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KaBlam! (1996–2000)
Even beat "All That!"
27 November 2005
Any hardcore Nick fan as myself, back in the 90s when the programming was good, would know that Kablam! was the best show on the entire station, topping even the SNL-for-teenagers spin of All That! Kablam featured two animated characters, Henry and June, who hosted a comic book-esquire sketch show featuring regular acts (Life with Loopy, Sniz and Fondue...) with special scripts.

The show was humorous to the extent that even as a teenager I long to see the show again. But, like all good comedic shows, Kablam! went down just as SNL and All That did, grabbing for new plots until they cancelled. It was a significant loss to Nickelodeon, which now airs shows that aren't in the least bit nostalgic. But we will always have our memories, I suppose. As cliché as it sounds.
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Worth your money
2 October 2004
This movie is what you would expect. Zombie gore, lots of violence, and with a nice twist (if it were a soda, I'd call it LEMONEY) of the Wit of the Brits.

The movie spawned many inside jokes between me and my family. My mother is British, and there were times when we were the only ones laughing in the theater. If you are not familiar with British humor, Cockney rhyming slang, and anything else related to the Brits, I suggest you learn a little before seeing this movie. It will definitely improve your experience.

All in all, along with some of the unnecessary gore, I'm going to give it a 7/10. Happy watching.
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Unrealistic, corny and wooden acting.
9 June 2004
This movie was okay. Out of 5 stars, this is a 3. However, the entire basis of the movie was unrealistic. Okay, so maybe the ice caps are melting, but the time scale of the whole movie is really, really stupid. It would take thousands of years for the world to enter a new ice age, not the scale they give.

The dialogue was corny and stereotypical, very predictable and uninteresting. The way they talk has almost no emotion, and the actress who plays Sam's mom doesn't do a lot and delivers her lines in a cheesy way.

The acting was stiff and lame. The real talent came from veteran star Jake Gyllenhaal, the man who played his father, and the English professor in the Scottish weather control center. The rest of the acting was lame and boring.

Overall, the plot line was somewhat predictable. What would have spiced the movie up is if they just killed the people who tried to survive. Or at least a few. It's like a Disney movie, slow motion winning. Of course they're going to survive, so what's the point of making a movie about it?
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Funny, worth the money! :D
1 December 2003
I saw this movie a few days ago in a California theater with my cousins and my grandma. I enjoyed it immensely. Not only are the effects nice, but the whole house gives you the sensation of spirits. What made this movie even more of an experience for me is that I live in a house chockfull of ghosties and spirits. The end is a little expectant, BUT scary.

However, the one drawback is the plot line. I would have enjoyed it more, had it been less of a Disney movie. But Disney movies are more family.

HOWEVER, this "family" movie isn't a "family" movie in my opinion. The deaths of the people and the whole outline was not understood by my 5 year old and 8 year old cousins. I had to explain what Hell was to them. I wouldn't take kids younger than 6 or 7. My 5 year old cousin had nightmares the next night.

Overall, this move is most definitely worth it. If you like ghosts and spooky noises at night, well...yeah. You get the picture.
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