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Drama Kings (2009)
Well worth the time
11 November 2009
A cross between "Hollywood Shuffle"(another low budget satire set in Hollywood) and what you might see late @ night on Cinemax, this is film quite funny in a lot of spots and definitely raunchy. The biggest standout in the cast is Aaron Miller, who plays wannabe actor, Chris Grier. Every time he's on screen, he elicits big laughs that are well deserved. Somebody get this kid a movie deal!!

Overall, well worth the time. Hopefully it will get the attention and distribution it deserves. It's currently being screened during the L.A. Comedy Festival @ the Acme Comedy Theater in Hollywood, with the last showing this Sunday night.
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King (1978)
Martin and Malcolm
28 January 2009
A poster here made mention that Malcolm X and Dr. King had never met, which isn't true. They had met, once, but briefly. There's even a famous picture depicting said meeting, with the two of them smiling. Had Malcolm not been assassinated, who knows what they could have accomplished together. I would love to have been a fly on the wall for whatever the conversation they had was. I like to think that theirs would have been a strong alliance of an interfaith nature, working to address the lack of human rights, not just for black people, but for all people. They would have also address poverty together, which Dr. King was already addressing. Malcolm might have also spoken out, like King,(and eventually, Muhammad Ali, who came to Islam under the tutelage of Malcolm X)against the Vietnam War. One wonders at what might have been and weeps at what took place.
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