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Terriers (2010)
27 May 2011
This show was so well written and the cast had such great chemistry, I still can't believe it was cancelled by FX. FX didn't actively promote the show and I think they dropped the ball here. Too bad. This was an excellent drama with great, real characters. Donal Logue is a fine actor and played an ex-cop with an alcoholic past. The character was often shown at AA meetings dealing with his problems in a very real and troubling way. I hadn't seen that before and it was inspiring. I still hold out hope that it might get new life on a different network but sadly, most TV is about cheap reality shows with insipid people wallowing in shallow, petty, mock-drama. No thanks. I like my drama with some art to it.
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Triple Rush (2011– )
Totally Original!
26 May 2011
This show is completely original, interesting and entertaining.

The NYC cast presents natural characters working hard in a stressful and often dangerous conditions. The show follows three courier companies and their staff in New York. The camera work is unreal and often the viewer feels the thrilling claustrophobia of dashing between buses and weaving through NYC traffic while chasing the bike messengers.

Standout "characters" are the dispatcher known as the Rocket and the company's best veteran messenger, Greg Ugalde. Not only does the show feature the actual on-the-job action but also explores the real lives, hidden talents and personalities of the cast. There is a bicycle designer, an artist, a comic, a new dad, a struggling architect and many more just trying to make a living and pay their bills. The viewer is presented with hard working people who make you want to care and camera work that that leaves you yearning to get on a bike and take on the streets of NYC for yourself.
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