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Moby Dick (1998)
One of my favs.
2 January 2004
"Moby Dick" was one of the most boring books ever written. Of course, this is my own opinion, but I think I speak for most young teens out there. The story is OK, in my opinion, but too much detail makes it seem drawn out. However, I decided to sit down and watch this (just out of curiosity). It began a bit slowly. I enjoyed the acting of Henry Thomas and the feel of the movie. As it progressed, I found myself so enthralled that I didn't pause it until I absolutely had to. The end of the movie was very sad and the acting rocked! Some people I have talked to about this movie thought the whole story was pointless in itself. "A bunch of men led by a deranged captain hunt down an albino whale and get themselves killed.. Where's the point in that?" But for me, it was more the meaning of it all. Its all about obsession and power. Ahab cared more about killing some stupid whale than saving his own crew. I think this movie did a great job in depicting the finer points of "Moby Dick". I can see how some might think this is movie is a bit boring, but if you understand what the story is really about, I think anyone'd enjoy this movie (despite its length.. heh).
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Mmmm.. Jeremy Irons
12 September 2003
I only first watched it a year ago, and wasn't sure I would like it at all. Although it had some of my favorite actors (John M. Gabriel B. ..and so on) it also held some of my least favorite actors (Leonardo D. ..and that's it). I watched it, and loved it! There is comedy, romance, adventure, drama, some educational value, and it holds the oh-so-fine Jeremy Irons. I found it captivating enough, interesting so to speak. It doesn't have any of those "Is it over yet? Should I wake my legs now?" scenes. I don't recommend it for little kids, though.
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