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Sudden Death! (2010)
My kind of musical/apocalypse!!
7 September 2010
As a married man who has been to his fair share of musicals on and off-stage, this was one from which I wish all others would take pointers!! Funny lines in the songs that actually developed the plot were a great way to keep the pace in such a short flick. And, I always wondered why no one seems to notice in most musicals when others around them break into song; this movie does an outstanding job tearing down that wall, with Doug Jones and the two great leads delivering some of the funniest, awkward moments of the film.

My only complaint is with how quickly Mr. Larroquette's character appears, explains the situation and exits (though in a great way). I'm sure though that time constraints played heavily into this decision.

Finally, keep your eyes on Wes Hall! After that outstanding performance as Billy the Coast Guard guy, he's destined for fame!!
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