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Poor Film Carried Only By Elise And Devine!
14 November 2005
I ordered this on OnDemand a few weeks ago and I wasn't at all impressed with the film.

I was, however, impressed with Kimberly Elise's and Loretta Devine's performances. Those two women alone carry this mess of a film.

The film is filled with clichés. And the way the story is presented is sort of mismatched and should've been shown in the proper order, from front to back, not from back to front (with the ending being first.) The film could've been a really great one if somebody touched up the screenplay and got a better director.

With that all being said, the film has a powerful opening and two powerful performances from Kimberly Elise and Loretta Devine.

It's sad how two actresses (both of whom are personal favorites of mine) are reduced to getting scraps like this for films.

Their immense talent is wasted on awful, forgettable movies such as this when it should be used in good quality films that zip them off to the Oscars.

It's sad that Hollywood has this bunch of actresses that they have no idea what to do with so the real talent is left to getting D-grade fair such as this.

I wouldn't say that it's a black or white thing as far as actors/actresses getting good roles but Hollywood sure has a lot of underused talent with black actors. The mentioned Loretta Devine and Kimberly Elise come to mind, as well as Whoopi Goldberg. After The Color Purple all she got was those pathetic comedies (with only sister Act and Ghost rising to the occasion.)

With that being said there are just as many white actors as there are black actors that Hollywood has no idea what to do with so I don't think it's a matter of Hollywood being racist anymore, just being stupid.
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See This Movie
8 October 2005
I saw Good Night And Good Luck today along with a packed stadium seated theater.

I had no idea who the McCarthy guy was or the whole deal that went on with him and his quest for communists in the US so this film was very informative and interesting.

For those, like me, who don't know who he is or what the film is about (well I had an idea of what the plot was) it's about a senator Joe McCarthy who is trying to weed out the supposed communists in the country while also terrorizing innocent citizens and a news team at CBS who exposed what he was doing.

Like I said the film was very informative and interesting. Great direction by George Clooney, great acting by all, amazing cinematography, sound, makeup, and costumes. I hope those big shots at the Academy award this film in all of those departments come Oscar time!

Just a little thing I thought that was kind of funny was how they allowed the news anchor to smoke while on TV, had the tobacco companies sponsor them, and how everyone in the news department chain smoked. My, my, how times have changed!

I was happy to see MADtv's Alex Borstein play the part of secretary/assistant Natalie (at least someone from that show is doing noteworthy projects after they leave!) She fits right into 1950s period pieces in my opinion.

I enjoyed the film but thought it moved at a bit of a snail's pace at some parts which is why I took off 2 points.

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Did I See A Different Movie?
30 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
With all of the rave reviews for A History Of Violence I was expecting something great.

I'm wondering did I see a different movie? I thought this movie was so filled with clichés and was very predictable at times.

I honestly didn't like it one bit.

The movie started off by setting up for the audience that Tom Stall is an "all American" guy by commenting to diner patrons that he'll "see them at church on Sunday" and by having a nice demeanor/way to himself.

Some guys come in, wanna rob the place and kill them all. Tom acts in self defense, kills both of the guys. Now he's a town hero.

Some suspicious looking guys come by and call him Joey. Then his wife gets suspicious and she finds out about his former life as Joey, a member of the mob in Philly. When she does she storms into the house mad at Tom/Joey, he grabs her, they have sex on the stairs, after they're done she fumes off upstairs.

Then later on some guys come by wanting Tom/Joey to come back with them to Philly, an argument ensues, gun shots are fired, the wife screams at the windows and the daughter asks her calmly "is everything OK, Mommy?" like she didn't just hear the gun shots!

The movie was just so filled with clichés. The worst of all the clichés was the son being the typical nerd with the "different" friend (we're supposed to assume that by her hair) the cliché tough jock (with the team jacket and all!) who gangs up on him with his friends.

The subplot was boring, pointless, and above all (once again,) cliché.

The acting I didn't find all that spectacular either (didn't the main actor win an award for his acting in this at the 2005 Cannes film Festival or something?) I thought the actress who played the young daughter's acting was so stale and bad.

I say DON'T waste your money on this if you're listening to the rave reviews. The movie, in my humble opinion, was bad and not at all an "edge of your seat" thriller.

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Corpse Bride (2005)
Good But Has It's Flaws...
26 September 2005
I say I'd give The Corpse Bride a 7 out of 10.

The animation is beautiful but the script is only half assed done.

The film runs at an underwhelming 76 minutes, the maggot looks like an inch worm, and I couldn't understand what they were saying in some of the songs.

I did laugh at parts of it and I did like it but I felt it could've been much, much better.

With that being said Burton still better win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature come Oscar time.

Not for the quality of this particular film but for him NEVER being nominated on any of his other amazing films (especially The Nightmare Before Christmas.) I'm sure the rabid fan boys/girls/persons that live in Hot Topic will be all over this review for not giving it 10 stars (they had merchandise for this movie weeks before it was even out!)

I say wait until it comes out to video. Paying the $7.25 for a film that's just over a little an hour long and not all that great to boot is barely worth the admission.

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Paper Bullets (1941)
11 June 2005
I couldn't make heads or tails out of this terrible film noir.

The plot was confusing, the acting was alright, but the picture quality was awful! Though I bought this at a "Gansters Double Pack" (8 movies on two discs) at WalMart for $5.50 and when you put the DVD in, it apologizes for the awful picture quality that some of the movies may have.

The plot was flip flopping everywhere I couldn't understand it and had no idea what was going on...then "The End" popped up and the movie was over.

What a waste of my time!

I say don't waste your money or time on this! Or if you too bought that Gansters Double Pack then just skip over this one...

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Ah, Where To Start?
5 June 2005
Where should I begin to review The Brain That Wouldn't Die? Maybe I should start off by saying that it's really what you'd expect.

It's a bad (and I mean bad!) early 60's science fiction movie (but it's one of those so bad it's good...really good movies.) We start off with two doctors in the operating room. Once they're finished with the operation (blood free, of course!) and have touched their faces with their hands (which were just inside the patient's organs but that's OK I'm sure, right?!) Dr. Bill's wife Jan walks into the operating room casually and we find out that they're heading up to the family's country home.

Dr. Bill and his wife Jan are now driving up a road to their country home. All of a sudden Bill decides to speed up and how do we know he's speeding up? By shots of moving scenery and his foot pushing on the gas. But then, he's losing control of the car! And how do we know this you ask? We see a sign that reads "Winding road" and the car turning (using shots they has just shown several times again.) Now they've crashed (and Bill falls from a direction that isn't near where the car has landed) and he takes his wife's severed head (and we're supposed to assume that because he has something wrapped up that he's holding like ball) and yet again no blood is coming out! Now to make a long review a little shorter. Jan becomes "Jan in a Pan" (who is never referred to as that in the movie so I think adoring fans affectionately gave her that name) and Bill is now on a quest to find Jan a "perfect body."

Hestarts his quest by going to a stripper club and there's a 6 minute scene of just a stripper dancing with only stripper music playing (which also plays throughout the entire movie whenever there's a scene with flirting going on) then Bill walks back to the stripper's dressing room, they talk, yadda, yadda, another stripper who was eyeing Bill walks in, they argue, Bill leaves now the two strippers are having an all out cat fight.

Hilarious! It's my favorite part of the movie because it is so pointless and has NOTHING to do what so ever with the movie! Oh and when the cat fight is over there's a shot of a cat on the wallpaper and we hear a "MEOW!" Now he's at a beauty contest. They announce there's five beauties to come out. Only four show up. Pointless and stupid once again.

Also, in between these little quests for Jan's "perfect body" have been Jan and a "monster" talking back and forth ("one tap for yes, three if you can hear me!") There was also some other "experiment" who is also "deformed" (it's his hand which we're supposed to believe is really deformed when it's really just the actor curling up his hand.) The monster is so thoroughly locked in his room (with a simple door with hinges and an everyday padlock of course! That does it's job great!)

Now Bill is on a quest to find an old friend who is "scarred." He shows up at her place and there are photographers there (right, like a woman would be safe alone at night, in a bikini, alone in her apartment, with a bunch of men taking picture of her!) She shows him his scar (which to me looks like a mark that you'd get from sleeping on your face after you wake up in the morning.) She says she doesn't trust anyone after being "scarred" by a man who she put all her trust in yet she's going out into the middle of the night alone with a man she barely can remember.

The ending is that Dr. Bill brings what's her face back to his house, he drugs her, she passes out, the Monster escapes (somehow he musters up the strength to knock down that hard to open door by taking it off it's hinges. Dr. Bill is killed and now we can see the Monster (the actor's hair is visible I think.) Another goof that I noticed was that the actor's lips didn't match the words that were being said! It's what I expected, it was great, I laughed, I cried...well not really. I did laugh though. Can't wait to see the MST3K version too! I loved Jan in a Pan! I thought she was precious (though many hate her.) I want one of my own now....

The real pathetic thing is that when this was first released that many people were probably horrified by it. And for those that weren't they had the eye candy in there for those who got bored.

The movie also makes itself look even more pathetic that in the end credits it lists the wrong title with "The Head That Wouldn't Die" then "THE END" below it.

Not sure what to rate it so I won't rate it at all.
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What A Terrible Adaption...
29 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
After seeing only half of the film in school back in November, today, I saw that it was on Flix channel and decided to watch it to see the rest of it and to write a new review on it.

The book that the film is based on, Hatchet, is OK. This is a terrible adaption of it though.

Awful (and I mean awful) acting, bad dialogue, and average cinematography make up this terrible adaption of Hatchet.

The film starts off Brian who is the cliché image of a late 80s teen (sporting a mullet, banging his head to cheap 80s rock music) and his mother driving in a car for him to get on a plane to fly up to see his estranged Dad (his parents are cue the dramatic pause.) Now Brian has said goodbye to Mom and dog and is flying up to see his father. The pilot is a fat, ugly, rude man (wasn't like that in the book) who after 2 minutes in the air, has a heart attack and dies. In the book it goes into more detail with the pilot having more pains and it seemed to be that they were in the air much longer before the pilot had his heart attack.

The plane (within another two minutes) has gone empty on fuel (leaving us, the viewers, to assume that he's been up there for hours even though the sun hasn't changed position and the scenery looks EXACTLY the same.) Now's he's crashed landed.

This is the point in the movie where everything is a lot different then it was in the book. In the book it said his jacket was torn to shreds but in the movie it is perfectly fine with no tears or rips (looks like he just bought it), it never said he climbed a mountain, saw a wolf, and fell asleep up there on the mountain, it never said he was attacked by a bear (it said a moose but not a bear), it never said he eats the several bugs that he does, it never mentions the second tornado or that he learned to get those sparrows, skin them, and eat them or that little fish farm trap that he makes (that is destroyed by one of the tornadoes) nor does it mention him hurting his ribs from one of the tornadoes.

I don't even think you can call what was depicted in the film a tornado. All it was was just a windstorm that knocked down several of his things.

My favorite part of this camp fest was Brian's lame flashbacks (that are never mentioned in the book) especially the cliché scene of Brian waking up, walking over to the window and seeing his Dad (with all of his things packed that can all perfectly fit into just the back of his truck) leaving and screams "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDD!!!!" (yet of course his father didn't hear him even though he was just right outside) and he punches his fist through the window (wtf?)

The ending is the only thing that is close to what happened in the book (I said close.) In the book I think one of the key things that the rescue pilot said to Brian when he landed was "you're the kid who they've been looking for! They stopped months ago..." yet they left that line out in the movie.

There's a pathetic epilogue with Brian (somehow without counseling or therapy) getting back to normal with his family. I think we were supposed to assume that they were getting together for Thanksgiving (because they had a turkey on the counter.) Then it shows his temporary home (for what, in the movie, seemed like three days, but in the book was for several months) and his hatchet, still in a tree where he left it (also didn't happen in the book) showing where he carved a message, so perfectly done: "HOME" (where we really supposed to believe that he carved that that perfectly with just that hatchet?)

No quote can sum this movie up better then when Enid from Ghost World said "this is so bad it's gone past good and back to bad again." Perfect description of this movie.

I wouldn't recommend it to somebody (who hasn't read the book) and are just looking to watch a movie nor would I to somebody who has read the book (because they'll be disappointed and bored to death.

For those who have read the book, leave what your imagination created as the movie. This is awful and will bring down your thoughts on the book.

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Awful But (Of Course) Adds A Nice Campy Charm To It
21 May 2005
I was up the other night and I couldn't get to sleep so I decided to waste 90 minutes of my precious life watching this, Sleepaway Camp 3.

I knew right away (judging from the titles and that it's from the late 80's) that I was in for a campy, awful, cheap, makes-no-sense horror flick. What supported my opinion that the film would suck was the wonderful opening shot of Angela chasing and running over a girl with a garbage truck (and somehow people standing around didn't see it!)

Angela disguises herself as the girl that she just killed and she is back at the camp that (they said) a year ago there were brutal killings (by Angela) but they opened the camp back up (with new management, how comforting!)

The camp is an experiment to be PC by having every race under the sun there and to have them all be from two different tax brackets (lower and upper class) how do we know which are which? The lower class are the burnout "tough" group dressed in leather jackets playing rap music.

My favorite was the "tough" group. I loved the Chinese chick and also the black guy, who played rap loudly on his stereo and (somehow) got his knives and a gun into the camp.

There was nothing scary about this (yet another key ingredient to make sure your horror film is very campy) there were a few shots of T&A here and there and (of course) the killings.

The killings, the acting, and the dialogue are hilariously bad (though, of course that's one of the main-key ingredients for making a campy slasher flick.)

For the casual viewer just looking for a good horror flick to watch, I would say don't waste your time on this but for the hardcore horror fans who thrive on finding films like this I'd say go right ahead. Though fans like that have probably already watched this film a dozen times over.
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High Tension (2003)
I Loved It More The Second Time Around!
19 May 2005
When I had first watched High Tension it was completely in French with no subtitles so I couldn't understand what they were saying but I figured the plot was easy to follow (it's a slasher flick, but an intelligent and good one) but last night I watched it again (this time with English subtitles) and I respect and enjoyed the movie a WHOLE lot more.

High Tension is definitely one to see once it hits here in the States (which currently is slated to be released on June 10th.) The film is full of scares and tension (hence the name High Tension) also LOTS of blood! LOTS! Though a few scenes will be snipped for the American release. Though I think that's for the better (for some scenes at least) but I'd love to see the audience's reaction to the (uncut) blood & gore.

I love this movie and I'm going to watch it again for a 3rd time and maybe again a 4th time too and I'll definitely be going to see it once it hits theaters here in the US!

The film is a MUST SEE if you want some scares. It is a lot scarier then the proclaimed and so called"horrifying" and "scary" films like The Amityville Horror or The Ring. This film is actually scary (and good.)

Don't rely on other's reviews though! Don't spoil anything for yourself! Just go in there with the thought that it's going to be a great movie (which it is!) See it for yourself and form your own opinion!

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Funny, Sad, And Original
18 May 2005
Pieces of April is a simple movie. It's about a girl, April, who invites her estranged family to her apartment in New York City for her first ever Thanksgiving dinner that she's cooked.

We see from the beginning that her family despises her and have forgotten about her, in the car the grandmother says "April? I know who she is! I thought she was dead..." I was really shocked at how cruel the family was when referring to April though.

April's mother was the cruelest is a lot of the movie, when they're driving down the road she's laughing saying about April's cooking "spit it out in a napkin! or in the toilet!!!", the mother also has breast cancer and says "April bit my nipple when I tried breast feed her! She's the cancer!" The younger sister thrives on having the most attention and correcting people when they think they were referring to April when it was really her, for example, when their mother was trying to think of a happy memory of April the sister corrects her and says "No, Mom, that was me. April was six and I was three." (Much like how Missy treated Dawn in Welcome to the Dollhouse.) April's younger brother seems neutral on it as does their grandmother but it's because she is (obviously) becoming senile and has early forms of Alzheimers. The father seems to have some compassion for April and isn't a downer like the mother.

The film flip flops between the family driving to April's apartment and April desperately trying to prepare her Thanksgiving meal.

April runs into some problems and finds help from several other tenants in the building (one in particular who I think was played by the guy who is on Will & Grace, by the way, I don't watch that show and I've only seen it twice which was over my aunt's house and I hated it.)

The movie was good though there was this boring and ultimately pointless subplot with April's boyfriend Bobby going throughout town to get a suit, buy flowers, and is then ganged upon April's former druggie boyfriend and his pathetic crew. Why that was included in the film I have no idea. It didn't do anything for the film so it was pointless and entertaining at the least.

The film had a somewhat cliché ending (to me it seemed like that) but it worked out.

A good film which is funny, sad, and worth a look.

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Sin City (2005)
More Than Just All Eye Candy...
2 April 2005
I saw this today and it's the first ever R rated movie I've seen in theaters and that I've snuck into. (Just felt like putting that in here.)

The movie has beautiful visual effects. The cinematography was original and great, the sound score was great too, as was the stellar big name cast, and the plot was a good one but it seemed to get stretched out at the end in my opinion.

The big name cast drew me in when I first saw the promos for it, I figured it must be at least decent if it has that many big name actors and the cinematography from the promos also drew me in to want to see this.

I liked how the cinematography was mostly black and white but would have such lively, bright colors. The blood being assorted colors was cool too.

The acting is great (for the most part) but I thought Brittany Murphy's and that other actor's who was in her segment with her (didn't recognize him) their acting could've been a bit better I thought.

I especially liked how all of the ladies of O Town ruled the streets especially Miho with her swords and spears and Gail and those guns (hah, no pun intended!)

I thought towards the end it got a bit stretched out but the more I think about it I really enjoyed it and I'm so tempted to go out and see it 5 times again!

A must see! It's probably a definite that it'll become a classic! Great, original cinematography, amazing all star cast, and amazing plot! This'll be one that people will be talking about for years to come!

Though I thought the ending got stretched out I'm going to give this a 10 just because the more I think about it the more I love it and the more I want to see it again and again!

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Eyes (2005– )
I've Got My Eyes Set To 'Eyes'
31 March 2005
The pilot aired last night and I was amazed! I watched it because the beautiful AJ Langer is in it but now I have more to watch it then just her being in it! I would say it's like Boston Legal in the sense that it has a twisted sense of humor to it but I've never seen Boston Legal and I'm only comparing it to that on word of mouth that I've heard on it.

The pilot was funny, cool, and entertaining--an all around cool show! Very high tech too!

I hope the pilot was a sign of things to come.

Hopefully the promos during Depserate Housewives and Lost and the fact that it's on ABC's awesome Wednesday lineup (with Lost) that it'll get great ratings. It'd be a shame to see this get canceled. I really enjoyed what I watched and it's got me hooked!

I highly, highly recommend this over any reality show crap or Law & Order (which it's in the same time slot as) Law & Order is a great show and good to watch to kill time but it becomes run of the mill whereas Eyes is fresh, innovative, and entertaining to watch!

If you haven't already, you too should have your eyes on Eyes!
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Wonder Showzen (2005–2006)
Likely To Be The Next South Park!
26 March 2005
In my opinion, today South Park is worn out and is basically just the same thing over and over so it needs for something to come in and take it's place. Wonder Showzen is the show that I think will do that.

If you liked the Kneehigh Park sketch from Chappelle's Show then you'll likely love this (like I do) It's like Sesame Street on an acid trip! This show is everywhere (and I mean that in a good way!) It has (judging from the early pilot and the episode I just watched today) a storyline that goes throughout the episode involving puppets and in between that cartoon bits, Beat Kids, a news program that has kids go out on the street to ask different people questions, Funny Noy Funny is bits of random stock footage and the kids judge whether it's funny or not funny.

This is a must see! I thought it was hilarious and I'm going to start watching it every Friday! And you should too! It comes on MTV2, Fridays at 9:30 PM EST/6:30 PM Pacific time (currently) It's likely to become a cult hit and will probably be cancelled seeing as how it has it on MTV's bastard channel MTV2. Too bad because this is some hilarious stuff.

If/when it is cancelled they better give us a DVD release of the entire show!
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Could've Been So Much More
12 March 2005
Really, average is the only word that comes to my mind when you see this.

The acting was average (maybe a bit above average), the camera usage was average (actually below average. The picture was so shaky and the colors were grainy and blurry.) The plot was a good one but moved at such a slow pace and wasn't put to good use.

This could've been so much more if it didn't go at a snail pace and we saw more into the characters backgrounds.

All we see are flashbacks here and there of Alice and how her home life is so "bad" (her mother is a working class woman trying to make end meet for her and her daughter.) We see a flashback of her of when she was in high school and her friend says to her "tell your Mom to make some better food" and "everybody says it's your mom." Yeah that's embarrassing but why would you run away from it.

I could definitely see if her Mom was a drunk or somebody was abusing her but nothing was wrongwith her home except she was embarrassed by it. How immature!

We're not even given a glimpse of what the couple's lives have been like (except that they've been prostituting for awhile and the woman, forgot her name, gave her baby up when it was 9 months old.) This really could've been so much more. It could've had Alice who was abused by her drunk mom go down to Florida with her friend but then becomes a prostitute. Or something along the lines of that other then the real plot of this movie (that is) Alice, a girl with a home life of probably 90% of America's population (WORKING CLASS) runaways to Florida but then gets sidetracked by turning into a prostitute.

I don't see why it won an award at Sundance (it must've been up against some really weak competition to have won that one award.)

Also to me, Alice's Boston/New England accent seemed forced. It didn't seem genuine. (I should know, I was born and raised in Boston, but now live in Georgia.)

4/10 Not really worth your time in my opinion.
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Target (2004)
Poor Debra...
5 March 2005
I saw this at my local supermarket and I knew that Debra was in it so I decided to buy it (out of support for that sexy woman!) The plot and acting in this movie was terrible (with the exception of Debra Wilson; and I'm not just saying that because I love her, she seriously was the only actor or actress who had any emotion in their acting and voice!) What I didn't get at the beginning is why the wife didn't just get back in her car instead of running at random like that. It was so stupid. And it's LA (NOBODY saw her being abducted on a public, residential street--NOBODY...yeah, that's realistic!) Also in the park, when Charlie stole the woman's cell phone (for some stupid reason) they were hell bent on finding him (and at one point) when they did they had him at gunpoint--over a CELL PHONE! In reality I doubt the LAPD would go out of their way like that for a stupid cell phone! The lady could've walked up to one of many of those cell phone booths and have it replaced! The kids acting skills sucked too (I think they were reading from a cue card or had somebody off camera whisper their lines) because they'd be asked questions and would look around and then answer in a questionable voice (i.e.-"yes I do miss daddy?") Also how could there be all of those snipers be in the trees and on building rooftops in LA WITHOUT being seen?! I see this being played at 3 AM on USA.

Debra Wilson fanatics will enjoy her parts. She's the only actor with any real acting skills (Debra, sweetheart--stop doing these cheap D-grade, direct to video films...maybe that'll change with the upcoming film Whitepaddy.) She puts some jokes in there (like when one of her superiors comes up and asks her who's she talking to, she screams at her computer and goes "Damnit, Charlie!") I gave it a 4/10...a 4 only because of Debra's good acting skills.
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It Was A Funny Movie! (Stop Being So Uptight!)
3 March 2005
I gave this a 10/10 This is the best comedy I've seen. Probably THE best I've seen since Airplane! (good comedies are far and few between, IMO. One reviewer compared this to I'm Gonna Git You Sucka and I haven't seen that so yep, this IS the best comedy I've seen since Airplane!) It was funny, original, goofy, and a great parody at the goofy cop shows and "blaxplotation" films (is that what they were called?) from the 70's.

I was happy I watched this.

It's a good movie so don't listen to the uptight users here saying it's racist (most white people I know like mayo, though I am and I don't...guess it's all a matter of taste.) Great movie...I recommend it if you want some good laughs and a good hour and a half to waste on a good movie! 10/10
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These People Take Obsession To New Lengths
23 February 2005
This is the most pathetic shows I've ever seen.

MTV documents the lives of those who want to look like their celebrity idol. Whether it's to enhance their image (to become "cute") or if they just have an extremely unhealthy obsession with that celebrity.

The people are so pitiful. It's so sad and pitiful to see that they'll take those lengths and risks of getting plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebrity! And when they're new look is revealed they don't even look like that celebrity!

These twin brothers both got surgery to look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise (one of those guys) to get more girlfriends and to enhance in their modeling career (I'm not sure about that because I can't remember the episode too good but that's probably the case too.) Well they looked NOTHING like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise but deformed and like transvestites. Then it showed them back at their house with some girls and they were like "oh my gosh! They look AMAZING!" (words can't describe how stupid that comment was.)

These nutballs that get the surgery to look like the celebrities should be locked up for life! It's nuts that they'll spend the cash and time to do that! The episode has (if I remember right) one person who is about to get surgery, one who has gotten surgery but didn't like the results and/or had medical problems afterwards, and I believe it also had another person who was going to go under the knife to look like their famous idol.

Not for the faint of heart because it shows parts of the surgery.

The actress Kate Winslet hates this show (because in particular, one girl went and got surgery to look like her too; she didn't look like Kate either!) I hate it shows how pathetic, ignorant, and stupid some people are in our society that they'll go to those extreme lengths.
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22 February 2005
My former comment on here was "is bold enough to go where American teen shows won't go!" which is exactly right but it can be very preachy, annoying, and unrealistic. (Especially that new teacher/student plot...I'm so sick of those!) I used to be a fan but then that started winding down this season when the characters that I once liked were getting on my last nerve.

The acting can be good at times but crappy at other times too. The actress who played Terri was so mediocre (for an example see episode Never Gonna Give You Up) The plots are good because lots of teens go through what they portray in the plots on Degrassi but it comes off as preachy. Especially because they have 20 characters and cram the show with each of them having an individual problem. I know that's what middle/high school kids are like (because I'm a fellow one but it seems preachy.) It would be better if they had only three or four main characters so that we could relate to them a lot more and get what they're going through instead of as on Degrassi we see them once every so episode and they rarely have a plot line of their own.

Also, the Marco plot line with him being gay. Didn't buy it--you could tell from day one that he's as straight as a circle.

The Canadian accent will get to you too (oh what am I talking aboot? Here I go ah-gain!") Bottom line: Preachy (but realistic) plot lines, WAY too many characters so we can't get on an intimate personal level with them.

For a teen show with more depth and one where you can get to know the characters better is My So Called Life. It doesn't have the 20 characters that you can only see once or twice for an episode each season. My So Called Life is shott and sweet with only 19 episodes and three main characters (Angela, Rayanne, and Rickey) four if you count Brian too (who I guess is a main character since he is in mostly every episode.
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New Zoo Revue (1972– )
Campy Fun!
21 February 2005
They show this up on a local station in Boston and I first saw it when I was 10 or 11 and that was a few years ago and I laughed my ass off!

It's this cheesy kids show from the 70s...the acting is fake, the camera angles are pathetic and the costumes are cheap as can be!

There was one episode and the owl got ticked off or something and wanted to leave and he fell out of a tree but I remember the chick screaming "CHARLIE!!!" but then reacting and waving her hands 20 seconds later and the frog was dancing around in a gazebo and his eyeballs were rolling around in the plastic thing that holds them to the costume (it looked like the frog was drunk!)

I suggest if you're crazy like me to buy the DVD and laugh your ass off!

I dunno if I were a parent that I'd let my kids watch'd probably emotionally scar them for life!

Also look out for the hilarious "outtakes" on this website...the frog and the owl COME OUT and the owl and the frog get "intimate"...that is probably THE funniest thing I've ever seen in my life!
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Good Burger (1997)
It's A Kids Movie!
20 February 2005
I'm so annoyed coming to IMDb and these so called critics (if you're really a superior critic then what are you doing online at a website coming and pointing out FLAWS in a kids movie?) I saw this when it came out and I was a kid then. I liked it. Enough said.

Kids will enjoy it (though I'm not too sure today because they might not be familiar with who Kenan and Kel are *cough*geniuses*cough* all kids that watch All That today know the basiness of the cast members that are currently on there (they suck) Though, if your a fan of the classic All That or Kenan & Kel then you'll like this film.

It's goofy but like I said it's a kids movie, what do you expect?
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Bloody Mama (1970)
What Did I Just Watch?
19 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably the most sadistic movie I've ever seen.

It was disturbing, gross, and unnerving.

I saw part of it a few years ago but watched the entire thing on the Action Channel last night and I have to say to myself "what the hell did I just watch?" It was morbid how Ma Barker threw the chubby elderly lady off the side of the car after the bank robbery and disgusting when one of her sons (was it one of her sons) went to have sex with Ma because she said "she's ready for him" and when Llyod (was it was the junkie son) had that girl tied up and (you can assume) raped her then they drowned her in the tub and dumped her body in that sadistic! Then when they moved on down to Florida and threw that baby pig in the water for the alligator to eat it and when the alligator came around and ate the pig they shot it's brains out....that was extremely unnerving and morbid.

The shootout was a gore fest (not so much until her son, forgot his name, kills himself and you can literally see his brains fly everywhere for a split second.) And what was with the crowds of people watching on the side? (I know they did it in the 1800s, families would go down with their wagon and picnic baskets to watch it like it was a play but this was supposed to be the 1930s!) I don't recommend this to anyone.

I can come to decide on a rating for it so I just won't rate it.
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19 February 2005
I saw this a couple of months ago after hearing about it months before that.

I'm not usually a fan of foreign films (this and a Chinese foreign film whose name slips my mind are the only foreign films I've seen.) Catalina Sandino Moreno gave a powerful performance (I'm glad that she got that Oscar nomination! She deserves it though I doubt the corrupt Academey will give it to her.) Yenny Paola Vega also gave a good performance.

I give this a 10/10...amazing performances, a powerful story...too bad it wasn't nominated for a few more Oscars or that Yenny Paola Vega wasn't nominated for best supporting actress.

I recommend this if you are or aren't a fan of foreign films.
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The Outsiders (1983)
Good Book, BAD Movie!
18 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
We read the book The Outsiders in my 8th grade reading class and I liked it.

Then the teacher said that we'd be able to watch the movie and I figured it'd live up to my expectations (which were good) but it didn't.

This movie was so bad and far from the book...I fell asleep during part of the end of it.

It was terrible...the acting sucked and it was far from what I imagined it to be and parts that were in the book weren't in the movie.

I thought that you pronounced the Socs like "socks" but they pronounced it in the movie like "soaks" and when Johnny and Pony Boy got to that church (was it them? I forget) but I imagined the church being..well a church but in the movie it looked like a hut out in Africa or something (did anybody else think that?) At least I'm not the only one to think that this movie was a terrible adaption to a good book (just look at the other comments!) That's all I have to say...

I gave it a 1/10 (I'm really surprised that it has that somewhat high rating here at IMDb...)
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It Was Good
18 February 2005
I love Scarlett Johansson...she's so beautiful and talented and that was my main reason for seeing this.

I liked it. I enjoyed it...the story was original (I guess you can say.) It kept me interested and it was just a cool movie.

That's all I can really say about it.

I recommend it, it was a good movie and I'm happy to see Scarlett going up there to Hollywood's A-list status, she deserves it! If you're at Blockbuster and want a good movie to rent, rent this. It's funny at time (I thought it was. When Bob was talking to the elderly Japanese woman and when he couldn't understand the Japanese people when they talked to him...and the hooker, was that what she was supposed to be? And that little skit that she pulled...I thought it was weird but amusing...didn't really get what that was supposed to be or about.) I love Scarlett! 10/10
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Hope & Faith (2003–2006)
18 February 2005
Warning--you could loose a few brain cells after watching this crap.

It's nothing new, nothing original, and definitely nothing funny! This is another run of the mill sitcom with the perfect family with the one "stupid" character that gets the family into "crazy" (unrealistic) situations.

If you're bored I wouldn't even say watch this (it's that bad.) My mother is a fan of this show (for reasons I have no idea why!) I'm only 14 and I can see how stupid this is! (I consider myself maturer then the average 14 year old though =P) Though anybody with a half a brain can figure that out.

ABC is the only network right now with the most sitcoms (7 I think it is currently) and they're all crap! All run of the mill, average, forgettable sitcoms...nothing new and surely nothing groundbreaking! What's more pathetic is that ABC shamelessly plugs their other shows on their sitcoms! (I HATE it when networks do that, it's so cheap and shows you another reasons that the writers are desperate and need some filler for the scripts, if you get what I'm saying.) They've done it for Depserate Housewives (on a promo for According To Jim he says something like "it's those dame Desperate Housewives...ever since you've started watching them..." and ABC is again shamelessly promoting their shows, this time tonight on Hope & Faith (with Wife Swap.) ABC could pick up some smart, ground breaking sitcoms yet they choose to pick up crap like this (though I think all of ABC's current sitcoms are terrible.)
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