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23 October 2003
I have just finished watching Werewolf and must comment on it's comic genius. A classic from '81 that, utterly, stands the test of time (although what that means in today's film-climate who knows!?). My favorite scene: David in the cinema being given suicide suggestions by his victims, oh how I laughed.

This films beauty lies in it's balancing not taking itself seriously, with taking itself seriously enough to invest in some excellent special-effects. Nine out of ten (and only because I am reserving ten for that one, Life-Altering film... any suggestions?).
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This was meant to be Carry On At Your Convenience...
20 October 2003
... Thank Goodness it wasn't!

I switched on me TV last night after an evening out and the opening credits of Pelham was just finishing. Not knowing the name of this film (the Carry On listing was clearly not being shown, perhaps the Producer-dude had a revelation of taste!) I began to watch it half-heartedly, whilst prostrate on the sofa.

By the end of the movie, and that glorious last look from Matthau, I was sitting blot-upright with the biggest grin I've had on my face at 2am for a long time!

What a flick! What a film! How good was this simple, little, under-rated, under-stated movie? Very.

See this film, forgive it for being written in the 70-ties, in fact revel in that non-PC fact (the Chinese/Lady jokes are, retrospectively, quite amusing, in a non-Carry On way).

They just don't make 'um like this anymore. Simple, sweet, suspense.
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