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Big time disappointment. Wasn't expecting this from Zack
24 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was a huge fan of DC Movies especially the ones directed by Zack. I loved his style, tone, and cinematography, given that I have watched his movies more than one time. This movie was my most anticipated movie of 2017 and I have waited for all the way from 2016. But as the rumors said, it was a huge disappointment. Nothing like Zack thingy was seen in the movie. No music, dialogues, seriousness, darkness, slow-motion action with Hanz Zimmer's synchronized music. In the BvS, Lex Luthor portrayed a very strong and tough villain but Steppen Wolf looked like a child especially after Superman makes an entry. Looked like he was a baby in front of Superman and he smashed him here and there.

The plot was juvenile, CGI was bad, many scenes shown in the trailers were missing. It's hard to think what will be the future of DCEU after this movie. I don't know why they compromised so much on the Quality given that their tough opponents like Marvel.
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Arrow: Kapiushon (2017)
Season 5, Episode 17
Highly intensified title of the show
27 March 2017
Since the season 02 of this show, i began to believe this show is gonna get bad day by day when i started to watch season 03, they messed it up really well and continued to do it in season 04. But looks like they realized it by the dropping rating of the show, so they planned to make a come back and it was depicted in very first episode of the season 05. Story was going well, action sequence was also good and more realistic. Specially seeing Oliver Queen in the green hood. Adrian Chase is the guy, a real actor. On the other hand, Stephen Amell continues to grow. This episode was a blaster, i never felt so much tension in one episode before as i am a permanent watcher of this show since season 01. Everything was fully intensified, story, action, emotions, acting. Definitely one of the best titles of this show.
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