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Bahubali- A frank review
14 July 2015
This movie took 3 years to get completed and it definitely needs a long review. But will try my best to give it in a nut shell. I have been little late for this movie and got lots of reviews among which majority was like a boring first half , average second half and a epic climax but here i say without hurting anybody's feelings that i am completely against them. My view of this movie is quite different and as follows.

STORY & SCRIPT: I am sorry to say but even when i am typing this review only 2 things keep wavering in my mind about the story. I personally feel the story is not original but inspired from Mahabharata and Game of Thrones.I even felt the characters are inspired by the mentioned epics ( BhallalaDeva, KalaKeya, Kattappa, BijjalaDeva). Few Weapons are exact replicas from video games. But Mahabharata even inspired lives why cant it inspire a movie so its definitely not a flaw. 3/5 CHARACTERS AND CHARACTERIZATIONS : Definitely inspired from the above said epics but the characters were perfectly cast down. Enacting was good by all the actors but i cant say its perfect. 3/5 CGI, GRAPHICS, PRODUCTION VALUES: The movie was a real Grandeur to watch and every penny spent has been seen on the silver screen. The kingdom of Mahismathi really lifts the value of Telugu cinema to the world. There were few glitches but 75% of all the graphic works were very realistic. 4/5 MUSIC: Was really a major drawback for the movie. BGM was good only at few places. 2/5 DIRECTION: Rajamouli has proved himself once again that he is a perfect commercial movie maker which can break the records. He laid a platform in the first half and if u really connect to the movie not even a single frame is boring. As a personal view i felt the whole movie was a platform for what we are going to experience in the Sequel . As many say the ending is not at all abrupt its a perfect directorial talent to create enthusiasm for the next .3.5/5 VERDICT : I enjoyed the movie watching its grand presentation ,,, But did i #LiveTheEpic ???---- Definitely NO. 3.5/5
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Escape Plan (2013)
The Deadly Duo with an Escape Plan:
22 October 2013
a movie which can stand as an example for all the aspiring movie makers in terms of its screenplay. I got really fascinated about how the screenplay is woven around a very thin thread ( the story I mean ). A perfect movie to say that screenplay is the most important part of a movie.

STORY : a very simple story line where a escape artist is framed and thrown into a state of the heart high security prison where escape is only by the means of death. The rest of the story is about how he plans the escape by making another inmate as his friend. Though the story is simple it has ample number of one line humor and twists and turns along with few action sequences that can make the audience ti stay on their seats.

PERFORMANCES: though Stallone is the main protagonist in this movie , Arnold gets all the cheers and claps due to his comedy , timely expressions and finally his action sequences. I would say both the characters are played well in their own aspects. There are several other small characters in this movie which there is no need to mention. As a final word the villain is portrayed and played well.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENTS: all the credits to the screenplay as I mentioned earlier. The direction is also good and art director gets an applause for the prison design and there is nothing much to speak about the other departments in this movie.

ANALYSIS: the screenplay, direction and performances get good marks in this movie but the plot and the movie can be monotonous for those audience who go to the theatre for watching some serious action by the deadly duo sly & arnie. Have a little idea about what the movie is about and u will surely enjoy it.


RATING: 3.5/5
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World War Z (2013)
apocalypse-zombie style
22 June 2013
I would call this movie in one sentence as "apocalypse-zombie style" and here is my review:

STORY AND PLOT: This movie is a sci-fi thriller with apocalypse background and zombies as a main course. though the story line is simple the script is strong enough to make this movie a thumbs up in critics and audience.

CAST AND PERFORMANCES: there is nothing much to discuss in this category as the casting has been kept to minimal and the whole story revolves around the character of Brad Pitt. the characters played by his wife children and his fellow colleagues are short lived but yet they did their job in their role. and what more to say about brad as he played his role in ease .

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENTS: the first thing i want to speak in this category is the OST/BGM in this movie which i personally liked very much. The graphics though not very realistic can take your breath and especially eye feasting for thriller movie lovers. The rest of the technical departments has done their job well.

MY ANALYSIS: this movie is a definite must see for thriller lovers but the i felt the story line similar to I AM LEGEND movie and have to see how much non thriller lovers can receive this movie.
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Man of Steel (2013)
a dark blue god
14 June 2013
MAN OF STEEL: Being an ardent fan of the most powerful man earth has ever seen i have been reading comics , watched cartoons and saw all the movies in the superman series i was waiting for MAN OF STEEL and once it released i was there in the theatre and now before u people with the review.

PLOT AND PERFORMANCES: the movie has been scripted very nicely and though it seems a routine story for those who know about the origins of superman the essence of this movie is fresh enough. The villain is strong enough giving a good competition to the walking god on earth. Coming to performances Henry Caville has given Clark Kent a new look by his physique and mannerisms, Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner are good enough in their characters and a special reference to Michael Shannon for the General Zod character. TECHNICAL DEPARTMENTS: the first applause goes to the Director Zack Snyder for giving a dark look to the always colorful Superman and the way he scripted the movie. The graphics and 3D effects mainly in the second half are simply mind blowing. BGM was little backdrop as i felt.

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a spoilt sport
31 May 2013
This movie has a very good sound track which is the first requisite for a hit movie, but let me say along with AA is the only pros for this movie.

STORY AND SCREENPLAY: nothing to write under this section as the story is very simple in its plot which will never give you a new taste except at one or two areas. The screenplay is equally weak where puri has once again risen with his old ideas which sunk this movie deep.

ARTIST PERFORMANCES: regarding artists only AA has shown his potency in acting and dance movements but was like a scent in a sea where it is of no use. Amala paul was a little better than Katherine where Katherine is a big upset for the movie both in looks and performances. The comedy track was once again a complete disappointment though it has many big heads like brahmanandam and ali. Many character artists like naser and thanikella barani were simply wasted and last but not least a very very weak villain characterisation.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENTS: only DSP will get lime light in technical departments along with the photography where spain is beautifully picturised. Rest the screenplay and direction were very poorly done by puri.

ANALYSIS: complete plain routine movie with very poor story and direction.
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the rise and fall of shootout at wadala
4 May 2013
SAW starts up with very good performances and a very good screenplay which takes the movie to the top of a steep mountain but slowly starts to a downfall from the top as the movie reaches its climax and here is my view.

PLOT&PERFORMANCES: movie has a very good plot and it is based on true events occurring in Mumbai in early 80's which are been carefully scripted and has been added up with enough spices needed for an Indian screen to attract the masses. The best thing about this movie is about the performances and most importantly of John Abraham where he gave his best performance till date and he receives a great support from all other stars like Tushaar Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Manoj and Sonu Sood who gave gem of performances. But very important characters that of Manoj and Sonu Sood has been wasted in the end of the movie and if their characters had been utilized well the movie would had been more appealing to multiplex viewers. Kangana once again in a routine character adding up to some adult scenes on screen. The item song by Sunny Leone is good enough but the one by Priyanka doesn't add up to the light.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENTS: the applause goes to the director for his very good casting in the movie and getting out all the talent from the cast out on the screen and also for a excellent screenplay but he adds up erotic scenes which are not needed for a serious life event based movies. Music is not so appealing except for the item song by Sunny and the background score in few areas.

ANALYSIS: the movie is really good regarding the plot and the cast performances but the director didn't maintained this inclination in the whole movie which drags the movie towards a downhill towards the climax.The movie is a complete star in single screens but for multiplex it leaves up a question mark.
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Swamy Ra Ra (2013)
small movie with a big difference
29 March 2013
Swamy ra ra released without any expectations and i can say it will reach all the expectations of a movie lover without a doubt. There are very few crime comedies released on tollywood screen and these kind of genre needs a lot of passion and expertise to screen up. In this context the director has lived up to all the expectations.

STORY & SCRIPT: the story and script has been perfectly tailor made and especially the script has been penned down very carefully and we cant even show a black mark on the script. The story has a fresh and crispy feeling and it keeps us very comfortable on our seats.

CAST & CREW: Nikhil has improved a lot in his dialog delivery and acting all credits to him and the director. Swathi once again shined in her naughty girl character and the two friends of nikhil had showed good acting skills too. Ravi babu is very good in his comic villain role.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT:great technical values including editing and photography adds more color to this colorful movie and as a final word music has been really great in this movie and its sure to keep u humming all the way
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Aatma (2013)
Horror : rofl
24 March 2013
once again being a horror freak and desperately in search for a good horror movie i stepped into the theater and after 100 Min's i came out with a sarcastic smile on my face. The movie started of good and ran good for about half hour but then the movie totally lost its control and not at all scary even in parts.

Especially the climax is absolutely childish.

The story line is very simple and it is about a mother rescuing her child from the ghost of an abusive husband. Though the story line is simple there are movies which created chills by the screenplay and background music but this movie has nothing in the credit of the director and musician the title song being the only positive thing.

The performances by the main characters are good enough,bipasha has improved her acting and siddiqui is talented as always.
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Special 26 (2013)
Little less than being perfect
24 February 2013
i watched this movie one week after its relaease and during this one week i heard a lot of good reviews about this movie from critics to users.

the first thing to say about this movie is the extraordinary performances of 3 people-akshay, manoj and anupam kher... honestly they took this movie to next level and has been perfectly used by the director neeraj pandey. the second but equally important person is the director himself - neeraj pandey who had woven the storyline so perfect that made it so gripping and entertaining at the same time. though the movie is inspired by true events its completely the director who made it nearly perfect. Jimmy shergill has enacted his role very well. the background score and music by MM.KREEM is appealing as well. The 1980's theme was perfectly shot too

Now why i called this movie was nearly perfect was that there is no role for the female lead kajal in this movie except for some songs and yes there are few flaws in this movie which i am not revealing in my review and leave it to the audience to notice.
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Race 2 (2013)
good cast and a weak plot
25 January 2013
i am personally a big fan of race movie and now race 2 came with added attraction of john who i like personally so it was a first day movie for me.. The movie opened in a very cool style ,,,, it got a good cast and the music was very decent and even the plot was good enough but slowly towards the end of the movie the plot gradually became weak and slowly lost its spice.

saif was looking cool and so is john with his hunk look,,,, the heroines were good enough but i can surely say that a watcher of race will compare it to race2 and in this context this movie will disappoint the audience cos the main jist of race lies in its plot and this movie drowns in this field.

MY WORD: don't compare it with race1 and u will love this movie
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Skyfall (2012)
prefect bond movie reaching all the expectations
1 November 2012
The movie is a feast for all the bond fans and on the same side non bond movie viewers too,,,,the cast remains the same mostly while daniel craig has done his character well enough along with judi dench but the show stealer remains javier bardem who is completely extraordinary with his performance.

The plot is good enough than the last two bond movies and the movie remains in its pace always not making u wriggling in the seat getting u bored,, the sound track once again is very good.

Coming to the cons of the movie ,,,for me bond never gets old but all through the movie i felt daniel craih very old and i think its time to get a new bond into the play and little under satisfied with the cinematography BOTTOM LINE: a complete feast for action movie lovers
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Barfi! (2012)
an ordinary story with extraordinary performances.......
16 September 2012
i got a very good feeling about this movie within the first 2 mins just by the pre-title song...... the movie started down in a very crispy way though very soon i realised that the story is quite a common one though the characterisation is very good and differrent as it touched the life's and emotions of physically challenged.The story revolves around 3 people finding their true destiny and love.

The character of "barfi" simply stood out of the way as it is very poetically performed by ranbir,,, and i felt he is getting good movie by movie,,,, and the next on the line is priyanka chopra who did an award winning performance and finally ileana who was always in a skin show on the south side came up with a full blown performance making her bollywood debut eventful. Overall i was very much impressed with the performances that is done in the movie by the three.

The next thing that should be spoken in this movie is the locations,music and camera work which gave a fresh and crispy look to the movie all over.

Now coming to the few negative points that this movie got i personally felt that the story line could have been a little stronger and the some parts of second half seems little dragging ,,,otherwise the movie is good in other aspects
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Billa 2 (2012)
Stars and guns doesn't make a blockbuster
15 July 2012
digest it boys,,,,, this movie falls a lot short of the sequel(billa- 1)with a bagful of flaws in direction,screenplay,story line and script. the first thing i got to say about this movie is that the director made up a story out of thin air without any background ,,any kind of homework was not done with script,,, A VERY VERY POOR STORY LINE AND SCRIPT. Ajith looks a lot old than the 1st billa ,,,,again the director should have done a little work about this,however his acting is kind of good at some areas.... parvathi omanakuttan has nothing to play in this movie and also bruna,,,,,yuvans music doesn't reach ears simply forget about it reaching the heart. fans can say that this movie rocks but its simply directors inability and inexperience that makes me to give a rating of 4/10 for this movie and all the hype given and formed to this movie simply falls down.

And finally isn't there any police in the city(India or Russia) if the gangsters are killing each other in hundreds????
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not so AMAZING though!!!!!!
5 July 2012
my first view after watching this movie,,,,, its not so amazing though. ya this movie has good graphics but this cant be said as a good move cos almost all the movies in Hollywood has good graphics,,, so it cant be called amazing by graphics . Next coming to story line,,,, it has the same old story with a change in the super villain ,,,,though the trailers gave a dark theme to the movie it doesn't appear so when it comes to the movie,,,,so it cant be called amazing by storyline.

The next thing is the cast,,,,, first thing comes into mind for peter parker is tobey ,,,,andrew garfield doesn't fit into it,,,,,and the same goes for emma stone too,,,,, not amazing here too.

Almost 3/4th of the world knows who spiderman is and what his story is,,,,, so this movie wont add any spice to the legend

MY WORD: a genuine spiderman movie fan wont find any differnce in this movie
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Agneepath (2012)
this movie will give you a 1990s feel with a added 2012 rhythm
26 January 2012
the first thing comes to our mind if we see a remake of a famous film is a comparison. so if we compare this movie to the old one the story line remains the same and let me also discuss about the performances and technical fields.

The story is same it may not appeal much for some audience as it is the story which appeared 20 yrs back and has many sentimental scenes which makes the movie slow at some areas,,but still the script is good enough.

Hrithick has done a wonderful job showing both action and sentiment at very Right spots and sanju baba is awesome,,both have acted to their best but my credits go to hrithick.priyanka is OK types,legend rishi kapoor with no flaws and the chameli katrina will lift your spirits up

The best thing i can say about this movie is the background score which rises your adrenaline whenever you hear it and screenplay is good.
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a great sequel ,,,, satisfaction guaranteed
31 December 2011
SHERLOCK HOLMES (a game of shadows): normally all the sequels fall short of its ancestors ,,but believe me this movie is far great than the first one.

sherlock holmes meets his exact rival as clever and cunning has himself and the story takes lots of twists and turns and a wild cat and mouse chase.

dr.watson is again been very helpful to the most wisest man and both of these characters are played very nice by jude law and robert downy

the background music is simply awesome and especially camera work in certain frames are simply mind blowing and you guys really get your jaw dropped by the climax i assure you
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Rajanna (2011)
a good movie but don't know how telugu audience will receive it
22 December 2011
first let me not go into details of the storyline of this movie as i am very unaware of the talangana movement so i will talk about the characters and technical departments The foremost thing to talk about in this movie is baby annie. she just done her character in a extraordinary way,,,,nagarjuna lived upto his part and sneha showed emotions pretty well The characters af the 4 friends of nag is very well chosen and very well used too

The songs comes and goes very frequently which makes you restless(main backdrop) but the post-interval song really lifts your spirits up

The screenplay has some flaws in it and direction is pretty well and in fights you can see rajmoulis trademark(in fact the climax fight resembles that of magadheera)
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Panjaa (2011)
this movie don't give you any kick but sure gives you a hangover
9 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
PANJAA: the first thing that attracted me to this movie is the new makeover of pawan and after seeing this movie the only thing that satisfied me is his makeover.

the movie starts with a good deal of titles which increases our enthusiasm about the story but very soon you will realise that the story has nothing new in it

coming to the story line its a normal story with a mafia backdrop ,,,conflict between two gangs,,,budding love,,,pawans misunderstandings with his boss leading to rivalry and finally saving the heroine( are you feeling it has the smell of BALU movie,,,,yes it has it)

the same old routine fights where pawan dodges at about 1000 bullets fired at him ,,,while all his bullets seeks its targets,,,music is below average and the most wanted title song is completely wasted,,bramhanandam once again in a wrong place and the heroine appears good only in few frames

the movie completely doesn't have any tempo in it except for the pre- interval episode
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Mogudu (2011)
a sumptuous feast without any taste
8 December 2011
MOGUDU:once its said that a Krishnavamsi mark movie is a very good movie,,, now coming to Mogudu this movie has its krishnavamsi mark only in its picturisation.

the movie starts as a feast with all the dishes u want to have but soon proves that the dishes are lacking taste and flavor,,, too much melodrama makes this movie a below normal one

but u can look out for the way krishnavamsi pictured the movie(colorful) and the way he showed thaapsi in some shots,,, the character doesn't fix to gopichand but he has done well in some scenes ,,, Thapsi did good but her own dubbing seems out of the line in some scenes,,Shradda Das once again into a routine character,,, Rajendraprasad again lived in his part.
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Bezawada (2011)
is this a movie!!!!!
8 December 2011
BEZAWADA: a classical example to show that RGV creates a public hype just to boost his down falling confidence,,,, this movie has everything that is required for a flop movie

weak story line and more weaker characterization more weaker editing very poor direction(can easily identify the poor quality direction in each frame) damn routine music(resembling RC) untimely and unwanted comedy expressionless acting,,,,,, i can say these till morning ,,,and now its been 1pm i need to sleep and hope all the movie lovers gets enough idea of this movie by this review

MY WORD:sorry ,,no words
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Desi Boyz (2011)
a refreshing movie
8 December 2011
DESI BOYZ: a good entertainer with a backdrop of financial recession with a mix of emotions,,,,,the first half will make you laugh while the second half is filled with emotions which is good to watch john played his role well while Akshay moved like mercury in his character,,,Deepika is good enough

the negative points of this movie is that it goes back in entertainment at few places the songs are not so good except for the title song and poor background music

Sanjay Dutt plays a good comical role

MY WORD: go for it and refresh yourself
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i loved it and the fans will love it
8 December 2011
this is my first review so please bear with me

TWILIGHT SAGA-BREAKING DAWN:the most awaited 4th part of the most talked romantic thriller series and this part gives us more of the emotions involved between Jacob,Edward and Bella,,,, and the action part is is comparatively less than its predecessors.

you will love this movie if you are a great fan of the series and of course this movie is not for the first timers and also for those who feel twilight series just as a imagination

personally i felt it a good movie

MY WORD:fans don't miss it though you have the novel
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