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Bombshell (1997)
Like STRANGE DAYS, Pure Sci-Fi Eye Candy
18 August 2005
Okay, so it is not THE greatest of films, and granted I've only seen the movie on sci-fi channel, so I do not even know what the R-rated version is like. But I have seen this film twice and both times I really enjoyed for various reasons.

One is that I loved the cast. I thought everyone was well-picked for the parts they play. A lot of my personal favorite young actors and cult favorites are amongst them like Henry Thomas, Madchen Amick, Frank Whaley, Brion James, Shawnee Smith, and Victoria Jackson.

The film is also major sci-fi eye candy. The direction and the special f/x remind me a lot of the film STRANGE DAYS, which is another film that serves as sci-fi eye candy.

And it's also just one of those classic plots that was put together so well in a revised sci-fi version that others have tried to do, specifically PARANOIA 1.0, but have failed miserably.

I enjoyed BOMBSHELL, and if you liked STRANGE DAYS, you will probably like this film.

Thumbs up.
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Best Teen Romantic Comedy since American PIE
17 April 2005
I went to see this film at the Palm Beach Film Festival last Friday and I had a riotous good time. I laughed throughout the whole thing. I commemorate all six of these "gentlemen" for not only being brilliant writers and directors, but great actors as well. The brilliance of this film came from the fact that originally it was four different films ranging from twenty to thirty minutes long each, and the six managed to splice these movies perfectly together in one hilarious, ensemble movie. The Six truly are the next Broken Lizard, and like BR, they will deliver soon-to-be classic, or cult classic, comedies like SUPER TROOPERS and CLUB DREAD.

I give this movie two thumbs up. WAAAAY UP.

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