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Mr. Holmes (2015)
And this is the day, when, I lost all trust in IMDb
28 May 2016
Yesterday I thought of watching it, but first consulted the internet - IMDb, to be precise. A 7/10, meaning it was an average movie. Today I saw it and was completely blown away - A different and emotional take on Sherlock Holmes. Now that I'm back on this site, it's rating has dropped to 6.9. What a shame, you people. Is it the movie's fault for not feeding you everything about Sherlock Holmes you already know, and for trying something newer and better? No. Did the movie help you make emotional ties on a deeper level with the world's most famous sleuth? Yes. Movies like these make me want to bank my trust on the critics consensus of RT, because if horrible movies (I'm not naming them here) have a place in IMDb's above 7 list, then I just lost my faith in IMDb and most of its voters. Have a good day.
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Infinity War is in good hands.
13 April 2016
Checkmate, haters. And sorry, it's just not your year. I have seen this movie, but I won't mention a single spoiler here. (If you guys want proof, you can PM me and I'll tell you how the movie ends and the after credits). The reason I'm really writing this review is that I KNOW THERE WILL BE BIASED PEOPLE HERE WHO'LL WRITE THAT BVS IS BETTER and this is trash, etc, etc. Well, just see this movie and judge for yourself. Speaking briefly of the movie, it is an emotional roller coaster with an absolutely beautiful end. Spidey had a satisfying screen time. As for the acting, by the time the movie ended, I was a happy man. Russov's are handling Infinity War, and after watching this movie, how they did justice to characters, I'll not worry. A movie we wanted as well as deserve.
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It's an OK movie; don't go to the cinema with high expectations
19 March 2016
Sadly, a step down from Man of Steel. First of all, I was a bit skeptical about this movie, and thought the runtime (about 2 and a half hours) was way too long (and I wasn't completely wrong though). The action scenes were better than what we saw in the trailer. Although the doomsday scenes had terrible CGI (you'll know it when you'll see it), but overall I was happy. The movie had a lot crazy-packed action (it was directed by Zack Snyder, what do ya expect?) but the plot didn't know where it was going. A lot of scenes were a treat for me to see and I got goosebumps watching them. There was more to Jesse Eisenberg than what I saw (and hated, like most people) in the trailer. I made a bet to my friend that he'll suck in the movie, guess I'll have to pay up. He really WAS good. But just like any other movie, it's not perfect and has flaws. You can see that Zack tried hard very hard to fit everything nicely into the movie, but over stuffing was bound to happen. Other than that, I think there are some fan-boys who'll be satisfied no matter how bad the movie is. Hope my review didn't give away any spoilers in any way whatsoever, and that you end up enjoying the movie as much as (or more than) I did.
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"From the makers of..."
23 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Simply put, couldn't bear it. The movie was just awful. But still worthy of 5 stars. I had seen Silver Linings Playbook and The Fighter, both of which I actually liked, but this movie compared to them, is complete garbage. Maybe I was expecting too much. This movie in itself expects you to get bored, that's why they tried to surprise you (a bit) at the end by showing that Christian Bale and Amy Adams in fact conned Bradley Cooper by using their common friend, who had been shown before. "His screen time was way too short", you think? All right, I'll leave that aside then. On the other hand, the following points prove that this movie blows. Whether you admit it or not, I thought that there was too much of Christian Bale, who surprisingly overacted at every second of the movie. Every single one. Now, the reason I gave the movie a 4 star rating is because I actually liked the first half, (or less than the first half) and would've given it a 10 if it continued at that pace. I say, there are a lot better movies, even by the same makers, which deserve a watch, but just not this one.
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A nice tribute to a chess legend.
1 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Tobey Maguire fits in the role of Bobby Fisher, and this movie is yet another example that the guy can act beautifully. The suspense builds up as if you are watching the match happen live in front of your eyes. What's more is that we see the paranoiac side of Bobby Fischer, a treat to see Maguire portraying. Although there is not much physical resemblance between Maguire and Bobby Fischer, but it is compensated by his award-worthy performance, and once the movie gets a hold of you, just sit back and enjoy. Again, I have to praise the performance of Tobey Maguire. Never seen before as star of biopic, the actor's hard-work paid off, and it's mainly the reason why I'm giving this movie a full rating, although the good acting of supporting characters do not go amiss. Liev Schreiber just won my heart with his performance. Enjoyable and interesting piece of work on the real incidents of the life of an evergreen chess legend. Worth watching, and worth recommending.
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Spider-Man 3 (2007)
All I can see is people choking their opinions down the throats of people who loved it
15 December 2014
First things first, about the emo Parker. I thought that was good. The movie needed some laughs, and he was there to give it. You wanna talk about bad Peter portrayal? Go watch the Amazing Spider-Man series, and enjoy as the so-called "Peter" does a flip on his skateboard and write "I love you" with his webs on bridge (Ha-ha-ha!). Sam Raimi didn't want to include Venom in this movie, but was forced to. All the fans complain about is that he didn't get enough screen time. Touche to that, truly. BUT, even the little screen time given to him was enough for us to see what he did in a very little time, and we wanted him dead. Now, for the best parts, tell me, didn't you guys like the Sandman part? The bad-ass villain was everything I wanted in this movie, and more. AGAIN, WANT TO SEE A BAD EXAMPLE OF TOO MANY VILLAINS IN ONE MOVIE? WATCH THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2! This movie didn't leave anything half-assed at least. The movie has grossed much more than any of the later Spider-Man movies (or should I even call them that) earned, and the only thing I was disappointed in was that they couldn't get the original series to finish off properly. Long story short, despite what you guys might say, I really loved this movie, and you should really look into the fact that Tobey pulled off the emo part well too.
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Cons > Pros
10 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Marc Webb tried his full to provide the audience with romance. But this is Spider-Man. He's a superhero. The one thing you shouldn't do is focus way too much on the romance and leave the mega-action aside (and I honestly consider this an apt comment). The soundtracks were much, much, much better than the first movie, but what this movie lacks what the first one didn't is an AMAZING battle and the end (or in the middle, just give us some action). Even Spider-Man 3 didn't fail to do that, and that's why I prefer it more. The things that I didn't like were: 1. Spider-Man changed his costume, and for no apparent reason. 2. Just like the previous one, many of the scenes shown in trailer are not put in the movie (e.g, Oscorp has put you under surveillance, etc.). 3. After the movie ends with a high note, an un-intriguing tune (like the one from the old superman movies) is played. God, I hated that. 4. Please stop torturing the audience with the truth about Peter's parents, because that's not why people watch superhero movies. 5. Peter breaks up with Gwen, then makes up with Gwen, then breaks up with Gwen, then makes up with Gwen, and ultimately, she dies. Yes, the movie is good with the unexpected scenes and all that... but if you're going to make more Spidey movies like this in the series, better rename them to "The Not-so-Amazing Spider-Man".

And one more thing, which I must say, is that the reason Sony rebooted the Raimi movies was because HE COULDN'T MEET THE ENDS BECAUSE OF THE DEADLINE GIVEN (FYI, He was given just two years). He asked for a year more but was not given. Succumbing to pressure (because he had to make a final Spider-Man movie after the forced Spidey 3 movie, which would've been, how do I put this... oh yeah, AMAZING!) , Raimi gave up, because he didn't want to make just a movie in such a little time. He wanted to do much more than that. Now that The Amazing Spider-Man series has made the web crawler SUFFER when it comes to box office records, guess what, they have been given time to think, and the NEXT SPIDEY MOVIE WON'T BE RELEASED TILL THE SUMMER OF 2018! (And for your calculation, that's 4 years!)
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