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Man of Steel (2013)
enjoyable, if a little loud
20 June 2013
I saw this film with my grandson. I'm a Henry Cavill fan and was anxious to see how he did. He acquitted himself quite well, even to his American accent. I didn't mind the darkness of the film. It made sense that Kal would have a lot of questions about himself and his origins and the film did that well, I thought. The back and forth of time frames was a little off putting, but worked.

If I have any criticism, it's that the battle scenes went on too long. They could have been cut back and the movie wouldn't have suffered for it. Also, it was the loudest film I've seen since the Who's Tommy and believe me ,that's saying something. I think that my ears were bleeding by the time the credits rolled. I would look forward to a sequel to see how Clark continues to try and fit in on Earth. I also liked Amy Adams portrayal of Lois Lane.
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Grand Finale
19 February 2013
I , for one ,was very happy with the movie, feeling it provided a fitting conclusion to the Saga. Bella really transforms as a vampire and I feel that the ending was exciting and surprising. In the book the whole confrontation with the Volutri was just talked out. The battle made it much more interesting and plausible. I've read the books, so I followed it with no problem, but my son, who has seen all the films, found all the visiting vampires confusing.In the book, it's all laid out better, but I realize that there are time constraints to filming.

I felt that the main characters were excellent, as usual, Bella being very strong, Edward being supportive, ,and Jacob, for a change, being happy and not in the middle of a love triangle, and being very annoying to boot. The CGI Renesmees were odd, but the final one (Mackezie Foy) did a fine job. I liked the movie ( and series) a lot, and would say to those who badmouth it, don't waste your time and money. I have no time for the Batman series, but there are many who love it, so try and respect another's opinion
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Cosmopolis (2012)
Robert Pattinson shines
27 August 2012
I saw this film on opening weekend and loved it. I can't say enough about Robert Pattinson's performance. It was electric! Actually, everyone in it was good. The film is strange and certainly won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I give Cronenberg points for even trying to adapt DeLillo's book for the screen. He did a good job with that. One point I would make is that I read the book twice before seeing the movie. I think that helps. If you go in cold, things happen quickly and are not always explained. It followed the book well and I must also give Paul Giamatti credit for an excellent portrayal of Benno near the end. He never gives a bad performance. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is willing to let their mind stretch, also, read the book- it'll help. I hope that this is the film that pushes Rob Pattinson out of the teen hearthrob roles into a real adult film career. He has a lot of talent and needs the right director to make him shine.
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Bel Ami (2012)
Very Enjoyable
7 May 2012
I just saw this film and found it to be well acted by all the principles, beautifully photographed and costumed with a lovely score.I feel that Robert Pattinson, rather than being wooden , showed a great deal of range( remember, this movie was made two years ago, too, and he's progressed from there). All the female leads were fine. My only criticism of them was that it was hard to pick up some of their dialog.My only real complaint was with the screenplay. It jumped around a lot and left some important plot lines hanging. The whole relationship with Susanne was covered in a few short scenes. I'd read the book and knew what was happening, but the bit where he takes her to the Inn as they're eloping was too hurried. Still, I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.
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Grimm (2011–2017)
Big fan of the show
5 January 2012
I love this show and hope it gets renewed. Much better concept than "Once Upon A Time, in my estimation. I love the character of Monroe and think that he brings a lot to the series. Silas Wier Mitchell really nails the part- half drama, half humor. Love him. I hope it stays on Friday nights, too. There's too much competition on Thursdays. It's a breath of fresh air among all of the copy cat type shows. Also like David Giuntoli a lot as the reluctant hero. it's nice to see Portland featured, too, a good change of pace from all the L.A.based shows.They make the most of the special effects, too. I don't know what their budget is, but they do a lot with what they've got.
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Great movie!
25 November 2011
I don't think that I saw the same movie that a lot of these other fans saw. I am an admitted Twihard, who has enjoyed all the films . I rank Breaking Dawn right up there with Twilight as far as being a satisfying film. I know that I'm not alone, because I sat in a theater for the midnight show in November 18th full of people who also loved it, in fact, gave it a standing O. I agree that if you're not into the series, you won't get much out of it, but for those of us who are, it covered all the bases. The way that it's raking in money worldwide, we're not alone, so chill out, if you hate it that much why did you bother and see it? I just thought that I'd put a positive review among all these negative ones.
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