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Wanderlust (2012)
C*ck Soup
15 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There's one line in the movie where the male lead says "is there anywhere in this you can go without getting a c*ck in your face Well that just about sums up most of these types of comedies Really what the F*ck willywood sorry Hollywood is everyone gay there or what Is c*ck really that funny to anyone apart from retarded teen age girls for gods sake we live in a world with the internet there really is no shock value to this kind of bullsh*t If its shock your after (because it cant be laughs) then show some vulva Its never been done in a Hollywood movie But of coarse we no gays hate p*ssy Oh and by the way the movie is sh*te
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Safe House (2012)
Capetown tourism
15 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
OK I live in Capetown so I may have a jaundiced view of this movie . First of it is a below average conspiracy movie of no remark . The thing that struck me about it was how the script was somehow manipulated to show various parts of the Cape (or Capetown). Was this actually written in conjunction with cape tourism , It certainly looks that way . Maybee the production company got discounts on filming fees in return for showcasing various parts of the cape .Oh and by the way if you have to have a car chase at least have some kind of continuity reality to it for the viewers who are from the place were you are filming , you cut from Capetown central to nearby highways to suburbs and townships 20 miles from downtown in the same chase , I wont even start on the white elephant world cup football stadium ,Ridiculas , Anotherthing Capetown is still extremely racist and divided by suburb on race lines of old , the idea of a white man living in langa by choice is f*cking laughable So if your not from Capetown its just about watchable but please don't think your getting any sense of this town from the movie
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