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Damn Yankees (1958)
Donen's masterpiece never seen is Spain cinemas!!!!
21 September 2005
I can't believe this crazy movie was never shown in Spanish cinemas, and only some disgusting copies on video are sold, without the last ten minutes of the movie! The "two old souls" scene worths entirety to watch this weird movie,with bizarre Bob Foss¨' choreography , but unfortunately some great musical numbers that were on stage don't appear in the movie,as "A man doesn't know what He has", very beautiful song was cut for the cinemas. Sorry I speak English worth than Almodovar! Gwen Verdon is absolutely impressive and also the lady who makes the part of the woman who transforms his very old husband into a ale of 20 years.
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Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)
if you have seen this movie outside India, you are an elected by God
19 September 2005
Watching Indian movies outside of India is something very impossible, everybody speaks about "the famous bollywood movies", but nobody want to release this jewels in Europe. I am so lucky I could see this supermasterpiece at the oriental cinema festival in Barcelon, I couldn't believe what I was watching. The script is stunning, the choreography crazy, the actors are superlative, the music is impressive, the plot turns you can keep inside the characters as I never did. The sound is also impressive. It was like watching Mary Poppins when I was 6 yeras old, during 3 hours I lost the total terms of reality!!!! As the movie has never been exhibited in Spain and there is not copy on DVD we are so "lucky" We could find a pirate copy in a Pakistan supermarket in Barcelon, with perfect sound and image!!!! Well, I hope this message will amaze you to get this movie from....where?
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Main Hoon Na (2004)
if you are depressed just watch this movie
3 September 2005
I am so lucky that I have a Pakistan supermarket where I can buy all the new movies from India, as in Spain it is completely impossible to watch them in the cinemas. Main Hoon Na is a completely conference about how to live happy, and when I am sad i only have to see any one of the crazy and trepidant musical scenes of this crazy movie to recover. Music and choreography are super, but the "joie de vivre" is also superior to the one in "Kal Hoo Na hoo". Farah Khan is like an Almodovar/Ridley Scott bastard daughter and in nearly 4 hours there is not time to breathe, unfortunately we can't see this masterpiece on the huge screen!!!
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Veer-Zaara (2004)
what a movie!
3 September 2005
We saw it in the Barcelon oriental film festival, and, instead of any political/religious manners it is a masterpiece under any aspect, We think that spectacular masterpieces are made now only in India, if this movie was made in the late 50'in USA it should be considered as Ben Hur. The panavision and sound in the movie were spectacular, but...Specially the character of the girl Pakistan lawyer is impressive and the actress is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in the world, we don't know her name but me and my flat mate can't sleep since we have seen this movie thinking about her. The sequences between her and the king inside the prison are stop-breathing, and sometimes I walk through the streets in Barcelon and I think about some of this scenes and I start to cry. The sequence in the small town with a huge ballet scene is memorable, and also all the movie takes a sense of humanity that is impossible to see in USA cinema or European cinema today. When the intermission arrived all the cinema in Barcelona started to clap and scream as crazy!!!! Of course the King is super as always, and also Pretty Zhinta, but we love the lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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