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Ira & Abby (2006)
fantastic film
16 July 2011
In my opinion, Jennifer Westfeldt can do no wrong, as a writer/director and especially as an actress. Nothing but charisma. The girl of every neurotic guy's dreams.

I just saw this movie in full on cable... I caught the very end several months ago and didn't know what the hell was happening, but, seeing it from the beginning... definitely better.

The pace is just non-stop with this film... you can't catch your breath or think about what you just saw until the very end. That's SHARP writing and even sharper directing.... the acting just ties it all in.

Beautiful film, great story, and wonderful characters.

I'm ordering the DVD on Amazon right now.

Thanks, Jennifer, for everything you do in film (Kissing Jessica Stein was my introduction to this truly talented woman).
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Red Shoe Diaries (1992 TV Movie)
Completely underrated.
23 August 2005
Sure, this movie has become a soft-core series on cable television... but this movie is COMPLETELY different from the series that followed. That said, it has a soul. It is depressing as hell. Very realistic scenario, and top-notch acting by all involved.

I will not spoil the movie... but please give this film a fair shot. The last 15 minutes alone are worth the price of the DVD easily. The "basketball scene." This movie definitely touched a part of my heart, being as I'm a good guy... not a jerk. And usually, the nice guys finish last... I won't say if the nice guy in this film finishes last or not, but I will say it's very, very heartfelt... and very, very sad. EXCELLENT score, too, by George S. Clinton, who also provided music for Brainscan and others.. he has a beautiful piano style that reminds me of Thomas Newman in its soul.

Do give this film a fair chance. Must be watched from the beginning, or you'll miss the whole point.
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Before Sunset (2004)
Incredible. Linklater is still my hero.
31 July 2004
I saw this movie last night, July 30th (had to wait that long before it came to a theatre near me).

I went with my girlfriend and three other friends. We were the only people in the theatre unfortunately, even at 10:15pm when it started. Whatever, it's a Hilary Duff/Cinderella Story world, what can I say.

I worship Before Sunrise, Waking Life, and Slacker. I think Richard Linklater is one of the most important writer/directors of all time, especially now.

This film was as good as, if not better than, Before Sunrise. The dialogue/chemistry was still there, in full effect. It totally rocked, insanely. It fulfilled my expectations and exceeded them.

In a world plagued by "romance" films such as A Cinderella Story and Sleep Over, it is so refreshing that Linklater is still making amazing films that provoke the mind and heart. Kudos to you man.

Everyone needs to see this. Everyone who wondered whatever happened to Jesse and Celine back in 1995. Without giving away anything about the movie, the story was great with twists here and there but it ended just as it should have. Awesome, awesome film. And I have to add, it has a wonderfully "classic" quality... the lighting (natural evening sunlight, which lights Ethan and Julie's hair so beautifully in several scenes)... it has a nice "fuzzy/dreamy" quality as well, especially the outdoor scenes, which again brings the "classic" quality forward much more. It has to be the natural France sunlight. Absolutely awesome.

More people need to see this... it only has about 900 votes on the IMDb. Thankfully, it's at 8.6. Let's keep rating it highly. It deserves to be in the top 250 on IMDb, as should Before Sunrise.

Thanks again Richard Linklater, you make movies that affect people for their whole lives. Something very few directors have done or ever will do.

Go see this if you love great film-making and dialogue which is repeatable and extremely well-written. If you haven't seen Before Sunrise yet, buy it, it's worth every penny and has a tremendously high re-watching factor.

A perfect 10 in every way.
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