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Where Pigeons Go to Die (1990 TV Movie)
A Grandson's Memories
18 December 2003
This wonderful movie shows what it is like to have the best grandparent/s in the world. My grandmother was as special as the grandfather in this movie. While watching this movie my memories of my grandmother all came flooding back as if they happened yesterday. Michael Landon showed us that even when a wonderful grandparent has passed away, it is the grandchildren's memories of love and laughter that will keep grandparent's alive forever. Thanks Michael Landon for yet another excellent movie.
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Highway to Heaven (1984–1989)
Way The World Should Be
18 December 2003
Highway to Heaven is probably the greatest television show I have ever watched. Michael Landon showed us the viewers the way older people, people with disabilities, and others can be treated so badly in society. As Jonathan Smith Michael tried to instil better values in people, as well as showing us how to treat people with love and respect. Plus there was always plenty of action when Jonathan would be forced to defend people from thugs. One of my favourite episodes has to be the one where a man has his food taken from him by thugs, Jonathan says to the thugs c'mon give the kid back his food you've had your fun, when they refused Jonathan threw the thugs all over the place. The show also showed Jonathan and Mark on wonderful journey's from town to town each week, which was great. Michael Landon tried to show people how to love and laugh, just watching an episode makes you want to get out there and help someone out. I thank Michael Landon for inspiring me to be a better person. I will never forget what Michael Landon has contributed to my life, and I thank him so much. Highway to Heaven should be on television again, rather than the non-family oriented Reality Television Shows of today. Michael's television shows took me back to my childhood memories of my loving grandmother Mavis Brewis. I am certain that Michael Landon and my grandmother are now real angels of god.
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Best Comedian The World Ever Saw - John Candy
19 November 2003
This movie showcases John Candy's comedic talents at their best. I love travel movies, but Planes also has so many laughs in it that I was soon crying with laughter at virtually every scene. Most of my laughter was during John Candy's screen time, although Steve Martin was great also. John Candy was a great actor and comedian like Chevy Chase and Steve Martin, however he was even more likeable, so just seeing him on screen made you laugh. John Candy was an all round great gentleman. This movie is up there with the greatest comedies of all time, I love it. My favourite scenes in the movie are when John Candy's character(DEL)gets one sleeve of his shirt caught in the seat, then the other, until he is trying to drive with his feet, and when he accidently sets fire to the car while singing this crazy song on the radio. If you are ever feeling a little down, go out and rent this movie, or other John Candy movies and your spirits will lift immediately.
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