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So sad this is the end of the season
23 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was an apt finale of the season. It is such an incredibly sweet show. We have multiple Super Rays, a baseball stadium in Coney Island, Ted Danson and his wife.. er girlfriend, Ted Danson and his daughter, Ted Danson and Ray, Stacy Keach as Jonathan Ame's biological father who has a questionable sense of loyalty to his son and incest (sort of.)

Let's just say we find out about loyalty and Jonathan's kick@ss marksmanship during the action sequences...

Oh and elder love!

Hope the next season is not far away :-)
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Heartwarming and hilarious... as usual
10 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have always had a weak spot for this series. Every single episode has me laughing out loud at one point and leaves me smiling at the end.

It's really all about relationship between the guys.

The "Two Pearls and a Bar of Gold" episode involves a "case" that was actually a set up. Jonathan's old girlfriend is getting married and her father wants them to guard some expensive jewels. Rene Auberjonois from "Benson" (you'll remember if you're old, like me) stars as the father. Jonathan's ex girlfriend may be getting married but she wants to get Jonathan in the sack before her marriage the next day.. (something about OCD and a previous promise.) Spoiler - The jewels get stolen, but not really. Also, Ray gets caught in the midst of "Elder love." :-)
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