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Read the book!
27 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After reading this riveting tale of grief and sorrow, I had decided to watch the movie to solidify my interpretation of the novel. One of the main reasons I had done this is because Kazuo Ishiguro, the author of the novel, takes the reader upon a journey of grief that is almost impossible to comprehend.

Though I had very high expectations for this movie, I was very disappointed. One of the biggest discrepancies between the novel and the movie are the main focus or theme. While the novel focuses more on the morality of clones and attempts to bring the reader upon a horrific account of "normal kids," the movie focuses upon the romance aspect a little too much. Readers of the book will discover that many of the key interactions between Ruth and Kathy are missing.

In summation the movie takes a lot of liberty with the book's plot and I would highly suggest reading the book rather than just watching the movie
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