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Secret Window (2004)
Fantastic! Absolutly fantastic! Full of suspence. (spoiler)
12 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Mort Rainly is a writer in the middle of a very nasty divorce after catching his wife cheating on him. As if the pressure from the divorce isnt bad enough on him, along comes Mr Shooter, A man who accuses Rainy of plagerism. Shooter terrorizes Rainy until he changes his story and admits he stole it from him. Did Mr. Rainy in fact commit plagerism, or is he simply out of his mind?

This movie is absolutly amazing. What we have here is the King of horror meets the king of the acting world. Stephen King and Johnny Depp, who are both amazing in everything they do. Depp is phenominal in everything he plays, but Mort Rainy fits him to a "T". This movie is absolutly fantastic. Typical King, always playing mind games with his audience. It has you thinking one thing the entire way through, and at the very end takes a complete turn of the oppisite. Great writing, Great story line, Great acting (Depp). For anyone who enjoys a Horror suspence movie I very highly reccomend "Secret Window".
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Olive Juice (2001)
Good Movie
6 February 2004
I thought this was a really nice movie. It deserves more credit than people give it, its really sweet and entertaining if you like love stories. Leighanne Littrell is a great actress, its a shame she isnt noticed as much as she should be, shes better than half the actresses out there today.
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Fright Night (1985)
Welcome to....Frrrright Night....for REAL
16 October 2003
This movie ROCKS!!! Fright Night is one of the best, if not the very best horror movie of all time. I was less than one year old when this movie come out. It was the very first horror movie i ever saw and it had a HUGE impact on me. I absolutly loved Evil Ed (Geoffreys), I have alot in common with his character, which is why I was drawn to it. All the Characters were good in this movie. The acting was brillant. The graphics were great. The story was intense, and the ending was incredible. C'mon, Amy with that huge fangy mouth? who didn't LOVE that?? It sort of scared me the first few times, but come on, I was only about 7 months old. After the first time I watched it over and over and I still do, I watch it average 100 times a year at the very least. I NEVER go through a halloween without seeing this movie. It is fantastic. Without a doubt one of the best movies ever made, bar none.
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The Midnight Hour (1985 TV Movie)
This is the best movie of all time!!
12 October 2003
I was only one year old when this movie came out and I saw it. It has stuck with me completely throughout the years, and will always for the rest of my life. The movie in itself was fantastic, funny, scary, you name it, this movie has it! It got me hooked on horror movies for life, and still remains my favorite movie of all time. The thing I remember most about it was the fantastic music, and that beautiful 1956 cadillac. I love this movie, and I have been unable to find a copy of it anywhere and it is never on tv breaks my heart because i miss this movie so much! My opinion on this movie is, once you see it, it will stick with you forever!, It is a great fantastic movie for the whole family to enjoy. No nudity, no profanity, just clean cut humor for everyone. I highly reccomend it.
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