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Carol (2015)
Subtle, beautiful
1 November 2015
I loved this film for the subtleties. Lots of lingering, carefully framed shots and closeups. Lots of quiet scenes. Lots conveyed through looks and innuendo.

Rooney and Cate captured what it's like to be nervous yet excited while falling in love. It felt real. It felt like two people unsure of themselves, offering up just a bit of their true feelings at a time and waiting for the other person to do the same before revealing more.

Kyle Chandler's performance hasn't been commented on as much as the leads, but he was just as excellent. He played the part of tortured husband well without coming off as a mere villain. I sympathized with him and even understood where he was coming from.

I thought the film captured the time period in a very unique way. Nothing was overtly flashy or Normal Rockwell 50s, and at times it even felt gritty compared to most depictions of the era, but it was really beautiful.

The film stayed with me on the ride home, and I drove in silence while I reflected on it. That's how I judge a movie. If you are the type that loves character driven films, I'd very much recommend it. If you don't handle slow burn movies well, it might not be for you.
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Truth (2015)
Try-hard but made me think
18 October 2015
This film is very much adult fare and comes off a bit Oscar bait-y and try-hard. The first half chronicles the uncovering of the story and felt a little laid back given the nature of the information, and the second half chronicles the fall. This was the more interesting half. I thought the film did a good job of expressing both sides- that maybe the story was rushed and half-put together, but also that maybe there was some real truth to it that was being shoved to the side in the wake of the scandal. Cate and Robert were great in it, and some of the speeches towards the end of the film were incredibly powerful and really made me think.

I didn't go into this film with any political bias or any real information on the matter at hand, but I left it asking questions and wanting to know more.
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