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Cheeni Kum (2007)
Light hearted Comedy with a dash of reality
29 May 2007
I think this is truly a marvelous film. Very well scripted, and even more wonderfully enacted. Amitabh is truly the King of Hindi movies, you just have to watch him in those suits and Tabu has come of age as a seasoned actress, Paresh Rawal is OK.

An unusual story depicted with very realistic situations and laced with light-hearted humour. Oh the movie has some really witty dialogues too.

The cutest bits are the scenes between Amitabh and Zohra Sehgal (who plays his mom in the movie). Another highlight is the role played by the child actor aptly named sexy, who is very witty and worldly wise.

I think the bottom line of the movie is that girls mature faster than men do and thus age should really not be a bar when one looks for a life-partner.

After a long time,(for Hindi movie-goers) one gets to see a movie and say Ya! that was a NICE movie. And definitely worth a second watch.
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Baghban (2003)
Kunal's views
6 October 2003
Amitabh has acted splendidly, by far one of his best movies ever, he even sounds good in the 3 songs he has song. The story line gets a little weak towards the end, yet a simple and clear story of present times. Hema Malini, who looks stunning, is bound to give competition to her daughter. The actors playing the role of Amitabh's sons are overacting. Paresh Rawal is a cheery on the whole pudding(star cast i.e.).Salman has also acted well, more like his Hum Apke Hain Kaun type of role. Overall the movie is a must see, with some great music and dancing( by Big B of course).
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