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Into the Thunder Dragon (2003 TV Movie)
Watch this hidden gem and tell everyone you can about it
7 June 2015
I spent nearly twelve years searching for this title and the wait was worth every day.

The unicycle action is first rate and worthy of any action-sports documentary. Though unicycles are the anchor of this film, Into the Thunder Dragon makes Bhutan the star. Kris and Nathan are certainly likable characters, but Bhutan stands out even stronger. Viewers get an in depth view of multiple aspects of such an esoteric culture, be they: fashion, geography, cuisine, economics, archery, roads, music, politics, mythology,and youth. The cinematography is always exquisite and badly makes one want to take a journey into the Himalayas. Both Kris and Nathan (as well as the Bhutanese folks) make unicycles look incredibly joyful, and one wants to walk away giving this precarious sport a shot.

Thank you Vancouver Island Regional Library for loaning me a DVD copy of Into the Thunder Dragon. The film is on youtube now (will hopefully stay there). I hope you find a copy quickly, enjoy it, and spread the word.
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the Dark Knight Returns with a BANG!
17 January 2013
This is the animated film comic fans have been waiting for. Batman fanatics will want to watch this and the Dark Knight Returns Part I back to back. Casual movies goers will want to head to their local comic shop for the first time ever.

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller is among the most acclaimed graphic novels ever. For years fans hoped for a film version of this four part miniseries. Just when we thought the cinematic world of Batman couldn't get any better (thanks to Chris Nolan's masterful Dark Knight Trilogy) we were finally bestowed the very faithful film adaption of the Dark Knight Returns.

This films follows immediately after the Dark Knight Returns Part I. Bruce Wayne is old but more determined than ever to reclaim the city. Batman is met with both praise and animosity from the public. Commissioner Gordon has retired. The new commissioner wants Batman arrested. A teenage girl is the new Robin. Nazi gangs are roaming the streets. Joker is being released from jail. Green Arrow is getting involved in Gotham City's conflicts. Street gangs proclaim to be the Sons of Batman. The Cold War is about to reach its nuclear climax. Superman has been hired as an assassin by the president....

All of these events come together beautifully (and with many surprises) in a well-paced, brilliantly written, thought provoking, elegantly animated, and savagely action-packed epic played out by fascinating characters. The Dark Knight Returns reaffirms that the Legend of the Dark Knight is timeless and can only die when the rest of the human race goes with it.
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