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The BEST Reality Show (especially the best Real Housewives)
23 September 2012
This is the best reality, docu-drama show on TV. The reason I say this is, it seems to actually be real. The women on this show have their petty fights and spend big money, but they also have real issues that make their characters more rounded out, and makes this reality show actually seem real. They don't just fight over a sour comment (although they do that too), they have issues such as divorce, suicide, bankruptcy, and so on that are included on the show.

This show is also the best of the Real Housewives franchise. The cast isn't clearly divided into two specific teams, like say Atlanta or Season 4 of New York City. The women all have relationships with one another that aren't always based on their relationship with yet another woman, if that makes sense. There are no teams, there are genuine relationships. Even with the advance of new cast members, they seem to already be in the world of the existing cast, but they're just being brought into the show.

Overall, this show is unique because it's actually REAL, and doesn't at all come across as producer-devised or contrived. If you just want to understand reality TV, this is perfect. It is the best reality show on TV.
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