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Great Thought-Provoking Movie
7 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I agree with everyone's comments, but I have to add that David Keith did a great job, too. I love the moment when he realizes what's going on with his sister and just sits there, dumbfounded, trying to find a way to explain what's going on so he doesn't have to believe that his sister is being abused. That is SO real. Most of us don't want to believe that something like that can happen in OUR families, and I think that is part of what makes this movie compelling.

Does anyone know if this movie is, or ever will be, available on DVD?

FYI- I, too, have wondered if Martina McBride's song was based on this movie. I haven't found any information on it, though.
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High Incident (1996–1997)
Great Show!!!
28 December 2004
I agree!!! I want Steven Speilburg to do more TV!!!High Incident was my FAVORITE cop show! Especially in the first (half) season - before the department had a name, when it could have been anywhere, and we almost never saw the inside of the polices station or the officers' private lives. We just got interesting glimpses of their lives based on their conversations with their partners. And that first season there were chords that ran through the series - they would arrest the same hooker in three episodes and such, which is how it really works! (The show really lost something in the second season when the episodes became "themed", but it was still GREAT!) And they need to FINISH it! The last episode was a real cliffhanger!
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