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Excellent Movie
31 October 2011
What a wonderful movie! Prior to watching "Six Million Steps," I could not imagine a movie that made backpacking either interesting or instructive, but this movie does both, and also manages to inspire. The stories told by the hikers convey the essence and importance of hiking the trail: the journey is inward, the process of hiking the PCT is more important than completing the entire trail, and the PCT helps people evolve and appreciate the wilderness and each other. Rarely in a movie have I found myself rooting for backpackers.

The photography is quite well done and creative; there are shots that zoom out, to demonstrate the majesty of the place, or zoom in, to focus on a character. The techniques are similar to the skill in a Ken Burns movie. The music is also appropriate for the scenery and mimics both the inspiration and the introspection of months on the trail. The music was so good, in fact, that I started checking about buying a soundtrack.

Prior to watching "Six Million Steps," I had considered the idea of hiking a portion of the PCT, some day, or some summer, or with some friends—maybe if and when the right opportunity came along. After watching the movie, I have committed to hiking the PCT. To paraphrase what a variety of articulate hikers in the movie have said, "Don't put off the journey for too long; we don't know how much time we have."

I urge everyone to watch the movie, get inspired, and hike the trail. Hope to see you there.
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