playing, merry-go-rounds right next to the tracks! But it looked like fun, and I can see why a film was made of this station. These stories won't get passed on, as there is no reference today, and to think Disney made it across the pond in the late 40s to land on a crazy named train station in a village in North Wales! Proud to be a Llanfairfechannite :)
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What a surprise
1 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Reviews are not something I normally do, but, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was worth the keyboard time. It starts as it continues, plenty of humour, plenty of action, plenty of mystery. The Sci-Fi as you would imagine, is unreal. The cuteness of baby Groot can not go unnoticed in this epic blockbuster. His scenes are among the best in the 2+ hours I spent glued to the screen. Marvel have done it again ladies and gentlemen, this movie does exactly what was promised. "Does what it says on the tin". Very pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed it throughout.
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Friday Night Dinner (2011– )
Friday Night Dinner - exactly what it is
14 September 2015
Came across this comedy totally by accident, and what a great find it has proved to be. The family dynamic is so reminiscent of most families I know, but this family takes it to a totally new level. The father is by far the star of the show, only for his total ignorance of what the mother is trying to achieve each weekend. With hilarious consequences. The crazy neighbour Jim and his terrifying, yet obviously timid dog, are beyond comedic value. The hand over mouth, and laugh out loud moments Jim is involved with seriously does make him a main character in this show. All in all, this comedy makes you think you've seen all a family get together can produce. Then Friday Night Dinner happens. It is a beautiful show. Well written, well directed, well acted, and well received.
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No Offence (2015– )
If I'm telling friends about it, it's got something
16 June 2015
I've read the previous reviews, one stands out. So I'm making my stand, on my opinion of the show. From the first episode, I have not only watched the story progress, due to the camera work, the actors and, for me, a totally new feel to a cop show. The character development hasn't felt forced, it seems to have evolved with the main story, leaving questions at every turn. I would suggest, which I have, to anyone who likes a clever plot and very likable cast to give their 'once over'. Again I must mention the acting, after seeing Elaine Cassidy in Paradise I had just the one image of her, and I took her for her character. Boy does she shine in this show. Alexandra Roach playing the 'by default' boss is truly awesome. This show is a joy to watch, and a pleasure to suggest. Happy Viewing :)
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