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Gotham Girls (2000– )
9 March 2004
"Gotham Girls" is a web-series on the WB's official site. It follows the femme fatals and the heroines from "Batman" around Gotham City. The character designs are hip and sexy, taking after the style of the animated series. Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Batgirl are the focus of the series. We get a variety of episodes from a pointless, but fun, day to an absorbing mystery given in segments. This show is an excellent example of a well done web-toon. It has good animation and the original voices from the series.

I recommend this show to any fans of "Batman" or anyone just looking for something entertaining to watch.
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The Slayers (1995– )
Dragons, spells, and comedy!
4 March 2004
Slayers Next is a follow-up to the popular Slayers series. It follows the loud and brass sorceress Lina Inverse and her not-so-smart but muscular sidekick Gourry on another adventure. Lina and Gourry meet back up with familiar characters, Amelia and Zelgadis, and the newly introduced Martina. Our heroes also encounter the new villains Gavv and Hellmaster, giving them new challenges to overcome - and giving Lina a chance to learn spells not yet seen in the first series. The voices are great as usual. Most of the original cast from the English version of Slayers has returned. Or if you prefer the subtitled version, you'll most likely be familiar with popular Japanese voice actress Megumi Hayashibara lending her talents to Lina Inverse once more. I highly enjoyed this series, even more so than the original or the follow-up to this one, Slayers Try. Slayers Next is a hilarious adventure with a great deal of heart.
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A good time for fans of the series.
8 December 2003
The first Kim Possible movie, A Sitch in Time, is a fun movie for fans of the Disney series. The premise is that the partnership between Kim and Ron breaks up when Ron moves away. The villains featured in the movie are Dr Drakken, Shego, Monkeyfist, and Duff Killigan. They team up with the newly found ability of time travel to defeat Kim Possible during different periods of her life. In doing this they hope to take over the world. Kim is pulled in by a futuristic 'Rufus' who provides her with means of time traveling as well. All in all, the movie was entertaining and fun. There were a few annoying time fillers of pop songs that went on too long. It was entertaining, though, to see young versions of Kim, Ron, and the villians as well as older versions of most of the characters. The jokes were typical for the show and in that aspect they were appropriate. It keeps true to the series so it's great for any fans of Kim Possible.
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