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Very good crash site scenes
14 January 2018
The plane crash site looks very real. If it was put together by set decorators you have my applause. Peter Jurasik is excellent as the guy who explains the mystery. This is not the greatest movie of all time, but it certainly is well worth the time invested in watching. All technical work and acting and directing are very well done for a low budget movie.
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Top Secret! (1984)
The secret is out
13 January 2018
Top Secret! is a very funny movie that mixes Elvis style singing with a Nazi backdrop and some spoofs of famous films of the past. Blue Lagoon and Cloak and Dagger and The Dirty Dozen to name a few. Val looks young and great in this 1984 film.His dancing and sing are excellent. The jokes never stop coming at you with a brilliant cast and top notch directing. This is on a par with Airplane!, Naked Gun and Hot Shots! It would be a good choice for movie night for almost any age group.
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Very boring
23 December 2017
This is a staring contest. Someone asks Matt Damon's character and he stares off into space. Too many changes of dates and a very confused story line. This movie is about something but exactly what eludes me.

The Whiffenpoofs are seen in some musical presentations but no good show of their talent is to be found here. The old cars look nice. Matt is supposed to age more than twenty years but that doesn't happen at all.

This is not an entertaining film in my opinion. Lots of people here did like it. The one very good scene I recommend watching is the parachute scene near the end. How did they do that? My guess is the stunt is what cost the $90 million.
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Meat at your doorstep will attract crocodiles
15 October 2017
Don Sullivan should be the star. He is the young handsome monster fighter. Others were better known at that time, perhaps. This is a good, but not great sci-fi B movie. It is entertaining and an obvious low budget quickie that might make back the investor's gamble. The monster is not totally ridiculous and the story is OK. The acting is better than most low budget films. Any of the main cast members, including the child actors could handle a Hollywood production. Camera work is better than adequate. This is not boring but sometimes it slips into comedy that is unintended.
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Two of a Kind (1983)
A good movie with an excellent cast
21 September 2017
John and Olivia look great in this. They have some fun moments and the plot has a bit of drama. This is not an action filled car chase or masked super hero or over the top humor type of movie. It is a "what if" premise and we follow the young beautiful couple as they try to make some fast bucks while they avoid the two bad eggs. Olivia in the acting class is a nice laugh. John does some good physical moves. I worked this as an extra at Burbank Studios. I was in the scene near the end where John had to jump onto a car roof and climb a fire escape. He actually did that bit. That is not a stunt performer. We hear some of Olivia and even some of John singing, but they don't really get into any musical scene. That would have been nice. Scatman and Charles Durning and Oliver Reed are very good in this. The casting was fine.
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Disposable (I) (2017)
Poor excuse for a movie
20 September 2017
It is a movie about some slasher killings. The direction is very lame. This movie turns sour right after the credits. Nice font. The actors might have done better if there was something to work with. This is just not good. I have no idea who some of the characters are supposed to be. The ending is especially bad. The doctor does his part OK but there is no great moment for him. Flashback scenes are usually not good. This movie's flashbacks are no exception. I think there is supposed to be a plot twist or something but I can't be sure what is supposed to be happening. Just another of the bad movies at Amazon Prime.
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Tab is too honest to be President
14 July 2017
This is a great documentary. It is not a boring account of the numbers of movies he made or records he sold or a fan girl rant about the greatness of Hollywood and its possibly handsomest leading man. This is a very true story of someone who was down, then up, then down again and back up. He did not let himself become part of the Hollywood problem that had to be kept secret. He broke away and did Polyester and Lust in the Dust after Hollywood had thrown him into the scrap heap of old pretty but wrinkled toys. His ice skating and love of horses and other scenes show that he was a real person, not just management's flavor of the month. Hooray for Tab Hunter. We need many more like him.
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Dreadful music in the background totally unnecessary
15 May 2017
The casting is OK. The story is just OK. The camera work in OK. The best part of the movie for me was how they aged the one young actor over a twenty or so year span of time for the story being told. He did look very young and middle aged. If a person has had a sheltered or Norman Rockwell picture book life, some of this will be a bit shocking. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the pushing the envelope. This cast could have handled a bit more of the walk on the dark side. It really was not any more daring in the action scenes than most movies of today which have boy/girl love scenes. Please lose the awful music.
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Supercroc (2007)
Shameful cruelty to humans who might accidentally watch this
29 April 2017
The sound is dreadful. The background music drowns out much of the dialog. Gunfire sounds added to the soundtrack leaves the audience wondering if one of the very dumb characters might have said something that could be quoted later. The female star shouts her lines and she manages to irritate the audience when she cries or argues or even when she says nothing. It is the director's fault. The dailies would show that the cast needed to be changed. Keep the fake croc or fake helicopter or fake gunfire but lose the cast. The guy lead is OK but his character is wimpy. He should have been the girl. I generously give this two stars because I think something worse is waiting for me to watch that I could give a one star rating. The CGI monster is adequate. These people will make a movie again if we don't stop them in Oxnard or Point Magu, they could reach Los Angeles and lay eggs.
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Familiar David DeCoteau style and location with OK story
25 April 2017
There actually is some dialog, mainly for exposition as the characters explain what happened in the past. One young guy in briefs scene that is repeated later in the movie. One shower scene with no nudity. Actually safe for almost anyone who is not offended by shirtless, friendly guys. The same big mansion used in other DeCoteau movies. Nice place with beautiful furnishings.These movies have OK plot lines but they do move very slowly. You might figure out the ending before it gets there. The images are OK but the sound is not good at times. This is the best of David's films that I have seen thus far.
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Great title for those who remember D B Cooper and all young guy cast
23 April 2017
This is slightly better than most soft gay clothed suggestive movies. It has a handsome, well built cast of early twenty something guys who find many reasons to take off their clothes, especially in front of a mirror. There is a bigfoot as the title suggests but there are no real special effects. There is a plot and a voice over that explains what is going on. Guys with big muscles in their briefs in a big mansion is the main draw. There is no nudity but it is probably aimed at the over 18 crowd. Some violence but no real gore. Beautiful wooded scenery. The title is what will bring in the buyers and viewers.
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Poor movie, great title, It needs a new beginning, middle and end.
21 April 2017
The only way to save this by using the script, if there is one, is to start over. Hire Joan Crawford. Even dead she could bring some charm to the screen. The plot is somewhat tied to the great title, so there should be a women's prison with some sharks. If there is a Vincent Price type somewhere with a Shakespearean accent and piercing eyes, that would help. The cast here seems to come from a diet beverage commercial. The special effects are OK. The characters are written to be very stupid. Many of them seem to do what the audience knows is wrong. Fracking is the bad guy. I would guess they will make a buck or two from the title. It is a movie. They did get some people together with a camera operator and they made this. It is not a good bad movie, but it is OK for Bad Movie Night if you can't find Hillbillys in a Haunted House. No nudity. Probably OK for kids who like very dumb movies. I think Flaws is a better Jaws parody.
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Very fine movie with actors who often hit their mark and say their lines
17 April 2017
This movie is based on the true story of the Martian Invasion of 1965. The handsome astronaut who bravely goes into space to do something that needs doing. You, the viewer will weep openly not just once as this story unreels. The Earthlings speak perfect martian. I did not realize Martians chose to land in the US because they speak the same language we speak. Austin Powers is the Martian. The Queen or whatever, is Liz Taylor, I think. The general is the guy who works at the garden shop. Nobody eats anything on Mars and probably not on Earth. A movie with no food. Don't ask why there is a monster where the monster appears. The guy who played Frankenstein is actually very good. He did a few movies. This movie would go well with Mars Needs Women and Teenagers From Outer Space. Look for a Rambler and a Studebaker. If you like sixties music this has some sixties sounding songs in the background. Not any real hits. Worth watching and finding good quotes.
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Quincy M.E.: Seldom Silent, Never Heard (1981)
Season 6, Episode 14
Very brilliant acting
4 March 2017
Paul Clemens is sensational as a young man with a problem. The disorder he has is Turret's Syndrome. He makes the character very real.

Jack Klugman holds up his end as the driving force in this TV episode. He has some challenging scenes with medical terms that he has to rattle off like a veteran doctor.

This is one of the best prime time shows I have ever watched from a standpoint of acting and character development. The message is clear, but it is the fabulous performances that make it all worthwhile.

Most Quncy episodes do hold up well decades later. This one is even better than expected.
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Liar's Moon (1982)
A very good teen movie
9 December 2016
Matt Dillon looks great in this and he was the box office draw in 1982. The entire cast is very capable of getting the audience on their side or against them. Hoyt Axton is Matt's dad in this story of love that cannot wait.

The parents have secrets that will be problems for themselves and their children. The boy and girl seem to fall in love during a greased pig chase. Lots of down home humor, but this is a very serious movie that builds to a climax.

Good scenes of old cars and trucks and hair styles and life styles. This movie will probably be appreciated by today's young high school viewers.

This movie is in a new DVD set of 100 Awesomely Cheesy Movies for about $15 today in December of 2016. It probably will be available in the future. This is a very good movie that probably should be in a better video set.
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Gila! (2012 TV Movie)
A fine Indiana film in color
27 October 2016
A choo choo train and a big lizard or two or three and an exclamation point in the title. Some 35 year old teenagers and some really good special effects make for a great movie. They could not get Matt Damon or Justin Bieber so they went with what's his name and the guy from the movie about the thing.

The monster is well done with CGI or whatever. Some great old rock and roll fifties hit songs and lots of very nice vintage cars. The steam locomotive looks legit but I do not know.

In one scene there is a map of where the monster might be. It has a golf club called The Legends marked on the map. If you search that it is in Indiana.

The story is very lame but it remains fun until the end when a last laugh awaits the audience.

Looks like the budget was under one million so they did a good job giving us a potential cult flick for pennies. It usually costs much more to make something like this.

It has a jeep but it needs an airplane and maybe a military officer and a cat.
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A look at the core of Los Angeles downtown Skid Row. A love story.
17 June 2016
I lived in a downtown Los Angeles hotel, the El Dorado at 416 S. Spring Street, in 1959 and 1960. It was a beautiful old building, not unlike the Million Dollar or Rosslyn Hotels. There were characters, not as bold as in this movie, but characters, nonetheless paying the $45 monthly room rate.

Some people were young and others were past their prime. This movie has a feel of what it is like to be part of such a community. Some people would go to other people's rooms and enjoy what might happen and other people were loners.

This movie starts at the end but still surprises the viewer at the movie's final scenes. This movie is not perfect but it probably is the favorite at The Million Dollar Hotel.

Bud Cort is a surprise and Jimmy Smits and this is also an unusual movie for Mel Gibson. Great cast with Jeremy Davies doing what could be an award winning performance as Tom Tom.

If you like Los Angeles architecture and the darkness of Skid Row, this is a great movie. If you want a Star Wars fantasy this doesn't work. I will watch it again sometime.
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Way too long. Wars don't last this long.
27 May 2016
Many truly epic scenes that could easily have been made into a very excellent movie. It needed a better ending. The ending could have been very quick and satisfying. Lose all the background music and start over with one guitar, maybe. There are periods of comedy in the movie and some great scenes with probably thousands of extras, but every time it starts to get good the director inserts some slow motion flashback that is of no value to the audience. Coburn and Steiger are good but they do not need the accents. The close ups of eyes is overdone as one would expect in a spaghetti western. If one half hour was cut from this film and good background music was written this would be an Academy Award contender.
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Handsome young Frankie shows he is in great shape
18 May 2016
Frankie Darro seems to be doing all of his own stunts here. He actually is in prime shape and he looks good. He has fun while he engages in fist fights with the diamond thieves. The car chase is fun. Everyone is pretty well cast as a good guy or bad guy or good girl or nosy girl. Frankie made quite a few movies and some were very good. I always thought he was a good actor and very good with the action scenes. He did not do lots of love scenes but there was usually a girl chasing him in the films. This movie is a good look at Americans in the Depression era. Always well dressed, even if they were hoods planning a caper. Rooming and boarding houses were common in the 1930s and 1940s in the US. We see a typical house that has a room and board sign in this movie. This is a great escape from texting and talking to a GPS device. Men's and ladies' hats and wardrobe and hair are all interesting. Frankie definitely had great hair.
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San Andreas Quake (2015 Video)
Best movie ever made
11 April 2016
Definitely worth watching. Some good effects of earthquake damage. The actors have been released from jail after promising never to do a movie together again.

Overacting causes the ground to shake and it is picked up by some sensors. Women can't run. Los Angeles is shaking from a quake on the San Andreas, so the people are told to flee to the east. All lanes of the 10 freeway now go east. The writer probably did not know the San Andreas fault is east of Los Angeles. Still a fun movie.

Everybody has a gun. New skyscrapers fall before the 100 year old hotel. It's OK to steal a car. Los Angeles drivers all leave their cars parked on roadsides with the windows rolled down and no Club on the steering wheel. There are some wires under the dash that hang down so you just rub them together to start the car.

Whatever you do during an earthquake do not check on the baby hippo.Argue with the National Guard. Grab their gun.

This is very good for Bad Movie Night. A 12.7 magnitude quake would wipe out all life on Earth except for a couple of hippos and a giraffe and some car thieves.
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Good ad for selling a truck
2 April 2016
Michael Douglas is OK as an actor but this movie should be called Beyond Stupid. Several times the movie becomes unbelievable. Good scenery throughout. The ending, as noted by others here, is awful. This is one of those endings where somebody said to the writer "We gotta finish this tomorrow. Give me a couple of pages with very little dialog."

The movie actually had a good basic plot with some OK characters.

Andy Griffith made a movie with a similar plot long ago and it was better.

For a good desert movie I would recommend Lawrence of Arabia. For a movie with a good ending I recommend Some Like it Hot or Casablanca. For a more believable movie experience I recommend Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.
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Amazing Stories: Grandpa's Ghost (1986)
Season 1, Episode 24
Young director does it right
24 February 2016
Very good TV episode with the look of a feature film. I worked in it as a funeral director on a chilly morning at Universal Studios.

The scene was done at the Bates Motel mansion site on a hill in the middle of the big Universal lot.The director was a young 25 year old Timothy Hutton who was much better known as an actor. He looked a lot like a young Tony Perkins. It was somewhat eerie being on the Psycho set with a Norman Bates moving around behind the camera.

This series just did not find an audience for some reason, but it will stand the test of time.

I didn't see anyone at the windows of the mansion, but I knew someone was watching. Highly recommended.
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Citizen X (1995 TV Movie)
Government officials thwart their own investigation
2 November 2015
Very well presented in a believable way is this story of a serial killer in Russia. It probably could be happening anywhere one might find high ranking officials who refuse to allow a low level investigator the freedom and resources he needs to quickly find the murderer.

Donald Sutherland is brilliant as a Russian Colonel who sidesteps and outwits some of his superiors in order to give his team a chance to succeed. The direction is straight forward. No special effects. Some make up and a bit of gore but just enough to make it real.

I wonder how many times in history these kinds of political characters have let murders take place rather than admit to their own incompetence. Also the blaming of a particular sexual orientation for something unrelated.

Highly recommended. I watched it at Amazon Prime but it might be at NetFlix or elsewhere. There might be a DVD.
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Street People (1976)
I would call it a mystery
30 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished watching it. I wonder what it is about. Roger Moore and Stacy Keach are good at what they are doing. They seem to hit their marks and say their lines, probably. I don't think there is a female lead or co star or featured player in this. There are two car chase scenes. About ten cars and at least one semi truck are damaged.The characters speak Italian at times. Almost forgot, there is a fish in the movie. I think this movie needs a cat.This is the only movie I have ever watched that mentions powdered milk. I do like powdered milk. Some people get shot and at least one kid grows up to be Roger Moore, I think.
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Mop King (2013)
Mop humor sponges up the laughs
26 September 2015
A score of 8 means I would watch it again with my friends. Sexy young guy with a mop meets sexy older girl with a past. They fall in love and live more or less happily ever after. Good sidekick comedy, especially the fight scene. Lots of misfits including the runaway parents.

The humor is slightly below low brow. Tasteless but not too disgusting. It would be a movie to have on a double bill with The Janitor. One of the finer films with a prostitute on crutches.

I think the actors and director and production company should do well with this. It should get good reviews. I watched it at Amazon Prime. It is probably at other streaming sites.
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