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MacGyver (2016– )
Please, god, No!
25 September 2016
Almost cried cause it was so bad. Downplaying the audience like we're stupid. Guess target is 13 year old, but that's really stupid when the fact is that the high ratings come from nostalgic grown ups.

I was really excited. that died fast. you know its bad withing first 30 sec. Will not recommend any friends. Will not see next episode. They didn't even keep the whole soundtrack which is 33% of macgyver 33% is his charm (which he has 50% of). 33% is the clever macgyverness (50% again). 1% is "well that was just stupid" which it has 100% of..

Dialog: horrible Actors: poor Plot: horrible Reboot: too much bling MacGyverness: poor

They really made no effort making this good, so it's a bigger disappointment than the last Godzilla movie.

Kill it before it lays eggs.
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if you like movies like Gandhi and goo night and good luck...
16 October 2012
... your'e going to like this too. this movie is for an higher age group. If you feel young and like action, comedy and sci-fi - DON'T BOTHER WATCHING IT. The movie is like an boring novel that never really elevates to anything. It's basically watching two people waiting to die. Two very boring persons. If you expect them to go berserk, have wild sex with everybody and rob banks - think again.. The movie is intended for 40 year old women that like romance and dull persons really. I'm giving it 4 not because i did not personally like it, but because the story was slow, pointless, and thin. It could have been so much more!

Tagline: Disappointed...
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Watch it!! Forget Kristen Stewart ever being in twilight, and you'll be fine!
13 October 2012
The movie is true to the original tales, it looks awesome and is action packed. Bonus; you can watch this with your girlfriend. All in all; a good movie. It has it's holes and mistakes, but if you are able to overlook these, than you will enjoy this movie. The movie is very easy on the eyes, it just looks amazing and magical. The cgi is flawless. Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth are perfect, and i would like to believe that i wouldn't mind Kristen Stewart playing snow white if i didn't know about twilight. She is pretty, so just rock with it. She plays well, and that's what matters. I believe the negative reviews and votes are just because of her; Kristen Stewart. 50% of the votes come from people who just like to bash on the movie because of her, so for the first time ever, I feel safe to say that you should look past the IMDb rating. Conclusion: Watch this movie on a big screen with good surround, forget the actors previous roles, and enjoy the spectacular tale of Snow White and the Huntsman!
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Project X (2012)
Lets put a smile on that face!
12 March 2012
This is a movie you see with a bunch of friends and have a real good time with! The movie had a lack of story, no red thread, and no real point except these 3 high school buddies trying to become popular at school and hook up with some girls - but it works! The movie starts off with about half an hour with "actual" storytelling, before the party breaks loose. The rest of the movie is just witnessing this amazing party, and being put right in the middle of it! Craziness happens all the time, and everything is extremely wild. It's everything from 12 year old security guards beating the sh*t out of neighbors to police helicopters trying to take control. The party is a next level party which even "Tryvann" can't compete with. The movie is funny and entertaining. Although this is a found footage/home video/ hand held shot movie, you don't really notice it because the editing is very good, and it's shot by a "pro" cameraman. It starts off a bit wiggly and shaken, but that's mostly to give the audience a feeling of it being "real".

I do not recommend it to people who don't love to party. Picture yourself living on the street next to the party. If you'd run over and joined the party: Watch it! If you'd called the police and ordered silence: go to bed. I loved it! It was crazy, it was fun, and a really good time at the movies! I can see why some people don't really like this movie, but that's just because it's not really a movie. It's the party you've only dreamed about (on tape)!
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