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Knife+Heart (2018)
Interesting and bizarre
23 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This film was popular at the New Zealand International Film Festival. Obviously its a film that doesnt take itself too seriously so if you expect a real thriller and ar eunable to recognise or enjoy the other genres its probably not for you. I would say its more aimed at those who like 80s films. A lot of the references and in particular the portrayal of LGBT culture makes more sense when you see it as if its in the 80s. If you like humour and puns in your slasher movies aswell as LGBT themes you may well enjoy it but equally some of the film is pretty heavy actually if you were to think about the grotesqueness of some of what occurs (themes of murder, rape,disfigurement) . The film is at times bizarre and although it uses humour to portray the seedy and cheesy side of making porn it does also delve into deeper themes, particularly in relation to the emotions involved in breakdowns of a lesbian relationship. As a lesbian myself I thought the emotions involved were explored quite well on screen, particularly when you are able to interpret the meanings behind what some of the scenes show you can see the common themes.

The main character was I felt was portrayed sometimes deliberatly in a way that made her less likeable which made the character development more interesting and made you question things in the movie.

I like how it wasnt your typical trashy slasher film in that it had some nuances of fantasy in the story telling too. The portrayal of the erotic scenes used humour well, most people in the cinema laughed at the humour in the film.
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Aniara (2018)
Sci fi and the human psyche
23 July 2019
If you like sci fi I recommend this film, not just because of the space setting but the subtle insights we get from the characters into life and its meaning. The actors actually portrayed their characters well and for this reason I felt more commected with the film. I havent sene a film this original for a long time. I went to see this as part of the film festival in Auckland and it was everything I expected and more. There was a lot of breathholding, it was shocking and emotional and the scenes were shot really well. The way the story is told and broken into sections is exactly one of my favourite components that is found in sci fi genre films. I liked the way the way the story is cut to make up lots of little stories to tell the tale over a period of time a sit cover sso many difgeremt themes of human nature and throughout theres still this all together one terrifying ongoing theme of doom.

The film seemed so original and inspired and I loved the exploration of beliefs, faith, sexuality and human psyche that was part of this film. The character development had me emotionally invested from the beginning and the film was enthralling start to finish with even some mild humour at times. Mostly though it was pretty unique and certainly very entertaining, there were some sad heart wrnwching moments but also uplifting ones and some light humour at times too, I liked how the film could touch on all these emotions.
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