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Tell me what we're fighting for
12 September 2003
Well, I liked Pokemon the first moment I saw the series... actually, after a few episodes. Anyways, after I saw the video clip "Don't Say You Love Me" (M2M), I wanted to see the movie.

Now, finally, after a few years and a DVD player later, I bought the movie, and I gotta tell ya, I regret it that I didn't see it in the cinemas... actually, I don't, because, well, I was "too old" for pokemon. That's the biggest bullpoo I ever heard. Well, sure, pokemon is mainly for young people, but I did enjoy the movie, for an 18 year old guy.

Well, back to the movie. The movie is great. I've seen the movie in Dutch first (because I'm used to the Dutch voices, and they sound better to me). The way Mewtwo's voice was used, it was as if Mewtwo was really in your head. But you'll need Dolby Surround for that experience. Also, the way the movie reffered back to the series, perfect. I mean, if you haven't seen the series, then that's okey, but don't look weird if you don't understand certain events and jokes and such.

The most unique thing is that this Pokemon movie really shows how much the Pokemon can care for their trainer. ** ENDING HINT ** You can mostly see it near the end of the movie.

Pokemon: The First Movie is probably the first movie that succeeded on following up their series successfull. It may not be a great movie, but it sure was fun to look at.
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King Creole (1958)
He sings some blues about New Orleans
6 September 2003
King Creole takes place in New Orleans, unlike in the book "A Stone For Danny Fisher", which takes place in New York. That gives the movie a different turn. Because, can you fish in New York? Also, the fact that Danny Fisher isn't a boxer in the movie but a singer gives the story a new meaning, it won't spoil the book. And that's mostly because the movie starts later than the book, but also ends sooner. How it will end? Well, let's say it's not a good ending, but not a bad ending either. You'll have to see for yourself, especially when you have read the book. If you didn't read the book, I suggest reading that book too, even if you've seen the movie first. And the movie truely is his best work ever. Oh, and by the way, the soundtrack is great too. Dub dub dudududub dub...
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