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Call of Duty (2003 Video Game)
What Medal of Honor could have been.
25 December 2003
Call of duty takes first person WWII games to the next level. If you like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, then you will appreciate this game even more. COD was made by Infinity Ward (the original MOHAA team.) That's were many see the similarities. The textures, maps and character models are well done. For example character models in the game have different faces, unlike MOHAA where the clone element is apparent. (for the exception of hair color). You get a sense you are a part of the game. The stories are a lot more realistic then MOHAA. Most of the missions you participate in are actual events that took place in WWII. Yes, MOHAA had Omaha beach, COD has Brecourt manor, Red square, Pegasus Bridge, The Russian advance on the Reichstag and if it's not famous battles its locations such as Eden dam or the legendary Nazi battleship Tirpitz.

Any WWII buff can appreciate the authenticity that Infinity Ward tried to bring to the game. The controls are a lot better considering you have 3 prone positions to choose from, unlike MOHAA which only has two, stand and kneel. Not to mention on your weapons you can aim and look down the barrel which provides some zoom and a more accurate shot. Its not just the authenticity of the maps, the AI in the game is far more intelligent then MOHAA. For example your enemy will try to take cover from avoid being shot. But the AI is much more appreciated in your team mates, which is very rare in the game to fight alone. Your team mates will stay with you and will not advance to far from your position and do put up a good fight. This is a much more realistic approach, compared to the lone wolf and I will even go as far as saying Rambo style that MOHAA portrays. I also enjoyed playing through the eyes of American, British, and Russian soldier. I would say that was a great move on Infinity wards part, an advantage of MOHAA. Cause I know gamers who are playing MOHAA in Europe are probably disappointed that they have to play as American servicemen and not as there own servicemen. Now I love MOHAA guys, but the series has fallen short in the last couple of expansions, Spearhead was great. But its time to make room for a new series and give it the credit it deserves. Call of duty gives the graphics, realism and replay value that MOHAA didn't have.
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