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Rellik (2017)
Genius story-telling
10 January 2018
Rellik, ('killer' backwards), isn't exactly told in reverse, but more in the natural way that normal people would tell stories, e.g. with sidebars, flashbacks, and oh-by-the-ways. Since we're conditioned to watch TV stories unfold in a linear way, Rellik may take getting used to, but it's brilliantly stitched together by writing-brothers Harry Williams and Jack Williams who seem genius in their ability to time EXACTLY when the audience will wonder, "Wait now, WHO did such & such?" If you liked the way that sister-writers Lana & Lilly Wachowski told Sense8, you'll resonate to Williams' style.

Director/Producer Sam Miller, lends his signature nuvo-noir style (Luther, Fortitude & Guerilla), sharing directorial roles with Hans Herbots (Spiral, Verlengd Weekend).

It's definitely a creep-fest of likely suspects with lead Richard Dormer (GofT) actually delivering a more believable performance when he's hideously scarred than when not. Far more restrained and nuanced is the performance by co-star Jodi Balfour, who is the better actor.

Don't believe the poor IMdB rating. Rellik is a brilliant series that attempts to examine not just the killer's motive, but the interlocking motives of all the other players--think Heisenberg's uncertainty principle applied to human behavior.
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StartUp (2016– )
Explosive, fresh storytelling
9 September 2016
Not since The Wire have I seen writing, directing and acting merge together in such explosive and fresh storytelling. Every episode gave me a whiplash with plot twists that left me gasping. I could not stop watching until I had devoured all 10 episodes.

Edi Gathegi is mesmerizing and would probably steal the show if the other 3 principal characters, played by Martin Freeman, Adam Brody, and newcomer Otmara Marrero had been any less superb themselves.

StartUp has just upped the ante in the genre of TV drama and should force anyone in Hollywood who shows up with less than their A-game to retire. Kudos to the entire cast and crew, and to Crackle for making dangerously great drama.

I vote 10 stars. If I could give it more, I would.
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Ever Again (2006)
A must see
18 September 2011
This is a very important film exposing the growing ubiquity of antisemitism, not just for the heinous attitude that it is, but for what it means in the greater scope of our global civilization.

Antisemitism is the 'canary in the mine' warning us of a much deeper, more insidious mindset that threatens all of us, whether we are Jews or not.

I was struck at the examples shown in the film that demonstrated antisemitism on the Left. We expect it from Right-wingers, (although this is an assumption that we should not necessarily make), but not from those who are so-called liberals.

It made me think. It made me aware that I need to pay closer attention and not assume that media doesn't have an agenda or that public figures are who they purport to be.

The mark of a good film is one that interrupts your direction and makes you think. This film does exactly that.
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