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1408 (2007)
A ghost-hunter in disbelief get's his becomes a believer.
6 July 2007
Mike Enslin (John Cusack) is an emotionally repressed ghost hunting enthusiast that has no true to life belief in the paranormal. Eslin's daughter Katie (Jasmine Jessica Anthony) recently passed away, and he has had no emotional release following her death. He has subsequently bottled up all his feelings and poured himself into his work of writing Top 10 books for various most haunted locations through out the United States such as, Top 10 Hotels, Motels, Lighthouses, etc. This writing of novelty books has kept him afloat for long enough, and his dwindling readership is of little concern to this author that is just trying to get by. While going through a small stack of fan letters one day Enslin sees a challenge when the Dolphin Hotel in New York is recommended to him with one exception. He must not stay in room 1408. Mike Enslin takes this as a challenge to his lack luster ghost hunting career and seeks out the vary room he's been told to steer clear of. Not believing in ghosts Enslin makes it a point to meet this challenge head on and dares to test fate and stay in the room that a supposed 56 people have died in. Upon arriving at the Dolphin Hotel, Enslin is told by the hotel manager Gerald Olin (Samuel L. Jackson) in no uncertain terms, that he will not be allowing Mr. Eslin the option of staying in 1408. After dropping a few classic Sam Jackson lines such as, "That room is ____ing evil," and through much bribery and negotiations Eslin cannot be deterred. Cusack pulls the roll off about as well as anyone in Hollywood could, but the story is really the conductor of this train, and we are merely along for the ride. 1408 has its ups and downs, and overall does a good job of scaring the wits out it's audience (one grown audience member even commented a need for their mommy); the movie just has no idea where it wants to end. This was an enjoyable experience altogether, and a worthy screening. 1408 get's an above average 7 Skulls out of 10.
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Never Too Young To Die Hard!
3 July 2007
After a 12 year hiatus John McClane(Bruce Willis) makes his explosive return to the big screen in the 4th installment of the Die Hard series of movies.

In Live Free or, Die Hard the United States is under attack by an invisible enemy by most accounts. The enemy has killed many of the best known hackers in the country, and there is no clear reason. The aging New York police officer John McClane is sent to pick up notorious computer hacker Matt Farrell(Justin Long) who may be the only person that can remedy the situation. Thanks to Farrell it is quickly realized that this invisible terrorist is attempting to pull off a Fire Sale. A Fire Sale is a 3 pronged attack to shut down a countries resources.

Live Free or, Die Hard is a classic good versus evil, save the world from certain destruction tale that is done in a manner better than most action films of the last decade. The emotional portions, though few, play well enough and give a brief glimpse into the personal lives of McClane and Farrell. This is for the most part an impossible nonstop action ride with many avenues exploited when is comes to ways to defeat a foe with a automobile. The fourth installment of Die Hard thinks, but not too much, and satisfies the urge for an explosion that viewers came to the movie to see. McClane and Farrell find their way out of impossible situations, and the audience is gifted with the most impressive action sequences to be shown on the big screen since the climactic battle sequences in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The only stone that may be able to be thrown at this film is that there is not enough swearing, which causes McClane's classic line to be shorted from it's final impactive F-word. Live Free or, Die Hard is one of the most complete movie going experiences of the year in terms of Hollywood blockbusters. John McClane owns this summer in a way that Spider-man, Shrek, or Jack Sparrow only wish they could. Live Free, or Die Hard earns an explosive. 8/10
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Evan Almighty (2007)
Mighty Mediocre
22 June 2007
Steve Carell reprises his role as Evan Baxter in this sequel to Bruce Almighty.

Evan Almighty jumps right into the mix of things with little build up. Right off the bat we find out that news anchor Evan Baxter has segued his career into one of political aspirations. Soon after being elected to the United States Congress under a slogan painting him as a politician out to change the world, God (Morgan Freeman) commissions Baxter to build an ark in the midst of one of the worst droughts in the history of the area.

In a predictable move the area townspeople antagonize Baxter as he begins the construction of the ark. Baxter's reputation is further soiled by the fact that his political career is being looked as a joke when he starts wearing sack cloth on a regular basis, and animals of all kinds are following him around in pairs. Baxter's boss Congressman Long, who once supported him quickly, becomes the antagonist as the people begin to turn against Baxter.

Evan Almighty is predictable on every turn, and has enough humor to satisfy. The animals do their part to provide a fair share of fecal humor. Morgan Freeman offers up plenty of wisdom in the role of God. Steve Carell does an exceptionally adequate job of delivering very humorous dialogue, which in his style is sure to be adlibbed in great part. The sheer amounts of animals in this film are overwhelming and a treat to behold. Overall the storyline and humor feel very cliché. Evan Almighty was a mild success, but just does not offer anything special apart from a few good laughs. Parents with children will get their money's worth out of this, but for everyone else it is a worthwhile rental.
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Bug (2006)
Excercising the Bug
25 May 2007
Exercising the Bug Somewhere in a roadside town in rural America lies a town of about 30 where events occur to save the world from certain destruction. The events all occur in a rundown motel room number 7, at the appropriately named the Rustic Motel. The Rustic Motel is reminiscent of the lonely motel in Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho. There vacancy sign hanging outside the Rustic Motel is out of commission and it would not be a stretch to assume that the lives of the inhabitants are similarly broken.

Bug only spends the first 20 minutes of its 1 hour and 45 minute run time anywhere outside the motel room, before it takes its audience on a weird, claustrophobic, and all together uncomfortable emotional journey into the lives of 2 individuals who could easily carry their own movie into their pasts.

Agnes White (Ashley Judd) and Peter Evans (Michael Shannon) are two strangers that are both in need of stability in their lives until they find each other. Agnes, a bisexual waitress whose boyfriend has just gotten out of jail, has diluted herself into thinking that she is a completely stable individual despite her crack addiction, and drinking problems. Peter is a war vet who is keyed in on government activity, and really knows what is going on in the world. The two of them are hold up in the motel room for the duration of the movie, while things begin to unravel.

To say this movie is weird would be an understatement. Bug makes the audience members extremely uncomfortable as the situation progresses, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The setting is so closed in that sitting in the seat makes one feel as if the room is closing in around them. The experiences of the characters become the experiences of the viewer, and by the end you are left wondering where you are and what just happened. This foray into the bizarre is expertly done by Exorcist director, William Friedkin, and though this movie is not for everyone, for those who enjoy a taste of the weird, and are looking for something new and original from Hollywood this one is for you.
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Taking Lives (2004)
8 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Taking Lives follows in the footsteps of the classic thriller Se7en, meets The 6th Sense. Unfortunately, It is pulled off about as well as a Goosebumps movie. I figured the "Who done it" as soon as the surprise killer was introduced in its alter ego form. The screenplay of this film was horribly predictable, though the acting was utterly delectable. Angelina Jolie played her character to a tee, and Ethan Hawke, still has yet to get his due credit. This movie just doesn't deliver. The formula, "The least likely is the most likely," is personified in this movie more than any movie I've seen in recent memory. Everything in this movie is acted, and played out well, but the story, and not knowing what's coming up next just aren't there. This movie has all the components of a potentially great movie, but it misses in the critical point of the story. I really wanted to think that someone else had done "it" just so I would be surprised when the person was finally revealed. It turns out that it is just the person the story is trying to lead you away from that it ends up being. The reverse psychology just doesn't work here. It's painfully evident where the Director is trying to lead you, and where you are actually going.
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Peter Pan (2003)
Not Too Shabby
26 December 2003
The new adaptation of Peter Pan takes the classic child hood story and brings it to life in an utter eye pleasing adventure. I was astounded when I witnessed what a movie with no name actors and actresses turned out to be. This movie is by no means the best movie I've ever seen, but it is definitely among the stars. I found myself in awe of the stunning visuals and captivating portrayals of some of the most well known scenes and characters from the classic tale of Peter Pan that I witnessed. Peter Pan starts off disappointingly slow but turns up the tempo rather quickly upon the arrival of its star character Peter Pan. I was shocked by the direct portrayal of the book that is so very different from the story I knew as a child. The real story of Peter Pan is better than and previous convoluted tale. Peter Pan also has an appeal to a wide audience. Adults will see the film and get caught up in the drama and underlying romance and special effects. Children will love Peter Pan, because it brings to life a character that they know and love in a new adventure. Kids will be swept away by the fantasy and pirates that they love to hate, and they will forever want to be adventurers like the lost boys, while little girls may find themselves wanting to be mom as Wendy is portrayed in the movie. All in all Peter Pan is a must see for adventure seeking, fun loving kids, and drama seeking, I want to be a kid again parents.
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Worst Movie Ever!!!
23 October 2003
I'd consider myself a conosour of movies, not necessarily the more popular ones, though i do enjoy Hollywood Blockbusters. The statment I'm about to make is definitive and heart felt. I've considered the comment I'm about to make for a while now ,and believe i can say in all honesty "THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE... EVER!!!" Can I stress that enough? This is the only movie I've ever walked out of. I didn't even hang around to see how much worse it could get. There were about 5 people in the theatre other than me and my date ,and the most inspiring thing i heard was a guy say, "Ha, There's a Bowflex!" Then he got dirty looks from the few other people in the theatre ,because he woke them up from their sleep. The only possible reason people went to see this movie is to get some sleep away from their kids. 0 stars. I would give it 2 thumbs down but i cut them off for entertainment while i was in the theatre. Now, you may ask how i remember this movie 10/22/03 long after i've seen it, if it was so horrible. I'll put it to you like this. You know that traumatic childhood expierience that you had as a kid and you can never forget and it still gives you nightmares. Yah, for me that was this movie.
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