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Death Wish (2018)
Ignore the Critics - Great movie and awesome delivery.
7 March 2018
Bruce Willis comeback with a bang and does what he does the best , beat up the bad guys. The movie story lie is straight and simple but beautiful. touches on lot of relevant topics and shows what Bruce Willis is still good at action. It is violent but so is most of the action or gore or zombie movies now a days. There is kick ass action and great ending . What do you do when situation arises where you have to face the world on your own.

Watch this movie it wont disappoint you. Not like the Lion king storied Black Panther movie. .. Ignore the critics they live in the clouds .
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Hooten & the Lady (2016–2017)
Well written and very captivating
27 September 2016
This series is well written , with right dialogue and well paced too. Character building along with the adventure story happening alone. the wasteful scenes are eliminated and the things that make up the story remains. The first two episodes have been very interesting and intriguing. The different mysteries of the world be it historical or mythological are shown in each episode which makes it an series to look forward to. bringing alone two character form different spheres of life one sophisticated and pretty and another rough and handsome makes it a well balance of charter building which helps in the conversation , problem solving and the funny element of the story. Finally a good adventure series in lines with Indiana Jones and national treasure.
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