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Ted (2012)
Hilarious - it's an R parents so don't bring your kids!!!
30 June 2012
Parents, don't give this movie a low rating cos you're dumb enough to take your kids to see it!!! I just returned from seeing Ted, and was bemused that so many parents took their kids. Just because the main character is a teddy bear, doesn't make it appropriate for children. Those parents were probably the kids that were taken by their parents to see "Child's Play" because it's main character was a doll? It's rated 'R' for a reason...

Anyway, Ted is an adult movie, suitable only for adults, and it was hilarious! Wahlberg & Kunis were great together, but they were in supporting roles to Seth MacFarlane's Ted.
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Entertaining family movie that deserves to be rated for what it really was, a good wholesome family movie...
3 September 2011
I just returned from watching this movie with my wife and children. We all like playing golf, but even if we hadn't, we would have enjoyed the movie all the same. It's not about golf (although I feel it portrays the constant battle that a golfer has with controlling the heart, staying calm and trusting your gut, etc), it's about one man's journey. It's about him putting events in his life into perspective, and understanding what's really important. I for one don't see an issue with this; in fact, I believe there should be more movies like this one.

This movie will sadly be underrated by some people with different expectations for this movie. Please rate it for the genre/type of movie that it is.

This is a simple, yet thought-provoking movie that will, at times, evoke emotions that could help people on the next step of their own journey. It primarily is a drama, but contains it's fair share of suspense, sports action, and romance. There are several funny scenes that warm the heart.

I highly recommend this movie if you want to be entertained, if you have an open mind, and if you don't mind thinking about your life and the future. This is a great heart-warming, feel-good movie. It makes a healthy change from the majority of movies produced recently.
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Great movie!
30 July 2011
This is much more than a Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford action movie. It is a fantastic blending of two genres (western and sci-fi), and the supporting cast were exceptional.

I saw this movie with a large group of people (ranging from an 11 year old boy to a 50 year old woman), and we all loved it! I liked the fact that it wasn't predictable, and both genres were done in a very believable way.

I got home a few minutes ago, and I want to go back and watch it again already - that rarely happens, almost as rare as me reviewing a movie. That's a sign of how much we loved this film...
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Don't waste your hard earned cash on this!
8 December 2007
What were the geniuses at New Line thinking when they decided to represent this as anything close to "The Lord Of The Rings". Those movies were based on an intelligently, creative and well written trilogy of books, whereas this one certainly is not. It was so poorly done that disparate information seemed to appear from nowhere in order to setup the next two movies. Let's hope, based on this disaster of a movie, that there will be no further movies. I for one will certainly not be wasting my money on these, if they are made.

The score was poor (at best), but the reason for giving this movie 2 out of 10 (and not 1 as the story and movie deserved) was the special effects and scenery.
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