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Frequency (2016–2017)
A warm communication
6 November 2016
It's not everyday I walk away from a series that make me think about the content afterwards. The communication concept in Frequency is between a father and a daughter who is six years 1996 and today 26. He didn't check in one night. In her child within perspective he abandoned her. And one day the communication is back through an old radio. The relationship is restored after 20 years.

The theme 'time travel through parallel universe' is old, but the communication is awesome. Out from a father perspective you can easily see some some worth in it. The concept of fatherhood is leading by/and following - not like twenty years ago just walk out through the door. The interaction is dynamic, but also challenging other ideas of communications and conceptions which are more individual, hierarchical and one-directional.

Or, in other words it feels warm.
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Feel good movie
7 January 2016
This movie is one of the better with Rolf Lassgård. To choose write this in English is a bit idiotic, if I choose to retain a bit from the spirit of the film. Everyone should write in Swedish!

You can tell a lot about a movie that does not take up much more than everyday events where most of the accident comes from Ove's life. Somehow Lassgård grasps the classic silence with deep melancholy traits that are often found in our northern latitudes. He uses all his (big) body language to express emotions which makes him to a brilliant actor.

Because children have a special role in the film, there is probably nothing in the world that can make a movie beautiful in itself. Lined up with grief and death the moments sometimes becomes strong. A dark wintry Thursday evening in a crowded movie theater there were many who shed tears.

There is also a clear generational perspective in the film too. The generation born in 1940th's are retiring and leaving earth on natural reasons. Of course it feels bitter. But also the world they left with their differences are a bit odd in our eyes. Who care about car brands today?

The new Swedes that blooms up with immigrants. Also the touch of our sometimes stupid and heavy mentality that smooths out cultural differences.

The beautiful hope that exists in our country.
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