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Mother! (2017)
A Look Into The Mirror for the Audience
18 December 2017
Mother! Is one of the most accurate movies created in years. Unfortunately, it features Jennifer Lawrence and that attracts an audience that is not capable of understanding what they are seeing, they don't understand that they are looking into a mirror for 2 hours.

I have read a couple of angry 1-star reviews and basically all it did was making the movie better. Most people believe; when there is a house, when there is blood and when there is an attractive woman it must be a horror movie and they keep watching for 2 hours and will be completely disappointed because it is not a horror movie at all, it doesn't try to be.

Mother! Is a movie about our society, entitlement, the environment, egoism, religion and many more.

The entire movie is a metaphor expressed in symbolism and here is the problem for the mainstream audience? They are waiting for THE shock moment in this "horror house" while they are just being told that their infinite sense of entitlement and their lack of manners and respect is destroying society and our planet. In fact one reviewer wrote that he only created an account to destroy this bad "horror movie"

Some might think the director overindulged in the symbolism because it goes beyond any logic and reality which is exactly what our world has become, the masses of people with an infinite sense of entitlement or disrespect towards others and their carelessness about our planet goes beyond comprehension, they beat you in the face everyday and there is nothing you can do about people who don't have the tools to understand their wrong doings.

If you accept the movie with an open mind, if you understand the symbolism it will leave you heavy breathing.

Each and every 1-star rating on this site is an emotional unstable outrage of a person who didn't understand what they were seeing. Jennifer Lawrence is laying down the best performance in her career so far, after all she is Mother "Earth" and the way she is acting the purity and the fragileness of the untouched earth in the first minutes of the movie is nothing but perfect. A movie needs to be rated by all it's aspects, unfortunately, and if you watch this film closely, there is only black and white left, no more shades of grey, 1 star or 10 stars, good or bad.
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Sense8 (2015–2018)
Hit Show with a slow start (Full Season 1 Review)
6 June 2015
Sense8 is well but written but the slow beginning will hurt the show's reputation massively. Season One would have been a powerful success if it was only 10 episodes long and the first 4 episodes were trimmed together into 1 hour. Other than the slow start you are in for a treat. Unlike "Lost" "Sense8" actually means to say something and brings the point across. The series builds up its mysteries slowly but answers are always subtly hidden in the plot (or in the props).

The Wachowski brothers send us on a trip to follow 8 separate story lines that are connected by a supernatural phenomenon. Not all 8 characters are likable but all have their rightful place in the story. The casting director must have a teeth fetish because nearly 50% of the entire cast has at least 1 tooth in the front that is displaced. I found that weird. Also weird and really hard to take in is Jamie Clayton as Nomi, a post op transsexual with a voice so dark she could narrate action movie trailers, while the voice is distracting it fits the character and since tolerance is a prominent part of the shows concept it becomes less distracting halfway into Season 1. The problem with Miss Clayton's performance is that she is trying to be an authentic human being and that lacks pronunciation, phrasing and everything else that is required for a proper delivery.

The LGBT story lines (yes plural) will make many people in the USA take out their crucifixes and bibles to perform an exorcism on the content they are watching on TV. I like the fact that the Wachowskis been bold enough to take this risk, or better said... they are making intolerant people turn off their TV's, they don't want them as an audience.

Nevertheless Sense8 excites with its story, with its camera work and with the finger print of high class directors on each filming location. We learn the differences of different cultures and how goals in life can be different depending on the country you grow up.

Whoever saw the trailer would expect a mash-up of Heroes and Lost, it's neither of that and I was asking myself if they did themselves a favor by misrepresenting the show in the previews. Heroes was fantastic mainstream television for at least 2 seasons and the success of LOST was a mystery by itself considering that 80% of it was just a pretentious attempt to create mystery. Sense8 is different, it is not about people with special abilities, it is not about secrets followed by secrets and a secret button that needs to be pushed, Sense8 has 8 characters and follows them through life while they are learning to increase their potential in their lives through the other sensates.

Do not judge the show after the pilot, do not watch the show if you can't stand lesbians, gays or transsexuals and graphic sexual content and lots of cliché. Watch the show if you are open minded and want your mind to be blown open even wider. For me this show started to become interesting after episode 4, I believe most people will not hang around for that long which is sad because the show is a hit.
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The Leftovers (2014–2017)
Excruciatingly Horrific Writing and Cast
6 July 2014
So there was this trailer on TV, "by the writer of Lost" and I was all excited but when the show was 5 minutes in I remembered that I hated LOST because they put a bunch of nonsense and pseudo clues together and tried to tie it up in the end somehow.

Now this show does just that but this time with a terrible cast, horrific writing which transports the useless boredom of an interesting plot straight into your emotional center so you want to scratch your eyes out.

The show is called "The Leftovers" and if it would be about the leftovers from a feast about a chicken drum stick rotting in the sun with one continuous shot over 10 episodes it would have better writing, better acting and a better story. The Leftovers is clearly referring to the writing staff or maybe for the drugs they used on the Warner and HBO execs to make them sign on this show. All I know for a fact is that this series will never get a 2nd season because it is that bad.

I give it 3 stars because it contains professional work such as the HBO Logo in the beginning and the camera work was done by a human but everything else feels like Michael Bay directing a romantic comedy.
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Deadly Dumb Dialogs
10 August 2013
I thought I could do nothing wrong with a movie like that, with this kind of budget, a well known cast and a giant signing off on it. The Marketing machine that was pushing this movie was huge and still is for the DVD and Blue Ray and you can even watch the dumb dialogs in 3D.

It is impossible to tell the story because there is no story. It was more like a cut scene festival directed by a 6yo who just got it's first action figure of the franchise.

In my entire life I haven't seen a movie with more dumb dialogs. This little flick was an insult to everyone who has ever served or has been deployed to a war zone. If anything this was a dumb advertisement to enlist to the Army by glorifying war and making it look cool. Soldiers shooting light machine guns from their hips and hitting every target, dumb look, dumb joke, 5 million CGI Effect... that's the whole movie.

I give it 2 points because the CGI were great but obviously great CGI's don't make a movie, especially when it has literally no story.
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Under the Dome (2013–2015)
It's like vegetarian bacon
13 July 2013
This review will be quick because there is really not much to say about this show.

Under the Dome started with an exciting Pilot that showed everything that is missing in the regular episodes. There is a supernatural event happening in Chesterville and everyone is going on with their lives as nothing has happened. What is the point of creating a scenario like this when I Intend to do a villager drama. All characters are poorly written and it is nearly impossible to relate to them. The main characters are already bad but as every show there are tons of other people to fill the hour that will never be relevant to the show.

What the viewer wants to see is the dome, we want them to explore that thing, instead "accidentally" do extremely silly things no human being would do in this situation just so they can transition into the next scene that is just as boring as the introduction to it. All of this is a result of terrible writing, it almost seams that they hired the Teranova writers to ruin another promising show. These writer should not have a job nor should those who are responsible for letting an amazing book being turned into a villager drama.

No Thank you, that's like vegetarian bacon.. 2/10 points because of a good pilot. Each episode should be given negative amounts of points.
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Almost Brilliant
25 November 2012
This film was one of the biggest surprises in the last 2 years given the bad ratings on IMDb. It just seems people have no clue how to handle a self ironic movie making fun about itself.

Not every movie with good old fashioned music and edgy characters is a Tarantino rip off! Hands down this movie is close to being brilliant, it got everything you expect from it and yet you will end up completely surprised.

The ending will proof to you that it was thought through scene by scene and if you can oversee the bad ratings and watch it with an open mind you will love it.
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Total Recall (I) (2012)
Most under-appreciated Movie of the Year
11 November 2012
Let's get this out there right in the beginning of this review.... Total Recall is a very well done movie and it does not deserve these destructive reviews.

A person that rates this film with 1 out 10 stars doesn't deserve to be heard because it is not an opinion it is an attack. The level of detail in the costumes, the props, the weapons, the locations, the CGI was simply outstanding compared to other projects.

Some argue that the old movie was better... isn't it always? When did a remake ever get better reviews as the original? It's just how people click.

An objective person would tell you that both movies been great for their time, Total Recall 2012 was a fantastic remake, I was afraid the story would follow exactly after the original but it didn't and after the first 25 minutes you get to see a whole new movie and cannot be certain of the outcome.

This was one of Colin Farrel's better performances since "Phone Booth" and Kate Beckinsale must have a cosmetic secret because she looks better every year.

Total Recall is a mix of MATRIX meets STAR WARS meets TRON LEGACY, rounded up with brilliant locations and a very decent cast.

This is most definitely the most under-appreciated movie of the year and you should not listen to haters giving a spectacle like this only 1 star because these reviews aren't fair or objective.
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Revolution (2012–2014)
Missing The Point
31 October 2012
It doesn't need many words to say that this show is really bad because you already know that from the low IMDb Rating Score.

In a scenario like this without electricity I would want to see something else as bad acting and low profile story lines. If the world would turn into a place like this I want to know how I get my family through, how do I pay, How do we organize transportation, how do we rebuild? They include this kind of stuff but in such a marginalized way based on these bad characters that it has no weight at all. It is 2012 and major networks still give us the same kind of show just set in a different premise. This is Terra Nova all over again it am 100% sure that we are only a few days away from hearing about it's cancellation.
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Animal Practice (2012–2013)
A good Thing.... exactly what you'd expect!
26 September 2012
Apparently in the USA people write reviews under the assumption it must be a 10 or 1 star rating. Wasn't there a book called Shades of Grey? Probably the meaning was lost by all the steamy content.

Let me be very clear, whoever gives this show a 1 star rating does not consider the work behind a show, there are tons of animals, animal trainers, real veterinarians etc... Some credits for ambition and professionalism please.

Justin Kirk successfully played "Uncle Andy" on Weeds for 8 years, he grew in this show and in the end he carried it. NBC hired him to do exactly what he did on Weeds and he is doing it and he is doing it will. If you liked him in Weeds you will like him here.

The problem with a mainstream audience is that they don't understand sarcasm too well when it is subtle and Justin Kirk is all about subtle sarcasm. Remember Arrested Development? Now that it was cancelled it is the best rated comedy show on IMDb, while it was on FOX people didn't get it. That is the problem with Animal Practice too, it is too smart for it's audience. Every word counts in a Justin Kirk monologue but that doesn't transport when the audience is here to watch cute animals and skips on the subtle shots at House, Emergency Room, Private Practice etc... The writing is too smart and for those who see Justin Kirk for the first time they can't get a hold of his character right away. Those who know him from Weeds understand the concept of his character right away.

I believe this show could do well, it doesn't need much to do well, unfortunately they have to mainstream Justin Kirk's character so the people who think inside the box understand what he is up to.
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The Only Horror Is The Acting.
27 July 2012
Jake Busey.... if I was mean i would let these 2 words speak for themselves and submit this review... having said that Jake Busey was the best actor in the entire movie.

"Nazis at the Center of the Earth" is by far the worst "movie" I have seen in many years. The acting is horrific, there are free phone apps that produce better special effects and the story was never meant to be taken serious.

There seems to be a scene for this kind of trash movies and judging by some reviews these people totally like it. Apparently I am not part of this scene and I am judging a movie based on it's quality and I am very generous by giving it 2 stars.

More than once the actors in the movie are complaining how cold it is in the Antarctica, they doing so by wearing Jeans and sneakers which is obviously the typical outdoor lab coat for arctic scientists. I could easily oversee the fact that even when it is freezing cold nobody seems to have enough body heat that there would be steam coming out of their mouth. Like I said i could oversee that but i don't want to. There are ridiculous cut scenes such as Jake Busey laying his hand on someones should, this shot must have excited the director because he used it 3 times.

The Storyline is not meant to be taken serious and i can live that, however even a nonsense story requires actors doing their job. I was asking myself, there are ten thousands of unemployed "actors" in L.A. does nobody of them have the slightest talent to get into a movie like that? It reminded me on a school play I was in, we also took awkwardly long breaks between sentences and stuttered occasionally.
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Anger Management (2012–2014)
Bland Management
14 July 2012
After the 10 or so reviews from F/X it might be time to get real.

The review cannot ignore Charlie Sheen, his past and his past roles. If you had any expectations prior to the show they will be greatly dismissed. Interesting enough the show is a typical sitcom with a very average cast and extremely average writing. To my astonishment the show could run on any major network, not inappropriate words, no inappropriate behavior. That can be good or bad, make up your own mind about that.

The show is explained in one sentence, Charlie is a therapist and is trying to help a group of people to get over their anger issues. While this could be hilarious but it is not.

They have caught themselves in a net of professional terms that nobody can follow and Charlie Sheen is now the one people react to, he used to be the one who reacts in short sentences towards others. He talks too fast his voice is too dark and the laugh track in the background is making no sense.

I give this 5 Stars for the many funny hours i had watching Charlie Sheen, this show is a complete failure in writing and casting. Sorry Mr Sheen, you had the lead in a show that was manufactured around you, you screwed it up, now you are stuck with this mediocre show.
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A Thousand Words (I) (2012)
A Brutally Honest Review
29 June 2012
You will find reviews here using thousands of words in order to flame this movie, clearly they didn't understand it. You will know why after seeing it.

People are disappointed because they wanted to see an Eddy Murphy style comedy, the problem is this ain't a comedy it is a drama with a very good message. I loved Eddy Murphy in his first movies, he was a fast talking joke machine, he still is but the jokes are the same and comedy has moved on. For that matter I didn't like the comedy portion of this movie too much but I was deeply touched by the drama version. The solution to his problem is right in front of him and anyone who is willing to give this movie a fair chance will see it too and exactly this is what made the movie so strong because he is doing it all wrong and you want to scream at the screen and tell him what to do and how to do it.

In my opinion Eddy Murphy gave a partially brilliant performance. As I said I didn't enjoy the comedy too much, it was some sort of best of Eddy Murphy but when you are willing to accept that this is actually a drama and understand the comedy part as the metaphor that it is you will love this movie and maybe pull something valuable out of the message. For the concept of the message Eddy Murphy was the best possible actor for this role.
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A Lot Better Than The Ratings
1 April 2012
I was very skeptical to spend money on a movie with a 4.9 IMDb Rating but in the end of the day I went with my guts which never let me down. I saw the trailers back in summer 2011 and was already excited.

So what is the problem with this movie? Why does it have such bad reviews? The environment has a lot to with it. The movie is set in Moscow, the most actors are Russian and the 2 supposedly American girls are occasionally speaking with a British accent. This is probably a bit too much for a "patriot". The next point would be the acting, it is not that good and the special effects range from brilliant to not so brilliant but then again this is a 30 Million Budget movie, they city of Moscow went through hoops to make it happen by closing down main roads and entire quarters. The scenes when humans are getting killed are extremely well done an innovative and the whole plot is very exciting and doesn't give much time to breath.

If you aren't ignorant to let another country but the USA be the good guys for once you will simply love that movie, if your heroes must kiss the love interest in front of an American flag then forget about it.

Great movie, not so great actors but all in all enjoyable and 8 points for a new idea of an Alien Invasion.
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Catch .44 (2011)
Excruciating Painful To Watch
3 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This will be a very short review because the movie has literally a 10 minutes plot which have been extended by the untalented writer and director Aaron Harvey. His first movie "The Evil Woods" was already bad, Catch.44 is worse.

Here is a sum up of the problems with this straight to DVD-Release.... We know that the main character Tes (Malin Akerman) will survive which makes the 30 minutes stare down contest in the end completely unnecessary. We know what is going to happen in the scene after that too because we know she has survived and since all the dialogs been painful and excruciating to a very high level we can't wait for this awful film to end. I am shocked Forrest Whitaker and Bruce Willis give their names for such a bad movie. Like I said, the plot is 10 minutes long but director decided to Tarantino the plot which was interesting for the first 30 minutes, after that it became clear that he was trying to copy pulp fiction but neither the acting nor the dialogs can compare with that. It is as simple as that.

The attempt was made to make a rough movie with hardcore people and put a bunch of twists on it. Fact is we didn't care for any of these people since they haven't been explained to us nor did they appear very sympathetic. In the end of the day nobody cares who is going to die. All these hard people that are supposed to measure up to Pulp Fiction appeared to be like Glee singing Metallica. I can't stress the point enough that we know that Tes will survive which makes the last 30 minutes completely pointless.

By far one of the worst movies I have seen in 2011, clearly one of the biggest regrets for Willis and Whitaker.

Don't watch it, it is really really bad, Aaron Harvey is a horrific writer, it is not even good on a pretentious level. In a mainstream blockbuster movie the entire plot would have been 3 minutes long, putting random dialogs in it doesn't make it better. No Message, No real storyline and the end given away in the beginning, it's not art, it's not entertaining just really bad.

3 Stars because because of the cast.
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A Movie To Remember
3 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It has been a while since I first saw this movie, I like some Sandler films and some I don't like but he is definitely a likable guy. This movie certainly lives from the chemistry between Sandler and Barrymore and the light story about a serious topic but you feel every second that the actors had fun.

The message of this film is probably knocking any other love message out of the park. Bringing a girl to fall in love you over and over again until the ends of days, well how do you beat that?

50 First Dates is the perfect mix between comedy and a light romantic movie, in this case however the word light is not necessarily bad. Drew Barrymore's smile is contagious and her positive energy is radiating which sets the mood for the entire movie. If they'd dig too deep or made it any more serious it wouldn't work.

It was surprisingly romantic, funny and entertaining, as usual for Sandler movies a very good cast and an easy script with a brilliant message. That's what a pop corn movie should be like.

Likable for both genders and a movie to remember.
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Person of Interest (2011–2016)
They could have done so much better
1 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First off the show is not bad, this 5 star rating seemed to be the fairest to express my disappointment and my admiration.

The acting is good, the productions is good and the basic concept of the surveillance state is good. What I find terribly bad is that a show runs 44 minutes and the case is closed. This makes it just another criminal show and the background story becomes just an alibi. While I am sure there will be character development in a continuous storyline i am already bored after the 2nd episodes and I am pretty sue now I have seen it all. In 1 hour and 4 commercial breaks you can't get me into a story, there won't be any suspense and within this short amount of time I can't care enough for the victims.

This show should have been a continuous show, with one main storyline, with cliffhanger endings and they would have the ball on their side of the court, the way it is right now it doesn't interest me at all because I know upfront that the case will be solved within 1 hour and it won't matter if I miss a show or not, every week there will be a new case. I thought we are passed that kind of shows. Apparently not. It is good enough to watch a few times and since it is completely manipulative there will be a broad audience who's going to watch it every week but I would take any bet that this concept will run out of gas after 2 or 3 years.
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The X Factor (2011–2013)
What You See Is What You Get
25 September 2011
This kind of show has been seen and done a dozen of times. Due to my travels I was able to see The X-Factor in the UK, Germany and Australia already and the US Version is not much different but bigger.

Obviously you need to like casting shows to enjoy the program, having said that, people giving this a 1 star rating should be banned from further reviews and ratings since there is more to the production of a TV Show than the likable factor. This program is produced and directed very well, there is a nice flow and speed going on, the scenery shots from the cities alone are worth more than 1 star so what's it to ya? Let me be very clear, it is Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and LA. Reid, you get exactly what is on the package and someone who's rating 9 stars for American Idol and 1 Star for The X Factor is a hypocrite. If you like American Idol you like this show, if you don't like American Idol you won't like this either. Opening the age limits is a fantastic decision because that gets really interesting later when the contestants will be split into Boys, Girls, Groups and over 30s and receive personal training from the judges and coaches. This is where the show will be different from Idol and since it has worked in other countries very well, it will work in American just fine, despite the hypocritical ratings on this website.

If you're looking for something entirely different you won't find it here, but if you feel entertained by great voices and quirky auditions this is a great show to watch. As long there are 20,000 people auditioning in every city this show clearly deserves it's space.
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Bridesmaids (I) (2011)
It's not what you think it is!
11 September 2011
It doesn't happen often that I would give 10 stars to a movie just like that but this one deserves it because it got balls, balls on what many viewers hope to be a chic flick which it is not to my satisfaction. If I knew what to expect I would rate this movie probably with 8.5 stars but after reading how disappointed the romantic comedy fraction is about this movie, who expected another boy meets girl, boy falls in love, they have a have a break up and get back together in the end kind of movie it deserves the whole 10 points. Haven't we seen them all? Haven't we seen them enough? I sure did and this movie kept surprising me the entire 2 hours. I didn't really know where it would go, I didn't know why it is going where it is going, and while it was crossing several lines of good taste it was surprisingly touching.

This movie got Kristen Wiig in the lead, she is not cut out for a romantic comedy, she is weird on SNL and she was weird in this movie and the role was perfect for her. This movie isn't even a comedy or a drama it is pure satire and it shows women doing men stuff. I am sure that is upsetting a lot of men and makes them insecure. The movie provides rare insight for men what women think about us men in bed and what they dream of, it is not another Cinderella Story and that is the charm about it. It was refreshing to see Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly) from her dark side, it actually fits her brilliantly and even me as a guy was charmed by Chris O'Dowd in his role as officer Rhodes.

This movie features plenty of scenes with profanity which I wouldn't dare to laugh at if it was done with men but since these things happened to women I simply loved it since I have never seen it before. This was a new kind of movie to me and I can only recommend to see it if you like dark satire and when you are not ashamed to see bad things happen to good people, if you are the type of person who likes to see one of those streamlined romantic comedies you will be disgusted. You certainly need a brain for this movie because it doesn't have a dramatic soundtrack that tells you where to laugh and where to cry it has no music whatsoever, it let's the characters act it out and that suits this movie quite well, however there are people who need a soundtrack since they don't know the concept of sarcasm and satire and they will end up confused.

I quote one of the other reviewers since he analyzed it brilliantly, this is the ultimate anti chick flick. This is a love it or hate it kind of film, the reviews clearly show that, it is new and provocative and in 10 years the same people who are ripping this movie apart today won't remember why they did it. As time goes by movies evolve and cross more and more lines, this movie is a front runner when it comes to that.
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Elektra Luxx (2010)
A festival of random dialogs
21 August 2011
I always promised myself never to give a 1 star rating on a movie review because there is always a part where you can give credit for.. boy I was horribly wrong about that. I wasn't sure if i should check the "contains spoilers" boy or not, fact is there is nothing to spoil because nothing is making sense or is connected to something what REAL writers would call a storyline.

Now after this introduction you might expect that they packed the movie with a ton of nude scenes or flat jokes like in American Pie part 23, unfortunately there wasn't even that.

It is a pointless mini journey of a former porn actress stumbling from one random conversation into another, i was sitting put and thought in the end it they take all strings together and tie a knot. Oh boy i was wrong again. Apparently or better unfortunately this was a sequel, they must have sent Tony Soprano holding a gun at the producers head to make 2 movies out of nothing. The worst part is how the movie was advertised as a comedy when it turns out to be a wannabe drama, in fact it is neither of that and it is crowned with horrible acting. It has at least 5 actors i really enjoyed before, I assume they woke up next to a horse head and the contract for this "movie" I wish i could sue people for stealing my time, but after learning that the movie grossed only 10,000 USD this is a hopeless case since the makers of this "movie" must be flat broke now.

The only reason why i got the Blu-Ray was some of the reviews here which had 9 and 8 stars and the "movie" was called brilliant. Must be a plug review by the executives who released this "movie" or people watching the movie one handed and when they didn't find any nudity they thought it was intelligent or something like that, don't blame them the blood was elsewhere.

Hands down the worst "movie" I have ever seen in my life and I never thought that could be possible after seeing Titanic2.

Do not get fooled by the trailers or make up your own ideas based on the suggested storyline, it is not what it pretends to be.
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Don't Judge A Movie By It's Cover
8 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Love and Other Drugs is one of the movies that was a very pleasant surprise! It has been a long time that I have seen a movie couple with such a natural chemistry. Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are delivering close to brilliant performance and both them almost got rewarded with a Golden Globe.

People who want to see a romantic comedy in this film might be right, however if they ignore the other aspects in this movie they might don't understand it or they kill puppies for fun! A Romantic comedy has 2 medium talented actors that meet, split up for a shallow reason and get back together... the end! There are no questions asked because the audience demands it. Dealing with a girl that has Parkinson's disease with a future ahead of you that can only get worse while you self are in your prime and a rising star in a major company is a different and a more serious scenario! Some reviews said the disease was meant to manipulate the audience... like I said before, they don't get it or they kill puppies. Parkinson's disease is serious, millions have it but nobody talks about or draws a picture what the spouses and families are going through. It is great that a major studio took the risk to produce this bumming story and put 2 of their finest actors in it!

Before the release there was a lot of fuzz around the nudity in this movie, it is America, people still care and find it shocking... While i just padded the studio execs on the shoulder I have to be mad at them for the way this movie was promoted! People are lead to believe they'll see a bratty romantic comedy with lots of nudity of 2 incredibly attractive lead characters, I can see why they get disappointed. An audience with a fetish for these light movies without any substance will walk out of the theater and are probably bummed out, or don't understand the decisions Jake Gyllenhaal makes in the end of the movie. Those who didn't have any expectations will find this movie brilliant.

Love and other drugs got a great mojo, it is an interesting story topped with 2 absolutely great actors who made it look natural and real. For someone with an open mind and the right mindset for what it means to commit to something 100% this film will be very entertaining and in the end we can all ask ourselves if we would have made the same decisions! Great movie with Oscar worthy performances!
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Unerrated Movie with overrated Reese Witherspoon!
25 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is supposed to be a wonderful piece of light entertainment and when you read the cast list you know you cannot be wrong! Paul Rudd in his probably best role he's ever played, a Jack Nicholson still on top of his game and an Owen Wilson the way we always loved him! A good story for this kind of movie that was already aware of not being a typical cliché movie with big kissing scenes and violins! So basically they covered all the bases except for Reese Witherspoon who's playing a soft ball player who's got cut from the national team! Now we all know how important an appropriate casting is, Reese Witherspoon is completely unbelievable as a professional athlete and I always find her completely wrong in roles where she is supposed to be the "beauty". For an actress decorated with tons of awards and nominations and an Oscar she was performing absolutely horrible, she wouldn't even been accepted for acting school if this movie was her reel! She is constantly grimacing, doing weird unlikeable faces and and her role brings nothing likable with it! I wouldn't have a good reason to explain why 2 handsome men would fight over someone with commitment issues, who's apparently a bit of a floozy and is using men a therapy, especially in the relationship with George (Paul Rudd) she delivers nothing likable to him but he falls in love with her after a date where she told him not to talk at all! While both of the male leads are completely likable in their own ways, Reese Witherspoon is simply not! This movie would of been great with Jennifer Aniston who's around the same age, who can actually act naturally and who is way more athletic and believable, if they had chosen soccer over softball the movie could have had an audience in Europe, however they decided to go with Reese Witherspoon and a sport that is translated to europeans as "beach ball tennis" and that why it failed completely! I am giving 6 stars because of the good acting of the 2 male leads and Jack Nicholson, Reese Witherspoons performance deducts 2 points from the final 4 Stars! A Movie that was supposed to be THE Christmas movie with a budget of 120,000,000 and didn't even make 1/4th of it back is one of the bigger flops in the last couple of years! Clearly writer & director James L. Brooks made a lot of mistakes, completely focused on the American market and casted a completely overrated and horrible actress with Reese Witherspoon as the lead star who doesn't seem to pull bigger audiences into the theaters. Perfect movie for a remake in a couple of years!
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Arthur (I) (2011)
It was wonderful actually!
4 July 2011
Right in the beginning I'd like to point out that I have never nor will I ever compare a remake with the original because this would attract expectations and a movie is to be seen as an individual piece! What do you expect from a movie with Russel Brand? Probably not too much depth! It is a pop corn movie in some way and if you settle for that you will give this movie probably 5 points! However if you decide to let this movie sink in a little bit you either love it or hate and that is because of Russel Brand! You love him or hate him... I love him because he can pack 4 punchlines into one sentence and either you find that annoying or funny! I actually laughed a lot during this movie and I thought the cast was absolutely brilliant! Now again big words for a Pop Corn Movie but there is indeed a bit more to it! Hellen Mirren has given this film some seriousness that was unexpected and without giving too much away the relationship between Arthur and his Nanny (Helen Mirren) is the key to the story! The movie has 3 acts white the first act is a comedy, the second act a love story and the third act a drama with charming comedy the whole thing was unexpectedly good! I was surprised about Greta Gerwig playing the love interest Naomi! Usually Hollywood likes to point out by stunning looks who the one is we have to cheer for but Gerwig is just a very natural woman which was important for the plot and while it was overdrawn in almost any parts it had believable moments! The Movie clearly shows what we forget to appreciate in our daily lives. The main plot was love or money but in this remake the entire movie had a sub text to it where it is about friendship, family and the little things in live like a bowl of soup! That is mainly why I loved this movie! I saw the original, I knew how it would end so that was no bog thing but portraying Arthur as an addict was a great idea! I can't give for a comedy 10 stars but i give it proper 8 stars rating simply because it surprised me with the parallel plot! Worth to watch it and absolutely not to compare to the original which is the only way to go!
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Entourage (2004–2011)
The Rhythm Of Success
24 June 2011
In "Marley & Me" Owen Wilson defends himself for staying at home at Sunday night because of the amazing program on HBO. Paul Rudd basically said the same in "I love You, Man" Big surprise... HBO bought the TV rights for both movies but these quotes couldn't be more true! HBO Series are not just TV Shows they are Blockbusters (Tru Blood / Game Of Thrones / Boardwalk Empire)

Entourage is no difference, Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his friends take us behind the scenes of Hollywood by telling his story of being a movie star! The cats of the show is absolutely brilliant because "the guys" appear to be absolutely natural, except of Vincents brother "Drama" (Kevin Dillon) who appears to be overacting, over reacting, over the top etc.. it is all part of the concept! Having seen interviews of the "Entourage Boys" reveals that all of them use their natural voice and phrasing in the show. It appears to be that the director didn't mean for them to act at all! Some people might consider that bad acting, i consider it believable!

The Dialogues often don't have any purpose for the script but in the end of the day this is what makes the show believable! Who'd think that a movie star and his child hood friends would only discuss important things is mislead by illusions! The 4 boys are from Queens NY, grew up together in the same block in one of the less fancy areas! This however is where they got their roots are from and even when Vincent is buying 4 Aston Martins for his boys, because he can afford it, a couple of minutes later he will show that he hasn't forgotten where he is coming from!

The show is about loyalty and friendship, easy going life style of a movie star without forgetting the ups and downs and the twisted "souls" in this business! As a viewer you are part of the show, you are right there with them, this is how believable this series is.

As much as i hate that a Season is not much longer than 5 hours now, it proofs to be a good decision, Season 3 had 20 Episodes like a network show and it turned out that they had to slow down things and add a lot of unnecessary scenarios! Slowing down the speed of the show would kill it eventually because the rhythm is what makes it so brilliant!

Each character appears to be acting in high speed mode which resembles that fast live in Hollywood, also it is a lot of dialogue to put into 25 minutes!

The brilliance of the show get's it's crown by Jeremy Piven who's playing the obnoxious Ari Gold, a narcissistic egomaniac Agent based on real life agent "Ari Emanuel" Pivens is nothing but great and he deserves every single award he has ever received! He is that convincing that he might be in trouble after Season 8 when the show is over! The character has branded his name and people might not want to see him being a calm and relaxed guy! Thank god theater is his passion so he might not have to rely on new roles! I believe if they would make a spin off called "Ari Gold" it would work (actually that just popped up to my mind and if HBO is listening I'd be happy with 1% commissions) No matter how obnoxious and narcissistic Ari Gold is and how cold and heartless he acts towards his employees, clients and basically every living creature on this planet... when it comes to his family he has nothing but heart! When it comes to Vincent Chase "his first discovery" he got nothing but heart! He is a great father and even in his crazy high speed life and his insensitive conversations with his wife, he got family values and he would never cheat on her, in fact this would never even cross his mind! Of course his wife knows that but as being an ex actress and now being a housewife she is bored and bored women tend to exploit the "victim" role and would drag him into therapy sessions just to spend some time with her husband! She loves him just as much as he loves her but since she is not as focused on career as he is she will ignore the fact that her husband "gotta do what he's gotta do" and fins herself in the role as the victim which makes Ari unfocused! Several of Aris relationships with friends or his former Assistant LLoyd show his loyalty and his heart (when it matters) which makes this constantly cursing egomaniac become a human being! To me Ari Gold is the best played character in TV History!

Being one month away from the final season raises a lot of questions, the current teaser says "it all begins as it ends with friends" I guess that's why it is called a teaser. Fact is it will end in round about 6 hours and while they were using Season 7 for rather stereotypical Hollywood clichés where young successful actors go off the track i have faith that somehow they will find back to the roots and remember who they are. The writers left us with a couple of cliffhangers! All one can hope is that they are not trying to make something special this time! The show usually ends with a mindless conversation but enough curiosity for more, let's just leave it with that! The show began on a sunny day with a movie premiere ahead of them, let's end it there because the audience enjoys the guys hanging out more than the plot twists and the drama.

It was a good decision not to go for a full season this year, so the rhythm of success shall continue!
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Sucker Punch (2011)
Lost In Illusions
19 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I had an open mind when I started watching this movie!

It starts out brilliantly like slow motion music video to a remake of Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" They captured all elements that had to be there and i thought... "wow that is gonna be a great movie"

Well turns out I was horribly wrong! It was supposed to be a spectacle of special effects and a clever story but it was not! The story wasn't clever, it was pretentious and nothing else! They were trying to confuse the audience by multiple realities and in the end even who the leading person in the story is! The entire story could be told in 4 lines! They filled the time with completely unrelated fighting scenes that has been packed with goofs and sometimes bad CGI (CGI Breath in the first fighting scene, door is suddenly open during the zombie Nazi fight, Babydolls Hair grew back black in 2 scenes while in all others she was completely blond, Stab wound of the "pimp" has magically dislocated)

I said unrelated fighting scenes because she was escaping into another alternate reality! People might want to read metaphors into all that nonsense but there haven't been many metaphors! It was a bunch of mini plots randomly inserted into the mini plot. The mediocre fighting scenes mostly been in super slow motion and has been seen a million times before! I could of coped with the fact that she escapes into this reality where she is a super chic in god mode but that she had to bring her pointless friends into it made it even worse! In order to get excited about a character you need to get warm with them first! The Director didn't let us get warm he sent them straight into battle which was pointless! One might find the brilliance of teamwork in these scenes but it wasn't because all of them died, except of one, the one we ALL liked least and it turns out she was who the story was all about and BabyDoll was nothing but her Guardian Angel!

You achieve confusion in the audience when you keep them on board but it became predictable at least after the 2nd fighting scene, all the confusion in the end is supposed to make people put the pieces together but you will only do that if you are still interested which I was not!

Except for the first 3 minutes and the Soundtrack there was not much to enjoy about this movie! Probably if it was 3 hours longer they could of told the story better but in this version this is one of the worst movie in 2011 so far! 2 Stars for the opening scene and 1 star for the sound track! 3 Stars is generous my friends!
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