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Based on action figure line
3 October 2009
This show is based on a series of 2-inch action figures from Hasbro that came out starting at the beginning of 2006. The line was aimed at kids "3 and up". So yes, the show is aimed at kids. So what? Doesn't mean everything from now on in the realm of animated comic characters will be aimed at this audience.

I came across this show cold upon seeing it in Greg Grunberg's CV. Having seen the first episode, I probably won't make an effort to watch any more, but lighten up people. Treat it as the farce it is and don't watch it if you don't like it.

It would be one thing if this series was supposed to be a faithful adaptation of the comics - but it isn't.

I personally find the leathered up X-Men and Fantastic Four movies harder to take as they don't look anything like the characters I remember - but then I was reading the comics when they first came out.

And while I like "The Spectacular Spider-Man" and will miss it if the Disney takeover of Marvel kills it, as seems likely, the liberties it took were sometimes jarring.
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