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Offspring (2010–2017)
Wonderfully quirky and immensely dramatic
29 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I found this series after it being noted by a friend as their current addiction.

I ended up streaming all 7 seasons within a 2 week time span.

Wonderfully quirky and immensely dramatic.

I have fallen in love with the cast and writing, I at times will begin a show hating a character and by the end will love them again.

The insanity that is Nina's thoughts, her daydream sequences and many times her actions do tend to help move the story forward even when the immensely dramatic scenes seem to hold it back or slow it down.

A wonderful mix of drama, comedy and family.

Offspring is worth your attention.
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Hard Candy (2005)
Extremely Well Acted and Extremely Well Directed Twisted Tale!
20 September 2006
I just watched this film last night on DVD.

I was BLOWN away by Ellen Page's performance; she is an amazing young actress with an intelligent glow about her. I just cannot say enough about her acting ability; this film will make me seek out more of her work.

Now, back to the film, the story line begins with some all too familiar, present day internet happenings only to very quickly twist and turn into something quite suspenseful. Although long winded, the movie will keep you intensely interested for what comes next.

Without spoiling anything I have to stop here for fear of letting something out of the bag, however I cannot stress enough the fact that the movie is well worth the rental fee, make sure to check out all of the special features on the DVD, just make sure you do not view them until after you have watched the movie.

I rated this film 8 out of 10, fell short of 10 only due to it's length and a few quirky film tricks that just didn't cut it for me, however for a low budget suspense flick this movie just looks to good from start to finish, totally amazing what the right people can do with a good story and some fine performances.
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Rock and Roll Renaissance
11 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
All viewers of this film will either be totally enamored or turn off the DVD player once the crowd starts to rock out to "We will, we will, rock you". Once this scene takes place you are either with this movie for the long haul or against this movie without fail.

This movie is right up there with "Groundhog Day" and "It's A Wonderful Life" for me. I can watch it again and again without issue or fault.

If you let this movie into your heart as well as your mind you will come away with something far more inspiring than simply playing music to a jousting match, you will feel enabled to not only understand who you are or should be but who you actually want to be as the lead most assuredly does.

I would be remiss if I were to fail to mention both lead actors, Heath Ledger and Shannyn Sossamon were wonderful together and the poems/notes they share are wonderfully romantic if not a bit over dramatic. The entire supporting cast was wonderful to watch, love and or hate as the film dictates.

I thoroughly recommend this film to everyone who finds honor, romance, action and comedy to their liking.
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True Identity (1991)
Fantastically Funny Farce
19 January 2005
This one movie and the BBC Television series CHEF are my only connection with Lenny Henry, however I am a fan of his work on both projects.

I haven't seen this movie on DVD as it is not released on Region 1 discs as of yet, I truly hope it is planned as I would love to own this title on DVD.

My remarks are based on the VHS version, tattered and torn as it is.

This film will keep you laughing and engaged from beginning to end, there are enough SNL-ish interactions between the characters to have caused a copyright infringement suit ;)(just kidding).

The first time I watched this film it was truly ground breaking in a sense of character and timing, at least in my opinion (not having had much exposure to BBC TV/Celebs). His (Lenny Henry) off beat characters and persona(s) throughout the film are engaging and remarkably funny.

Miles Pope seems to be the sort of guy you would not mind helping should he require it, although knowing ahead of time what kind of help he would need with regards to this film would surely have slowed my response time.

However from the beginning plane ride on through the ending sequence this movie keeps me interested and laughing, a must see comedy for all ages based upon my perspective.

Please, if anyone has any pull with the powers that be, have this title released on Region 1 DVD as soon as possible, thanks.
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The Christmas Wish (1998 TV Movie)
Heart-warming, Touching and eventually Satisfying!
9 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this TV movie very much; it has touches of Mystery, Suspense and Drama all enveloped with Christmas and Family.

Neil Patrick Harris does an excellent job and shows that he has surpassed Doogie Howser's shadow.

Extremely heart-warming throughout, the interaction between characters is real, the writing and acting are all of top Quality.

The mystery aspect that is the backbone of the story is well thought out.

Possible Spoiler, sorry- fair warning!!!! Neil's character Will Martin, in his trying to discover the mysterious Lilly's identity by tracking down people listed in his Grandfathers journal's leads the viewer on an entertaining and heart-felt tour of small town middle America at it's best.

This TV movie will leave you feeling satisfied and contemplating friends and family.

I wish this title were available on DVD!
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One of the very best Sci-fi Family Movies of the 80's
9 June 2004
I had seen this movie on VHS back in the 80's and I now have children and just watched this movie with them on DVD. The film still has presence and the special effects are still quite good even considering they are now near 20 years old. Very impressive and my children are now complete fans of the movie.

If you have never seen this film, I would recommend it whole-heartedly for the entire family. If it has been sometime since you watched this film I would say check it out, well worth a return visit.

One thing I have to mention is the joy I was receiving just watching my children (ages 4 through 8) experience this movie for the first time. Even after all of the Hi-tech movies they have seen in recent years this movie was still able to capture their attention, hold it and entertain just as well as anything in recent memory (such as Spiderman, Hulk or even Spy Kids).

My children wanted to re-watch it immediately after it ended, it was that good in their (short attention span) minds.

5 out of 5 stars from me and mine.

**Although regarding the DVD transfer, it could have used some extra's, even a trailer from the original film, however there were none, simple menu access and set-up options only, enjoyable none-the-less.
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Bad Ronald (1974 TV Movie)
My memories are fuzzy, although not entirely blurred out.
24 February 2004
I remember seeing this made for TV movie the first time it aired on TV back in 1974. That alone scares me, has it really been that long? ( Rhetorical question please do not answer, thanks ;) )

The first thing I would like to note is the absence of any form of this movie on sale anywhere. I would buy the DVD of this right now if it were available.

Bad Ronald, at the time of the original airing was definitely a unique piece of work. For being "UNIQUE" it seems that some feel it was not worth the time, I am of the exact opposite in my opinion however, as it still lingers in my memories as a Dark, slightly twisted masterpiece.

Granted I do not recall word for word or each scene from beginning to end, but as I previously stated this films unique characters, specifically that of Bad Ronald and his quite off-beat mother still hold a place of remembrance if not regard when thinking of my childhood and the movies that clicked.

I would hope that they release this title on DVD in the near future or give me the rights and let me pursue the release as I think it could be worth the time and effort to make this available to an aging fan base.

The next best thing would be for one of us fans (hopefully someone already connected to the movie industry) to pursue a remake, that is try and keep the same premise however make it current in both date and technology.

Bad Ronald could be so much "Bad"-der if he were to be hiding out with an Internet connection and some handy gadgets such as a palm pilot or even surveillance gear. I am not saying remake Sliver (Stone/Baldwin Movie), never; remake Bad Ronald in the 21st century.
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Open Range (2003)
I consider myself a Movie buff, however easily pleased.
22 January 2004
Although I believe it to be impossible to produce a Dramatic Western in modern times that is unique, as I consider anything of interest or worth has been done, I would have to say this movie ranks up in the top 10 all-time.

No sex (although sexual/sensual tension is portrayed), Drugs or out-of-the-ordinary violence propel this film, it simply moves along at a good pace with well written and acted scenes.

There are the usual dramatic western movie clichés, however with the setting of the movie they all seem to work. I thought Kevin Costner, Robert Duvall and Annette Bening all did remarkable acting jobs; each of their movie personas came across as believable and made you feel as though there were not an actor on the screen at times. That is to say, they came across honestly real.

Both of my thumbs are up on this one, if you enjoy dramatic western type movies you should relish this offering.
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