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Ten very real people share the triumphs and struggles to make it in this business called show business.
24 July 2004
At first I thought this documentary might be a joke, or a tinsel town producers "How-To" guide, but instead, what I got was 10 very real people taken quite seriously.

They've all had some success but lots of struggles. It's more so geared toward the folks who just got of the bus, but it's also nice for people who've been out here awhile to know they are not alone in the struggle.

You can tell the filmmaker didn't have a lot of money, but both the picture and sound are ultra clean. Although there wasn't much B-Roll the filmmaker goes out of his way to use black and white, borders, film scratches, and titles over black to break up the interview footage and give it more zing and spice.

Any one of us could have been in this documentary. It's tasteful and well-done. Definitely worth a look.
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