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Ghoulies IV (1994 Video)
I love this movie!!!
22 September 2013
I love this movie!!! It's awesome! Everyone is saying its stupid but its not meant to be taken seriously. I mean you've gotta expect that when you watch a movie about a mental villain girl hunting a jewel that could summon her evil master to earth and the jewel is worn by Jonathan Graves. During all of this the Ghoulies are released. And Alexandra, the villain, is amazing. She's made my top 10 villains list.

And the Ghoulies, as irrelevant as they are to the story, I must say I enjoy the battles with Alexandra.

I especially love when they spray her Mace and she starts screaming and gets angry. She even runs into a man and falls down in pursuit of them.

I also must say that this really isn't a horror film. It's more of an action fantasy drama movie. It does fit into the horror category briefly but I wouldn't categorize it as that.

Anyways go watch this movie. It's awesome!!!
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Poison Ivy (1992)
I love this movie!!!
16 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Poison Ivy is now on my favorite movie list.

The reminds me of a teen drama with a thriller twist.

The film starts off with Sylvie discussing Ivy as Ivy swings on a rope. A little boy then runs over to tell them that a dog has been hit by a car. As everyone there is gathered around the dog a large stick swings down on the dog. The person with the stick is Ivy. Was the kill meant for good? this shows us that this girl is slightly psychotic.

The next day she and Sylvie become friends and after Ivy is given a ride home by Sylvie and her dad, Best friends. Soon she even moves in with them.

But halfway into the film trying to be with the father. And even goes as far as pushing Georgie (Sylvie's mom) off the balcony and claiming it to be suicide.

Sylvie becomes suspicious of Ivy when she starts humming the song Sylvie wrote for her mother. A song that was playing the day she was killed.

After Ivy wreaks Georgie's car and puts Sylvie into the hospital and blames the accident on her, Sylvie is sure Ivy is no good and tries to warn her dad but he doesn't listen.

Sylvie breaks out of the hospital and returns home to Ivy and her father. Sylvie flees and her dad and Ivy chase after her but her dad forces Ivy to return inside. When she goes upstairs Sylvie is there waiting and Sylvie pushes Ivy off the ledge but Ivy grabs her necklace telling her that if she goes then so does Sylvie but the necklace breaks and Ivy plummets to the ground and dies.

If you're into crazy girl thriller movies then you'll love this film. I've only seen this one and The Secret Society but I plan to get them all.
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Thunderball (1965)
One of the best.
4 September 2013
I really loved this Bond film. Though the film itself is not why I like it so much. It's the villain Fiona Volpe, who has become one of the best Bond and best villains ever in my book. She sets the standards for many other female villains in the series such as Helga Brandt, Naomi, Fatima Blush, Elektra King, Miranda Frost and many others, and unlike others she does not fall for Bond and almost comes close to killing him a few times. And her motorcycle kill was awesome! The film is good but to me is not as good as Octopussy which is my favorite. I hope this review helps even though it wasn't very long. Go and get this film now you have my approval that its good.
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Goldfinger (1964)
Good but not the best.
4 September 2013
Many people consider this to be the best Bond movie ever. . . I don't agree. The movie is awesome but I like Octopussy way better. The plot is not as awesome as everyone days a bit hard to understand. One great thing is Pussy Galore. One of the best villains ever. And Jill Masterson is also pretty awesome as a villain turned Bond girl also. And her sister Tilly Masterson is awesome also. OddJob is also pretty cool. And the them song will get stuck in your head. . . If you've heard it I bet you're singing it now. . . Yes, yes, you are. Anyways I bought this on DVD as part of the Sean Connery volume 1 set and I never watched it but I recently did and although its not the best it's still pretty good. Also it holds the record for the most female villains in a Bond movie

1. Bonita

2. Jill Masterson

3. Old lady

4. Pussy Galore

5. Mei-Lei

6. Denise / Althea (Circus pilot leader)

7. Circus pilot #2

8. #3

9. #4

10. #5

So I'd say its pretty awesome.

I hope my review helped you out.
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Dr. No (1962)
One of the best
4 September 2013
This is one of my favorite Bond movies. They should really remake it be because this film has an awesome location not really seen in the other films that usually take place somewhere like the UK. The ending is amazing! I loved the whole Bond, Honey, Quarrel on the run from the villains while hiding in a creek thing. And the villains are awesome (Dr. No, The Photographer, Miss Taro) and for once the allies are just as amazing. I was actually sad when Quarrel died. Don't watch this film and because it's too old turn it off. Because it is old so it's not gonna be as straight-to-the-point and fast moving as the newer films but once it does get to its point it's awesome! So watch this film.
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Octopussy (1983)
One of My favorite Bond movie's so far
4 September 2013
I've only seen 8 of the films so far (Dr. No, Goldfinger, Thunderball, Octopussy, GoldenEye, The World is Not Enough, Skyfall and Never Say Never Again) and this is currently my favorite. This film has an easy to understand plot unlike most of the other ones and it doesn't waste time on action, by that I mean it doesn't spend a lot of time talking it gets straight to the point. Plus this film has two of my favorite villains Magda and Octopussy. My favorite villain is Magda and Fiona Volpe. Anyways, this film is very underrated and often given bad reviews but I don't agree at all with those people. Everyone should watch this film because it's the best. Hope my review helped.
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