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The Eric Andre Show (2012– )
Not a talk show, not a comedy show..
24 January 2013
What is this? I often find myself asking that same question over and over. The comedy is to in your face and just simply not funny. It's like a sketch comedy show, without the comedy. It's as if no thought goes into these skits. There's no punchline, there's no jokes. Just failed attempts at comedy. The characters are annoying & dull, the production is cheap and the same tag line is used over and over. I don't see how you can find this funny. I haven't laughed once. It's so bad that every time an episode airs I'm forced to change the channel. I mean you have to laugh at pretty much anything to find this funny. I'll stick to the good classic shows. Aqua Teen and Squidbillies.
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Confusing, annoying & just plain cheesy.
11 January 2013
Let me start off with the obvious.. If you seen the first Grave Encounters then you'll be mightily disappointed with this horrible crap all the way to the end. It starts out rather dumb as there is a long intro scene at the beginning of the teens at a party drinking, smoking, and all those other obnoxious things that makes any horror movie "Cliché." This lasts about 10 minutes and serves no real purpose to the plot. You'd begin to ask yourself.. Is this the right movie? Hm, Maybe it was used to set the scene? Maybe it was telling us what kind of characters we're gonna be dealing with. No, not at all. Just a rather pointless scene.. Well, seeing as how I'm already angry at this movie, I wanna turn it off. However, I remember it is a sequel & I loved the first Grave Encounters. Well, that next morning the film enthusiast receives an email from "Death Awaits." (Cheesy, yeah I know.) This email isn't from a number or a person but rather coordinates. Lol yes, quite funny. After some thinking they realize the numbers represent longitude and latitude and 'said' coordinates leads them to the "Mental Hospital." Now things get repetitive, if you seen the first grave encounters then just skip to the end to catch the ending. Because it's the same story line as the first one, just a different cast. This movie is annoying. If you're a little teen boy or girl, then you'll love this.. As it's illogical and just leaves you with good scares and cheesy CGI animations.
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The Tall Man (2012)
Like a maze of thoughts, just keeping getting lost..
11 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
So, this movie was on Netflix and I thought why not give it a go? The movie poster and the plot seemed quite intriguing. Well the movie wastes no time getting started.. Well, actually yes it does. The title itself "The Tall Man" has nothing to do with the actual plot.. If you think this is anything close to do with "Slenderman" then don't bother wasting your time watching it. As this is not about a shadowy figure kidnapping and killing little kids.. However, It didn't bother me, as I'm willing to give any movie a fair shot. Plus, it really had my interest from the start.. Well, let's sum this movie up in a short and simple review. There is about four back stories going on. It kinda gets you annoyed that it won't just focus on one and stick to it. However, in the end each back story will reveal it's place and show how they all intertwine with each other. If you like confusing yourself, and if you like thinking really hard and long about a movie, then this one is for you! I still have endless amounts of questions left to be answered.
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Hardcore Pawn (2009– )
Some just don't understand.
2 June 2012
I see reviewers talking about how "Hardcore Pawn" is fake & it's nothing like Pawn Stars. Let me point some things out to you that might persuade your opinion. It takes place in Detroit, one of the poorest cities in America. These are low income humans who's desperate for any kind of money. This isn't some high price business located on the strip of Las Vegas, Nevada, like pawn stars is. I will just say, Hardcore Pawn is delightfully entertaining. The cast is down to earth and likable except for Ashley. She has an attitude, and she thinks she's always right & if you question her or talk down to her she'll give you hell. If you find humor in others embarrassing themselves, & if you want a look into real life pawn. Then this is the show for you. If you find humor in good negotiating & historical artifacts, head on over to Pawn Stars on History channel.
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What a funny movie...
16 December 2011
I'll keep this short and sweet. It's not Avatar, and it wasn't over produced! It's funny and has a great plot. Here is some advice, get a sense of humor. Not every movie has to be 10/10 to be good. Giving a movie like this anything less than a "5/10!" Is absurd! Quit getting mad just because this movie promotes religion and happiness. Go watch a really Hollywood movie and hop on their bandwagon! This is a real movie, from real people, from real life! These characters take me back to my childhood. Hard times and hard struggles and how in the end, God works things out! I bet half of you people reviewing this movie just hate the religious message! That's all!
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A great comedy with a tear pulling twist...
11 December 2011
Let me start with the plot, it's very interesting and there is multiple story lines going on that you never get bored. All the characters are very likable, except one, you'll notice them very soon. Each character fits their role so well. This movie was a reality check for some people I know. I honestly do not see how it has a 3.1! Half the people reviewing this couldn't even make a room full of clowns laugh, yet alone write a entire 2 hour long story. I'll be honest, this is the first movie in a while that has made me shed a tear. For anyone who lives in a stable, modern family environment, this movie is not for you, as you will not relate to this family therefor canceling this as a horrible movie. Look, never listen to reviewers when they put down a movie. It's a matter of personal opinion. I promise you that you will laugh numerous times in this movie, and may even shed a tear.
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Zookeeper (2011)
This is a great comedy for us "normal" people!
9 December 2011
I've read some of the lower scored of the user reviews and I thought to myself, really? You guys must lack any sense of humor. This movie is funny and cute and great for kids! Albeit, there could have been a better cast of voices for the animals. Maybe casting Tim Allen, or James Earl Jones as the lion would have been an improvement. However, this movie still presents a good amount of laughs for us normal people, that doesn't over think things. This movie kept me interested from start to end! Not once did I wanna leave my seat to go get a drink. For any one wanting a good family laugh with a positive message, this is a good movie to watch. I can promise you this, your kids alone will laugh at the cute animals. Especially the monkey! Adam Sandler was a comical genius in this movie! Not to mention Kevin James as the lead role! He is a masterpiece in this! Don't let the reviews keep you from watching this great movie! You'll love it, I promise you! The people that rated this low, are biased in some sort of way. Maybe they hate cute and talking animals. I'm not sure, nonetheless this is a great movie. I hope you take my word for it and watch it if you haven't.
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