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The most relevant and important film made in our time.
13 June 2011
As a producer of A Design Film Festival, it has been a privilege to preview the films that we screen for the festival.

Today, I sat down to PressPausePlay and for the first time, found the need to put into words what this film has done for me.

This is possibly the most relevant and important film made in our time about our time.

PressPausePlay has beautifully connected the dots of how subconsciously yet drastically, technology has changed the way we do things.

Anybody can play an instrument, anybody can operate a camera and anyone can use a software. It is no longer simply about the craft. It is about the idea, the process and the final experience which we deliver. How do we continue to do what a million other people around the world can do and not get lost in the noise? That is the true challenge of our time.

There has been no better and more exciting or worst and terrifying a time to be a maker, do-er or creator.
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