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Melissa & Joey (2010–2015)
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11 January 2013
I would actually give this show 7.5,but since IMDb doesn't allow that,I'll go with 8.This show is based on a very peculiar concept: I mean,male nanny who was once a trader but was then hired by a politician to take care of her niece and nephew: who's dad was the reason the man was reduced to what he became? It's an impossible situation.But if you can get past that,it's a good show with some good quality entertainment that hasn't disappointed so far.It has potential, which means we can always look forward to better episodes.It's a light hearted comedy,so i suggest everyone to look at it that way rather than comparing it to other sitcoms or questioning it's plausibility.So if you are ever bored and want a good show to pass your time: You have it!
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