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The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth (2016)
Season 6, Episode 16
Really?! Not going to give the fans the ending we deserve?!
3 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so I am going to start this review by saying I've been sitting out on the walking dead this season, even though I was a huge fan of the early seasons, it just seemed to lose its stride. So I know this was Negan's first episode, and I know what happens in the comics, also I heard the actors hyping this episode up, so I thought I would check it out, and god was I disappointed. First off, the pacing of the episode was awful, jumping around between Morgan and "oop another roadblock" was just lame, I never felt any anxiety for any of the characters during any of those moments. Now let's talk about that last scene, the entire reason I tuned into this finale. So in the first couple seconds of the opening shot after commercial breaks we saw a dark room, only lit by cracks in the door, and after it was revealed who was in there and why, it was no shock whatsoever, I feel like they did this throughout the whole episode to build up to that last moment, but since it fell so flat I just found this pretty pointless. But to my main point of wanting to write this review, why did they have to end it with a cliffhanger? They led the whole episode up to this "who's going to die" problem, we all knew it was coming, but then they cut to a black screen and don't even reveal it?? Screw you walking dead! AMC sell outs, just wanting us to tune back in the fall to see who died! You guys had a chance at your "Red Wedding", a true shocking moment that would maybe bring back old fans like myself, but no!! Dumb how there was all this build up for absolutely nothing. The episode itself doesn't deserve a 1/10, maybe a 6 or 7, but because of that AWFUL unnecessary ending, in good conscious, I can not give this episode anything hire then a 1.
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The Flash: Escape from Earth-2 (2016)
Season 2, Episode 14
How it feels to live in Earth 2..
16 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The first couple minutes of this episode already start off purely terrifying and genius, we finally get a glimpse of the horror that Zoom can bring to Earth 2. With Wells on the run at the beginning, we get to experience the anxiety right with him and Cisco. It makes the episode a much better experience when a villain can captivate the screen like Zoom can, from the first few minutes we realized this episode was going to be a crazy one and it was great, but not quite perfect.

When Barry is trapped in Zoom's lair, even though he is the flash is it tough to imagine him being able to get out on his own. That says something in itself, and whenever Zoom returns the feeling of escape slips right away again. That guy with the mask who was trying to help them out gave me a really ominous vibe, an almost concerning amount, but it was an extremely nice touch to add to the frightening essence of Zoom. (Btw, I think it's gotta be Diggle's brother from Earth 2 under that mask, well maybe not, but I don't have time to go into that now) All hope seemed lost at a certain point, which is what made this episode shine. It was an intense race against time, and rarely fell flat for me in the episode.
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C'mon people, it really wasn't that bad.
21 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so let me just start by saying I didn't grow up on Star Wars like my parents did, actually the first one I saw was revenge of the sith, and I really enjoyed that one. The force awakens was an OK movie, and it was just that, average. I have seen a ton of reviews on here rating it one star and "worse then the prequels" and yes, while this can be up for debate, I disagree and want to set the record straight.

First off, let's talk about what I liked about this movie. I think they perfectly captured the nostalgic feel from the originals all while starting a new adventure for our generation to enjoy. Daisy Ridley perfectly plays Rey, who was easily the best character and almost single handily carries the film herself. While a lot of people gripe about her easy pick up of the force, I bought it because she seemed like a character who from the beginning had it all figured out. Sure some parts were a stretch, (like when she uses the force to free her from being held by the first order) but I could easily see her obtaining the force early on, so I won't complain about that. The action scenes were sweet and I definitely was never bored in the film, so thats good.

Now time to talk about the things I didn't like, and this list is longer then I would like it to be. Fin and Poe acted like best friends when they saw each other for the 2nd time, when in reality they barely know each other at all. This was a forced relationship in my opinion, I would've liked it better if Finn had to prove himself for the rest of the trilogy seeming that he was a storm trooper, but oh well. From the second Han Solo came on screen, I just got the feeling he was going to die, maybe the force warned me, but I just think they made that one way too obvious, and when it finally happened, it wasn't shocking at all really, I felt bad for Chewie more then I did Han dying. Kylo Ren, one of my biggest concerns of this movie. Listen I get it, following up a villain like Darth Vader is near impossible, but at first glance you think their trying to do just that, but then we realize that this sith is just a scared boy, which I am OK with I guess, but have it one way or the other Abrams. I was hoping he was going to die so we could usher in a more terrifying sith but I guess I'll give this dude a chance. I didn't think the sith was nearly as threatening as they were in the last movies and I hope they bring that fear back in the next two installments.

Also, this movie felt just like a new hope, which I'm sure comparisons are flooding the internet, but this is honestly my main problem with this movie. It was safe and took no risks, and while that's not a bad move per say, it left me wanting more from the movie. All the elements in this movie weren't thought of on their own, I just wanted to see the writers come up with something new to blow us all away, even if it utterly fails(like the prequels) then at least we can give you some props for trying. The plot stretched too far one too many times, and the force is starting to be used as a way out of tight corners, and I wasn't a fan of that.

While I was never bored in the movie, there was never one distinct moment where this movie sets itself apart from the original trilogy. My main disappointment is they have a whole galaxy to work with, and they barely visit other planets and can't think of any new material for the movie. I liked that the death star was the entire planet this time, but it would've been nice for it have to survived instead of being destroyed the exact same way. Hopefully the 8th movie will have a totally original storyline, more lightsaber battles, less illogical inconsistencies, and believable character attachments so that everyone can love this series again.

+Rey, that actress is my new crush, in my opinion she saved the movie.

+Han solo and Chewie, those two were just awesome

+Space scenes, i was always bored by space scenes in the originals, but not this time.

+I like how the light side has a pull too, we've never seen that up to this point.

+Poe in that one scene, he took out so many of them, that was sick.

-Kylo, I hated him, he wasn't scary, and his character was confusing and made little to no sense.

-Not enough light saber battling, like at all.

-Finn and Poe, even though Poe was sick when he was in it, I didn't like how forced their relationship was.

-Plasma was in like 2 scenes. Lame. Especially when that dumb teenager took all the sith scenes.

-Plot holes, the force seemed like a cop out, too much in common with the originals, and not enough originality to separate itself.
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Community: Modern Espionage (2015)
Season 6, Episode 11
Classic community
19 May 2015
First off I am privileged to start this review by saying WHAT A FANTASTIC EPISODE. This to date was easily the best episode of the season and didn't disappoint when compared to the other paintball episodes. It was basically perfect in every way, even though the ending was a bit choppy. The change that this season has been making is still prevalent throughout the entirety of the episode, but it brought but classic paintball still. Personally I think this season has been great and this just adds to the paintball legacy, completely wiping away the season 4 mishap paintball episode. This was perfectly done by Harmon and I found myself laughing the entire episode. The ending was a bit lack luster, but this easily goes down as one of those community's you can watch back-to-back and still enjoy the second time as much as the first, I know I'm about to watch it again.
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Arrow: My Name Is Oliver Queen (2015)
Season 3, Episode 23
A satisfying end to a satisfying season
15 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
OK so fist off the creators of this show originally intended Arrow to end after the third season, I really enjoy the wrap up to be honest. It left us(semi) happy of where Oliver is off too. The whole season I was scratching my head on how he was going to get out of being the Heir and avoid the revenge of Ra's, but they found a great twist with Malcolm at the end and actually gave his character relevance. As far as the whole season went it was weaker then previous ones because of two reasons: Lack of a good villain and weak backstory. In season 2 slade was perfect for too many reasons, Ra's never really matched that intensity. But back to this episode, which in whole wasn't all that bad. It just seemed rushed is all, and in a season finale that is the last thing you want. I found myself making too many acceptances of plot just because I am a fan of a show, ironically something I am not a fan of doing. I am curious to see how they bring Oliver back to Starling since obviously his friends believe he is becoming Ra's and have no idea that he and Felicity rode off together. It was a bit of a happy ending, but it is good to see it all work out for them.

Overall this season had its ups and downs, but is still a show that I will be looking forward to watching. For next season, come up with a better villain then Damian Dahrk, I already don't like the feeling of this villain, maybe a nice backstory from the island would be nice. My personal request would be Oliver is gone for a while and they have to deal with HIVE for a bit then BOOM, the joker and harley quinn make an appearance. I mean c'mon, how crazy would that be. Maybe some more island backstory on the two of them, but they need a villain with more presence in the show, Ra's intentions seemed far fetched and slightly forced.

Either way sadly it was the worst season yet, but hopefully the writers can learn from their mistakes and make season 4 a perfect combination of what they did right from all 3 seasons. If they ditch the backstory as a whole I will be disappointed because it is what puts arrow in its own category from the flash. And oh yea Ray at the end... I mean I know he's gonna survive but Jesus... Good luck Ray.
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Arrow: Al Sah-Him (2015)
Season 3, Episode 21
Overall solid transformation
29 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This weeks episode brought a lot to the table, mainly because I was curious to how exactly they were going to pull this off. I've got to say they did a pretty great job at it, at the beginning the only complaint I have is that they could've shown Oliver training with Ra's a bit more so we as the audience could really feel the effects that Oliver is gone and Al Sah-him was born. I'm not fully convinced that 3 weeks was enough time for a complete loss of his soul. Either way it was cool to see the fight, even though those fake "gotcha" deaths in arrow can get a bit stale and seems what they seem to be balancing on a lot this season.

This episode also takes a huge risk by it transforms the whole series, even though I think it will go back by the end of the season. I can't even imagine how they are going to come back from this, but it is a gutsy call that i can respect, and until they honestly screw it up I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I enjoy how the stakes feel extremely high in this episode, a theme that was extremely prevalent for the last part of season 2. This season has had a tough time recovering that exact theme and it is good to see that they finally stepped this season up in terms of excitement. And those fight scenes were really well done, easily the best all season it all just flowed so naturally. I'm excited to see how this season is going to play out and have high hopes for these last few episodes.

Overall, one of the more intense episodes of the season. Fights were intense and actually believable, good to see the city is doing OK without Oliver and Roy(how actually?) but it seems like they have a handle on the city and adding Ray to the whole mix can only make it more exciting.I hope they continue to correctly transform Oliver, just a few more scenes here and there with him seemingly becoming a villain, because that is something the audience will take a bit to be convinced on.
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The Flash: Flash vs. Arrow (2014)
Season 1, Episode 8
Well this worked out perfect
3 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So I have been a fan of arrow for a while now, and we can all agree that it has fantastic, and it didn't quite start that way. It has easily set itself apart from any other show out there for now. Anyways, when you combine an already perfected show(with developed team and they seem like they got it all down) with a total new team like the Flash offers, it turns out to be the perfect combination. This episode really takes a look at if Barry has what it takes to be a hero, he is still learning a good amount on a daily basis and Oliver begins to train him on the side and whip him into shape. Like i mentioned earlier with Arrow building up to what it is at now, slowly taking its time to amplify the storyline at any means and doing it with flying colors, and you combine that with the "new kids on the block" ordeal the Flash has, and the entire episode just molded together to be the strongest episode of the Flash so far. It is good that they still have mysteries behind the flash team and that it all isn't solved yet, it makes it eerie as the viewer to know everything isn't always perfect at home, which gladly in its own way Arrow doesn't need but it makes this show a bit more interesting.

All in all it was a great episode in the season and will be tough to be beat, I think we are all going to stick around for a bit more. Some comments I had about the episode: It was cool that Oliver was training Barry, I think they should at least mention that he is still keeping that up on the side. Barry needs to learn and even though he has a lot of strong figures surrounding him(kind of), Oliver can teach him the most valuable things that he needs to learn in this life before it hits him off guard and he is unprepared for it all to unfold. I also thought it was cool how we originally thought that Barry wasn't going to be effected by the brain clearing rage, then when it started to creep up on him it truly blew up in his face and will definitely have a ton of backlash in the later episodes of the season. The crossover was some great timing since Barry needed some bigtime help, and now he has even more on his plate so Oliver's intervening couldn't have gone any better.

Either way it was always nice to know the Arrow is watching over Barry and had his back the whole episode, I would've just liked to see them work as a team a bit more, but who doesn't like a good hero fight especially when they explain themselves well.That fight was the highlight of the episode, I honestly was guessing in my seat during the whole fight who was going to get that last strike in, and when Oliver triumphed with technique at the end I was satisfied with the fight and ready for it to end. like i stated before in my opinion Oliver had it handled, Joe and the lying DR just showed up at a nice timing. So, no, I don't think that fight was a tie, Oliver had the advantage there at the end, the Arrow just inched it out and I wish Diggle would've spoken up to Cisco, I like the new group but they need to understand they are not as safe and stable as they think they are and who better to tell them then Diggle? Ah well, next time, but for now it was an extremely entertaining episode with just the right amount of emotional tugs to leave you wanting more. I think the writers know damn well what they are doing here.
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Arrow: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak (2014)
Season 3, Episode 5
Much better then I thought it was going to be
6 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK so going into this the episode it focused a lot on Felicity, which I didn't really agree with because as much as I liked the character(and actress) I didn't think there would be enough storyline to fill, but god was I wrong. This episode proved that even if it is not Oliver's back story it can still be proved to be an interesting plot and actually add to the story. Great writing definitely towards the last part, and that last scene. Man in my opinion Arrow is doing everything consistently right so far, they have just the right amount of twists. And for anyone who didn't enjoy this episode as much, have some fun it was a different side to our story that can add so much more to the overall plot.
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The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns (2014)
Season 1, Episode 10
Wow, thats how you end a season.
8 September 2014
Just wow.. what a finale. This season was a bit slow at times yes, but closes out basically perfect. I promise you a tear jerking finale throughout the whole episode and not just at the end, thats when you know it is a great finale. There's not any specific moments since I must keep this spoiler free, but everything wraps up together too nicely and leaves a perfect start for season 2. The season definitely had its yawning moments but boy was this finale worth it. How this show separates itself is that it brings you to the core of each character so by this time when it all kicks in you really feel each moment of pain and grief. There will multiple times when I had to almost pause the episode because the emotion and what just happened was too much. Fair warning if you're extremely stressed do not watch this episode, it will just want to make you explode and the last finale to do that to me was Dexter season 2, actually no matter what you must watch this, so buckle up its one hell of a ride.
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The Leftovers (2014–2017)
Why all the negativity?
2 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So I saw a good amount of commercials from this show and right from the get go it grabbed my attention. I don't know what it was about it but I just wanted to check the show out, so when I saw some early reviews of the show and people didn't seem like they were enjoying it that much and after watching The Pilot I'm finding myself asking why and was curious to why others didn't enjoy it as much as i did. I thought the multiple perspectives storytelling was very interesting and kept me glued to my seat to see how they all connect. I'm sure what the writers were trying to get across was the suspense on what happened that day, hell I want to know just as bad as the characters in the show. I found myself more interested in the struggles of what happened to everyone on Oct.14 and the weird visions that they are getting intrigues me even more. Overall I thought it was a good start to a TV show that I feel like has a lot of potential, and I can't wait to see what they do next.. Lets just hope they don't screw it up.
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Rick and Morty (2013– )
Easily the best show I've seen in a while
22 January 2014
This show is honestly great. It is easily the best animation show I have seen in a while on any network. The second the show starts you can tell that the characters fit perfectly with each other, and involved with the craziness that happens in the universe with Rick and Morty, they are immediately hilarious and extremely creative at the same time. A couple episodes in and I could tell that this was a unique show, and that people need to be watching it because it has huge potential. And with Dan Harmon writing and directing at the helm of it all, the magic that this show brings is a rare gem in television that people need to watch.. So yeah I highly suggest this show to anyone who wants a true genuine laugh at least once a week.
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