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Happiness (2007)
Excellent - realistic film
11 September 2007
I just saw this in Toronto and loved it. I saw 12 films and this was in the top two (my other favorite in Toronto was Mongol). This was a beautiful,realistic story that was well acted. I liked the fact that it was not predictable and the story was very moving. All of the characters were very believable and there were no false notes. I do not know what kind of release this will get, but hopefully some art house theaters will show it in the US. If you have the opportunity, it is worth checking out. There is some humor in the story, but for the most part, this is a serious drama about two people battling different illnesses. This is one of those films that will stay with me and I will think about for days.
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Great film
11 September 2007
I saw this last week at the Toronto film festival and loved it. Many of the people in my group did not want to see it because they were not interested in the subject matter and ended up loving the film. It seemed to be the overall favorite of the group (we saw 12 films in Toronto). There is a fair amount of blood so if one is bothered by violence, you may not enjoy it. In some ways it reminded me of Braveheart because you learned about the history, but there was also beautiful cinematography, landscapes, and very well done battle scenes. This film could possibly be in the running for the best foreign film Oscar.
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Saint of 9/11 (2006)
One of the best documentaries I have ever seen
29 August 2006
I saw this film last week at the Montreal film festival. I had to drag my husband because he was afraid it would be sappy. We were both extremely moved by the story and loved the film. The director did an excellent job in telling the story of Mychael Judge's life. He had a lot of great footage and interviews with many of the people who knew Judge well. I always walk out of a film and think what I would have done differently, but there is not one thing I would have changed. I predict this will get a nomination for an Oscar for Best Documentary this year. For people who avoided seeing United 93 because you were afraid or not ready to revisit what happened on 9/11, do not miss this film for that reason. There is some discussion and footage about 9/11, but most of the film deals with the life of this priest. It is very moving and inspirational. This is a film I would recommend to everyone.
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