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Among Friends (2012)
Among Friends: A Perfect Blend Of Homage & Originality With An Ultra-Stylish Presentation
13 August 2012
I am admittedly a die-hard fan of Danielle Harris, and so I was very hopeful that this film would be enjoyable, but in the end Among Friends completely exceeded even my highest expectations. A lifetime in front of the camera in the ambiance of horror has certainly paid off behind the camera, and it was clear that this film drew inspiration from the classics without sacrificing any originality.

From the onset, there is a very throwback feel to Among Friends as we are introduced to the characters through jumpy transitions between quickly paced shots and still images. To circumvent the limitations of a low budget, the film takes on the backdrop of the 1980s via an 80's themed party to avoid the anachronism of the occasional cell phone or modern car. All the while, there is plenty of gore and random humor to string everything together perfectly, and the characters are surprisingly well developed despite the shirt run time.

I cannot recommend this movie highly enough; it is original, loaded with cameos, and very rewatchable.
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Gloomy and atmospheric, Jean Rollin at his best
18 November 2003
Aside of the always popular 'back to life via toxic waste' introduction, this is a very unique and atmospheric film. The characters are all very representative, and rather well cast. Many scenes like the music box greeting over the telephone and the exploration of the catacombs stand out as very well done, but nothing can compare to the finale: Frantic flesh eating, echoing screams, amazing special effects, and no happy, Hollywood ending. Definitely a great movie, and a good representation of the style and ability of Jean Rollin.
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