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The Guardians (2017)
Great CGI...and that's about it.
21 February 2018
Well, I did not know what to expect when I first started watching the Guardians. I did not expect much - maybe that's why I was not disappointed. The movie had a budget o approx. $5,000,000. And I think they spent $ 4,999,990 on CGIs and pay for the actors and the crew, and suddenly realized that they had $10 left and no script. So they've hired a $10-writer to put something together very quickly. That's how this movie felt to me. Great visuals with very little sense. If you do not need a solid story and you like a lot of digitally generated visual effects bashing each other over the heads then you will enjoy this movie for sure...
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Too bad it so historically inaccurate (or maybe not giving credit where credit's due)
7 January 2015
It is a good movie. Well paced, and so on and so forth... Unfortunately, there is almost no mention of Polish mathematicians who provided French and British Intelligence with all their documentation on cracking Enigma, plus "home-made" enigma machines. Let's see what really happened...

German military texts enciphered on the Enigma machine were first broken by the Polish Cipher Bureau, beginning in December 1932. This success was a result of efforts by three Polish cryptologists, Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Zygalski, working for Polish military intelligence. Rejewski "reverse-engineered" the device, using theoretical mathematics and material supplied by French military intelligence. Subsequently the three mathematicians designed mechanical devices for breaking Enigma ciphers, including the cryptologic bomb. From 1938 onwards, additional complexity was repeatedly added to the Enigma machines, making decryption more difficult and necessitating larger numbers of equipment and personnel—more than the Poles could readily produce.

On 25 July 1939, in Warsaw, the Poles initiated French and British military intelligence representatives into their Enigma-decryption techniques and equipment, including Zygalski sheets and the cryptologic bomb, and promised each delegation a Polish- reconstructed Enigma. The demonstration represented a vital basis for the later British continuation and effort.During the war, British cryptologists decrypted a vast number of messages enciphered on Enigma. The intelligence gleaned from this source, codenamed "Ultra" by the British, was a substantial aid to the Allied war effort.

So for purely entertaining value 9/10 but historical accuracy 3/10
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Magic Magic (2013)
One of those...
30 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I found this move...weird. I wasn't bored out of my head, but it was so slow that you could watch first 10 minutes, then fast forward about 1 hour, then watch the ending - because nothing was really happening in between. Maybe people who like this sort of films would enjoy it, but for me it was just a waste of time. Some may appreciate the artistic value of slow camera work, but as far as entertainment value goes - this movie had none. Acting was pretty good, but even that wasn't enough for me to enjoy this movie.

If you still want to watch it - then please do. If not, here comes a spoiler: Group of kids in Chile goes for a trip to a remote island. One of the girls develops an insomnia induced paranoia (at least that what I think it was - but it could have been any other mental problem). Finally she jumps into water, they rescue her, but as there is no medical doctor nearby they take her to a witch doctor. The girl dies (or maybe not - the ending is really weird and does not explain anything). The end.
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4 January 2012
"Ultimate Urban Horror" - only one thing in this tag line is correct - "urban" as it all happens in a city. Chery Tree LAne is one of the worst, pointless, slow moving films I have ever seen! Absolutely no suspense, no tension, no ... nothing! There is nothing you'd expect from a good thriller (not to mention a horror). After 30 minutes you feel like shouting at the thugs "Come on, guys, do something". It is like a 5 minutes worth of script (not very original script at that) made into 75 minutes worth of film by pointless and boring camera action and close ups. The baddies are as threatening as toothless pensioner on her way to a Bingo - she can hit you with her purse, but will ultimately do no damage. If you have 75 minutes to spare, have nothing better to do and you think watching this film might be a good idea, then ... don't! Just don't. You'd probably have more fun sliding down a banister made of razorblades into a pool of acid - which would be a preferred option to dying of boredom watching this piece of ... 'art'.
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