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CODumentary (2017)
28 October 2018
If you played these games as they came out you know everything mentioned here.

It's very shallow and offers only wikipedia-level details with no investigation into why it gained popularity or analysis into why the series was so influential in the gaming industry nor the impact the series has had, both positive and negative.

There are no interviews with Jason West or Vince Zampella and no new nor any additional information about their firing other than "insubordination" or subsequent court cases.

The second half, or more, is devoted to competitive e-sports with little to no reason for being included
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How did this ever get made?
3 November 2004
While some of the visual effects are great it is not supported by a good story.

The movie is riddled with predictable characters (the over-working genius scientist that has a problem with authority figures, his family, works outside the rules and is chronically late. The loving yet neglected wife. The bitter and neglected son. The love interest. The cocky naive side kick. The salty veteran that dies), predictable scenes (hmmm, I wonder when the wolves are going to come into play?), Heston-esque moments ("When will people learn!") and just plain stupidity (wouldn't all those wood desks have burned a lot longer than continually burning paper from books? Walking to New York in a blizzard from just outside Philly?)

This isn't a roller coaster ride of fun, it's simply insulting. Even if you haven't seen it, you've seen it. File this in the trash bin alongside the film's prototype Armageddon.
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